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10 proven ways to manifest someone to think about you

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Have you ever wondered how the people in the movies seem to get whatever they want? If you’ve watched enough romantic comedies, you know that these people aren’t that special.

The vast majority of us are not blessed with our skills when it comes to manifesting our desires. However, there is a lot that daily people can do to help bring about the outcomes that they desire.

In this blog post, we’re going to explain the basics of the law of attraction and its role in manifesting the things you want in life. If you’ve ever wondered how to bring your dreams to life, then read 10 proven ways below now.

1) Understand yourself

Can you imagine a world in which nobody was confident enough to think that they could be a doctor or an astronaut? This is ridiculous, right?

The human race would be a lot less than it is if we didn’t have people who had these big dreams and were able to go out and make them happen.

If you don’t have the belief that you can manifest your desires, then you won’t get there. No one can do it for you, so you have to do it yourself.

Besides, let’s say you are trying to manifest a friend to like you. You have to understand what makes them happy and what makes them sad so that you can create something that brings them as much joy as possible.

On the other hand, understanding yourself also involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to know what you need to work on and it will also allow you to know what type of person you’re best suited for.

The more you know about yourself, the easier it will be to let go of your insecurities and anxieties and it will also help you instantly manifest someone to think about you.

Above all, you have to understand yourself. What makes you happy and what makes you sad? What makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad?

When you understand these things, it will help you manifest someone to think about you more quickly.


The only thing that other people will notice about you is how you think about yourself. When you believe that you are worthy, then it goes without saying that you will attract the things you desire into your life.

Otherwise, you may think that you don’t deserve certain things, or that you don’t want these things. However, if you can start to look at these things as gifts, then you can change your perspective on them. Believe in the law of attraction and it will work wonders for you.

2) Remove limiting thoughts

A limiting thought is a thought that tells you that you can’t have something, or that you’re not good enough to have it.

When you think these thoughts, you are sending out a signal to the universe that you don’t deserve to have something. You are also sending a signal to the universe that you don’t want to have it.

Many people have the idea that they are not good enough to attract someone. This is especially true when it comes to attracting someone to think about you.

If you have these limiting thoughts, then you are not going to succeed. You have to remove all of the thoughts in your head that tell you that you’re not good enough.

Instead, think of all the qualities that you want to be romantically attracted to in a person. Eventually, you’re going to attract someone who is romantically attracted to those qualities!

Furthermore, there are many things that you may not consciously realize are limiting thoughts.

You may not realize that you’re constantly berating yourself for things that you have no control over. You may believe that you have to do certain things perfectly before you are good enough to receive something.

While these may seem like reasonable restrictions, they are holding you back from receiving everything that you desire.

Furthermore, the other way to remove limited thought is to ground yourself and then clear your mind. You can do this by imagining that you are standing on one foot with the earth as your other foot and holding on to yourself.

Or you have to take them to the conscious level. When you catch yourself berating yourself, take a deep breath and ask yourself if these thoughts are true.

When your mind wanders, simply bring your attention back to the one foot that you are standing on with your mind.

On the other hand,

Even though you’re going to spend a lot of your time in this book removing the limiting thoughts that come up in your mind, you’ll also need to be prepared for them.

It’s simple, people are usually more nervous about getting rid of the thoughts that they’re not supposed to have than the thoughts that they are supposed to have.

In reality, you should feel extremely comfortable getting rid of all the thoughts that hold you back. The sooner you replace them with the thoughts that you truly want to have, the sooner you’ll see the results you want.

3) Be clear about your goals

What are you trying to achieve in your life?

Before you can manifest your desires, you have to know what they are. Why do you want to have these things? What makes them so important to you?

These are the types of questions that you should be asking yourself regularly. This is the first step in making your goals clear to yourself. It will also make it easier for you to find the right actions that will help you achieve them.

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve been asked what our goals are. Some people even ask you what your dreams are.

If you want to get somewhere in life, you should start by being clear about where you want to go. You should also write down specific things that you want to do on the way there.

