15 no bullsh*t ways to manifest someone to miss you (complete list)

Here’s a question, can you do something to make a special someone miss you?

The answer is yes, of course.

The universe is always listening, and it is always responding.

The key lies in the intention. It’s not enough to miss someone, you have to intentionally want them to miss you too.

And that’s what this post is all about! I’ll show you how to manifest effectively so that the person who has your heart will not only miss you but turn around and come back for it!

The power of manifestation

Manifestation is the power of making something real.

Its divine laws work in a constant opening and closing loop.

When you want something to happen, your conscious and subconscious create a desire within you.

They then act on that desire by manifesting a thought or feeling into reality.

That’s how it works all the time for everything, including love!

When you want to manifest someone, there are actions that you can take to make it happen.

It doesn’t matter who that somebody is as long as they are someone who matters to you. Now here are the steps to make that special someone miss you through manifestations.

Let’s get going!

1) Have a very clear vision of what you want

Be sure to know exactly what you’re going for.

Since you want this person to miss you, just picture them and them alone.

I’m not just talking about the kind of person they are. I also meant their looks and qualities. You need to be very clear about who it is you want to miss.

Occupy your mind with how they look, act, talk or even smell. As you do this, your subconscious begins to pick up on it and sends messages to the universe that you are looking for this person.

If you’re not sure, you can always make a list of qualities and traits that you like most about them. That way, you can easily keep track of what you want.

2) Know what you want to manifest in them

Once you have a clear picture of who you need to miss you, then it’s time for the next step.

You have to know exactly what you want to manifest in them.

That might be a reinvigorated motivation for traveling (with you), or a step forward in their career (to share the success with you), or even a second chance at love (with who else… you).

Anything that can be related to the feeling of missing someone and wanting to be with them once more.

If you want this person to miss you, say your intentions clearly to the universe. If you want them to be motivated to travel with you, say it. If you want to wish them good luck and have them take a step forward in their career, say it.

Keep saying it until you feel that deep longing in your heart and gut that defines the feeling of missing someone.

Once you do, then you can let go of your desire and trust the universe will deliver. It always does!

You see, our mind is a very powerful tool and if it’s filled with an image of something we want, we’re more likely to get it.

3) Manifest what you’re missing in them

Now that you know what you want to manifest, you have to put action into the manifestation.

This is where the real work begins.

Take a few moments and daydream about this person and the relationship that you want with them.

What does it feel like when they miss you?

  • How do they look?
  • What are they doing?
  • What are they saying?
  • How are they feeling?

You need to know exactly what your thoughts and feelings are when this particular person misses you. Remember, if you don’t know, then the universe cannot guide you to it.

There is something known as the law of attraction, and it dictates that all that we are thinking and feeling makes up who we attract into our lives.

Of course, this is a manifestation process because we attract what we want through the action of thoughts and feelings!

So the key thing to do is to be sure that your thoughts and feelings are positive when you think about this person.

When he or she misses you, they have to be full of love for you. You can’t get them back if it’s anything else! That’s why your thoughts must be romantic in nature at this point.

4) Stick to your thoughts and feelings

Once you’ve created the thoughts and feelings of being missed, you have to stay on that path.

Actually, it’s not as hard as it sounds!

The universe is listening, trust me on that one. The moment you start thinking about what attracted them in the first place (the positive thoughts and feelings), you are on your way to making them long for you!

All you have to do is stay positive throughout the process, which I know can be difficult at times.

I’ve been there!

Don’t worry too much if it doesn’t work out right away.  Just keep practicing. It’s going to take some practice but the more you practice, the more you’ll start to get it.

5) No relationships have a one-size-fits-all solution

Manifesting someone to miss you takes time and you have to be cautious with this process.

Don’t rush it!  You could end up doing something (or having thoughts) that will cause more harm than good.

I know that from personal experience.

My own experience is that most relationship advice from friends and family just ends up backfiring.

But my own struggle with wanting to be with this special person again last year led me to try something new.

I spoke to a spiritual advisor at Psychic Source about these feelings of longingness to someone.

It was a great decision, which I didn’t expect!