If you don’t do this, you’re likely to end up confused and frustrated at the same time. There’s a lot of value in setting yourself goals, and it will help you to get where you want to go faster.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a specific goal in mind, it’s very easy to spin around in circles, chasing things that don’t matter. Likely, you’re already doing this! It’s very easy to get caught up in all the day-to-day details and lose sight of your larger goals.

4) Start doing things that help you to achieve your goal

What are you waiting for? Why not start doing things that help you to achieve your goal?

For example:

If you want to attract a new person and make a new friend, then start doing things that help you towards that end. Join clubs, attend social events, volunteer at shelters, serve the needy and more.

When you start doing things that help you to achieve your goal, it will start to feel less like work and more like play. You’ll be more engaged and less focused on the goal itself.

Start doing things that help you towards your goal and you’ll see the results come to you very quickly.

Furthermore, start doing things that help you to achieve your goal, and you’ll find yourself getting closer and closer to your desired outcome.

When you make a goal, it helps you focus on your purpose in life. It also helps you reduce your mental clutter because you are constantly asking yourself what you can do to achieve your goal.

As a result, this will make you think about what you need to do to manifest someone to think about you.

5) Make consistent efforts

One of the biggest lessons that we’ve learned after decades of practicing the law of attraction is that if you want something to happen, you have to make consistent efforts.

It doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly things unfold; as long as you make consistent efforts, you will get what you want.

Because you can’t just sit around waiting for things to happen. As soon as you realize that something is going to be a challenge for you, you have to put your foot down and make it happen.

If you want the results that you want, there are no excuses. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

On the other hand,

If you’re trying to make someone think about you, for example, you must make consistent efforts to be open-minded and kind-hearted. You must also schedule a time to be alone and clear your mind so you can better receive the messages the universe has for you.

Plan out how you’ll approach your goals and be sure to make consistent efforts. Spend time planning out your strategy, crafting your message and visualizing your desired outcome.

When you make consistent efforts, it will manifest someone for you very well.

6) Believe in yourself

Another step you need to take is remembering why you set these goals in the first place.

Why do you think so many people are attracted to other people? It’s because they see the best parts of themselves in them. They feel attracted to you because you remind them of the qualities that make them special.

This is why you have to believe in yourself so much.

Remembering your initial drive will help erase this from happening because this thought of doubt was never there when setting out with a goal in mind!

If it won’t believe that it can happen, manifestation cannot work of its own accord. You have to be your greatest supporter and well-wisher for yourself – trust that things are going well for yourself internally as much as externally.

So then all of the effort put into manifesting can achieve more than expected results because nothing stands between someone’s success but themselves!

Otherwise, If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you either.

This is especially true when it comes to love and relationships. You have to believe in yourself so much that you will attract people who love you because they see the best version of themselves in you.

7) Practice positive affirmations

Another way to instantly manifest someone to think about you is by using positive affirmations.

So, what are your positive affirmations? Positive affirmations are statements you make to yourself that help you to stay positive.

If you want to achieve the amazing results that you want, you need to use words as your actions.

To do this, you can use positive affirmations. Say to yourself over and over again that you want what you want. This is the most effective way to use the law of attraction.

When practicing enough, you will be a person who always has good news.


When you are around someone who has a positive attitude and is always sharing good news, you will be feeling better and happier.

Sometimes, it may not work to constantly be telling someone that you love them, there are other ways to remind them of how you feel.

It is not necessary to announce to everyone you know, but instead, try to think of someone who loves you enough to hear the good things you have to say.

Once you are in this mindset, you will notice that other people will begin to share these thoughts with you, too.

There are many ways to practice positive affirmations, but the goal is always the same: to think about things that will make you feel happy and good.

If you want someone to think about you, practice thinking about how great you are. The more confident and positive you are, the more chances there will be for this positive thought to return.

8) Acknowledge and appreciate small wins

All of us have had times when we’ve felt like we’ve done nothing. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the negative aspects of your life.