Because the psychic I spoke to was intelligent, compassionate and down-to-earth. They approached my challenge with getting my emotions checked and truly helped me tackle it in an effective way.

I finally felt like I had a roadmap forward for my love life, for the first time in years.

Click here to try out Psychic Source for yourself.

They know a lot about attracting someone in your past or present life, and how to optimize your love life and bust down the barriers holding you back.

6) Visualize that this person is missing you

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To make your manifestation work, you have to visualize this person missing you. This is the most important part of the manifestation process.

Such a very important part with simple and doable instructions:

When you’re alone, close your eyes and imagine this person missing you just like you wanted them to.

Imagine them being filled with a longing for your touch, for the sound of your voice, for the way your face looks in the light, and for the love that fills your heart for them.

When that happens, see yourself telling them that you miss them as well and how much their love means to you. You can then go on to describe what was wrong with the relationship at first, but also how much they mean to you now despite any problems in the past.

Visualization, as I have mentioned, is such a necessary part for this whole process. It’s one thing to want someone but it’s another thing to be able to picture exactly what you want that person to do.

If you can visualize that this person is missing you, then it means you have a clear understanding of what you want in a relationship. That makes the rest of this process easier and more possible.

7) Think about what you can offer them

Now that you have the thoughts, feelings and visualization of the person missing you, it’s time to think about what you can give them.

It’s time to think about what makes you so great!

After all, we all have something special to offer.

Maybe your love means everything to them, or you’re a good friend, a great partner in business or a loving father or mother, or just a romantic wanting to get your feelings through your special someone.

Whatever it is that makes you the person you are, think about what those qualities are and how much they mean to this person.

You might be surprised!  After all, many people aren’t aware of how much they’re loved until it’s too late.

That’s why it’s such an important step: Think about what your positive attributes are and let them be known.

8) Get rid of negative thoughts

That said, keep an eye on your thoughts as you move forward.

It’s very easy for your mind to get sidetracked from how this person will miss you.  You may start thinking negatively about the relationship instead of focusing on how great it could be.

Try, no… think not to!

When you manifest something in your life, it should be started, surrounded and finalized with positive thoughts.

Don’t let doubts enter your mind during this process, because negative thoughts are sure to enter if you give them a chance.

You must focus on the positive and only the positive. Don’t let bad things creep into your mind or you could lose the opportunity to have what you want.

All these negativities are like yellow lights urging you to go back home and give up. They’ll prevent the positive from forming and that’s when the law of attraction isn’t strong enough to manifest things in your life.

That’s bad news for you, and that’s for sure!

9) Hold on to it like a treasure… because it is!

This step isn’t as hard as it sounds!

You don’t have to go through this whole process in one day. It can take time and a lot of practice (I know from experience).

But if you’re determined, you will succeed in getting what you want. Keep holding on to those feelings, thoughts and visions of the person missing you.

When you hold on to the vision, you’ll be surprised how strong it can become!

It will bring you closer to what you want even though you have not yet seen it. You might even get so excited about it that it might manifest in your life in front of your eyes.

10) Be sure to enjoy every moment of your win!

I highly recommend that during this process, you make a habit out of taking time for yourself. You don’t have to do it all in one day.

Why? Because you may burn out if you rush through the process and don’t let yourself enjoy the sweet taste of your success.

Just take time to reflect on how great it could be and what a wonderful thing you have accomplished.

Don’t feel like this is a burden or that you’re doing it wrong because that won’t help you make this process work. It’s important to enjoy every moment of it, so take your time!

And of course, you can’t give up!  You must stay strong, believe in yourself and keep on doing it until you get what you want.  That’s the only way this whole thing will work out for you.

11) Tell yourself that they’ll contact you soon enough

When you tell yourself that they’ll contact you soon enough, you’re going to be more positive and your feelings will get stronger.

You’ll develop a stronger belief in what happens because you believe it will happen.

At this point, it really is all about believing.

You need to believe that this person will miss you and even come back to you and wants you back. Believe that this will work in your favor and be sure to keep telling yourself that they’ll contact you soon enough.