When you feel like things are going well, it can be easy to forget that you have achieved something when there are so many things that are wrong with the world.

When you have a negative mindset, you’ll quickly convince yourself that you’ve been unsuccessful.

Instead, actively acknowledge and appreciate daily wins. You don’t have to tell anyone, but remember to acknowledge your successes. When you do this, you’ll be reminding yourself that you are achieving.

Besides, consider the small things that you do daily – the little tasks that seem insignificant to others, but are life-changing for you. Acknowledge and appreciate these small wins and they will increase your self-confidence and make you feel good.

Small wins can be as simple as when the person you want to manifest recognizes your changes. They can also be as complex as breaking through an impasse or overcoming a fear. You can also acknowledge and appreciate your efforts by making a list of all the compliments you received from the person you want to manifest each day.

You’re going to start to notice that you’re getting closer and closer to your goals as you keep doing the things that we’ve talked about so far. However, it’s important not to get so caught up in the success that you forget where you came from.

It’s important to have the small wins that you receive every single day.

Doing this will allow you to realize how much closer you are to achieving your partner’s intention. It will also make you realize that there is nothing small about the big wins that you will experience in the future.

Furthermore, this will help you to stay grounded and to remember that you’re heading in the right direction.

10) Remain patient

So what if you’re going to have some tough times? That’s life. Your dedication will be tested, there can be setbacks, and it may take a while to get where you want to be.

Meanwhile, patience and perseverance are your keys here! Some testing days don’t mean everything’s gone down in the toilet yet – those times when progress has stalled out are when we need our patience most of all.

If this is something that means something to you, then prove it by sticking with it through any hardships that might come your way (and trust us: they do).

Hold on tight because eventually, these hurdles will just seem like bumps in the road instead of insurmountable obstacles as long as your convictions carry you through them until the finish line comes into sight

People are drawn to those who are impatient and hasty. You must remain patient while you’re trying to manifest someone to think about you.


Patience is one of the most important traits to have when you’re trying to attract what you want into your life. So, you must remain patient when you are manifesting someone.

Do not try to manifest someone too quickly and do not expect them to appear in your life immediately. You need to be patient and wait for the person to show up on their own and then you can introduce them to your friends and family.

Besides, you can also use the law of attraction to manifest someone to want to date you and you will attract the person that you want. If you do not want to wait for the person to come to you, then you can also use the internet. There are dating sites that can help you to do this.

11) Let go and allow

The last thing that you need to do when you are manifesting someone is to let go and allow.

Letting go and allowing is about surrendering to the process. You don’t need to try too hard and force unwanted things to happen.

Instead, be present, relax, and trust that your thoughts will lead you to where you want to be. Remember that manifesting someone to think about you is a process, not an overnight success.

For instance:

When you’re feeling stressed, upset or anxious, you usually want to do something about it. You want to solve the problem, but you also want to solve it right now.

However, most of the time, this is the worst thing that you can do.

When you’re stressed, you’re missing out on the opportunity to manifest someone to think about you.

Allow yourself to be frustrated, upset and angry. Allow yourself to feel these things so that you can get to the solution faster. You must let go of the idea of receiving a specific person and you must allow the person to manifest themselves in your life.

Otherwise, you must trust that the universe has a plan for you, and that plan might not include you being with the person you want.

Say to yourself that you are letting go of the person and that you are allowing them to manifest themselves on their own without your intervention. You have to let go of any ideas or thoughts that you have that try to tell you where they need to be in your life.

On the other hand, it means that you are no longer going to try to control their life. That is their free will and you need to respect that.

The law of attraction is a powerful law that is based on the idea that what you put out into the universe, you will get back. The law of attraction works whether you believe in it or not, which is why it’s often referred to as pseudoscience.

While it might not seem like the law of attraction works, if you want things in your life to change, then you must apply it like it was applied to you. The above 10 proven ways are very useful ways to help you to manifest someone to think about you.

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