If it takes a while for them to contact you, don’t lose hope! That’s one of the biggest mistakes people make when attempting to get their feelings through to someone.

Love can be beautiful, but it can also be really complicated.

During a recent struggle over wanting to get someone back in my life I did something unorthodox.

As I mentioned, I reached out to the spiritual advisors at Psychic Source.

They really helped me grapple with these supressed feelings for my special someone and gave me answers that actually helped.

They can help you in text chat, a call or a video call and it costs much less than you might think.

Click here to get your personalized love reading. 

12) Have some meditation done

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Meditation is another powerful tool that many people don’t know about.

It can help you relax, clear your mind and allow you to feel the love you really want with your special someone.

You’ll be able to visualize what that special person is missing you and then visualize them coming back to you. You’ll be able to see the positive results of this process and they will become stronger while you meditate.

Maybe you think meditation sounds like something complicated or even weird to do. That’s a good thing!

That means your intuition is working for you because it knows how important it is for this whole process to work in your favor.

If you meditate, I guarantee that something powerful will happen!

13) Recite positive affirmations

There are many ways to help the process along and in the end this is all about using any tool that will work.

But when it comes to getting that someone of yours and having their thoughts be filled with you, nothing is as powerful as reciting positive affirmations.

After all, you’ll be saying it straight out – that you want them to miss and want you!

That’s worth repeating, right?

Here are some positive affirmations to make someone miss you:

  • I am on their mind.
  • They are missing me right now.
  • They want to be with me.
  • They will contact me soon.
  • I’m a terrific person who deserves the love of my special someone.
  • I deserve to be happy and have that special someone in my life.

These affirmations aren’t easy, but keep practicing them day after day and it will work!

Just like anything else you do, it will take time to see results; however, you can be sure that they are there!

14) Keep practicing…

The more you practice, the stronger your feelings will get. It’s like a muscle that you need to build up.

If you’re consistent with it, the process will be much easier to understand and easier to master. You’ll be able to see results even if it happened at a much faster pace in the past!

When you see how your desires become reality, it will open up whole new possibilities in your life. You’ll be able to see what you want in your life without any doubts or skepticism.

As you know, love and positive feelings are contagious! They will spread everywhere, even where you least expect them.

Sometimes, we think that our emotions are personal and keep them to ourselves. But we don’t realize the power of our emotions.

Love is a powerful emotion that can move mountains if used correctly!

If you’re looking for a way to get that person back in your life – this is it! You can use these steps for anything in your life that includes getting a person back, finding a job or getting money.

Manifestation works wonders!

15) Surrender everything to the Universe

The Universe is always working for you. You may think you have nothing to surrender but that’s not true.

You can surrender anything that you think is negative such as your fears, past experiences or your own feelings. These are all things that could hold you back from what you want in life.

Let me remind you that you have done your part, now it is time to let go and let the Universe do the rest!

Everything you need is waiting for you to take action now.

If you have something that you have been holding onto for a while, that’s what I like to call “pain holds”, which can totally influence your manifestation process negatively.

When we think about our desires, they tend to be very strong and passionate.

But sometimes we also hold on to the past or our fears in order to not get hurt again and this can be a form of pain.

This is what I like to call “pain holds.” It’s time to let go of your “pain holds” because they aren’t going anywhere.

Surrender everything to the Universe and trust it will work out for the best.

Let go of everything that you can’t control and trust the Universe will do the rest.


There is nothing more powerful than your own determination and will power.

You’ve probably tried other ways to make someone think and miss you but fail every time, haven’t you? Or maybe you’re still trying to figure it out. It’s not easy when you don’t know what to do next!

Manifestations work when you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t happen overnight, but once you’ve done the process, believe that the Universe is at work.

You’ve got to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and start preparing yourself for love by learning these 15 powerful steps that show you how to get your special person long for you.

I know that making someone miss you and have an ideal relationship with them can be a challenge, and I want to encourage you to never give up.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier and my positive experience with them.

Their spiritual advisors understand an enormous amount about having clearer visions of what you want and how to address it.

Click here to get your own love reading.

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