7 easy ways to manifest someone back into your life (for good)

So you might have heard of manifesting, but do you know how it really works? 

It’s essential you understand the mechanism of manifesting if you’re going to have any success with it.

Simply put, it starts with the idea that like-attracts-like, meaning that we get back the energy that we put out in the Universe.

But how does this work when it comes to another person? Let me explain!

Here is an easy guide to manifesting someone back into your life for good.

1) Get clear on why you want this person back in your life

If we get the energy that we put out, we need to be intentional about what that energy is. 

You see, we need to be clear!

When it comes to manifesting, the first thing you need to realize is that your intention creates everything…

…And when that intention is crystal clear, there’s a higher chance of it manifesting for us in reality.

Without intention, you’re not going to get anywhere with your manifesting goals.

So, start by getting super, super clear on why you want to manifest this person back into your life.

Let’s say it’s a friend, who you used to have a close relationship with. 

Maybe they’ve seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth and they no longer make an effort with you, in your opinion. Perhaps they leave your texts on ‘read’ for weeks and don’t bother asking how you are when they text you.

I’ve experienced this.

A friend who I used to see at least twice a week suddenly went cold on me and started to distance herself from me. It happened when she met her new boyfriend.

Initially, I felt a lot of anger about what was happening and I was in denial about the fact we were drifting. I wanted it to change, but I was projecting a lot of anger!

As if that’s not enough, the experience was making me feel really confused and as though I’d done something wrong.

So the energy I was putting out was confusion and anger, which was likely pushing this friend away.

We didn’t see each other for about three months.

Then one day, I sat down with my journal and wrote out what I wanted my friendship with her to look like and why I wanted her back in my life.

I got really clear about the role she plays in my life and why I wanted her around. 

Can you guess what happened next? She sent me a message a week later to meet for a coffee, and we started rebuilding our friendship.

It was literally like clockwork that we went from having an unspoken tension between us to deciding to build a healthy relationship together – recognizing the role we played in each other’s lives.

2) Visualize them in your life

A key part to manifesting is being able to visualize that person in your life.

There’s a saying that if you can hold something in your mind, you can hold it in your hand… And this is the core of manifesting!

If you want to bring something into your reality, you need to use your mind’s-eye to imagine situations with that person, and to actually see various situations playing out in front of you as though you were looking at a television screen…

Now, if you’re new to visualizing, this essentially means tapping into your innate ability to use your imagination.

Truth is, some of us are better than others at visualizing future events… But we can all harness our imagination to one degree or another!

You see, if you can’t visualize your life with this person then your manifesting efforts aren’t going to get very far. 

You’ll be signaling to the Universe that you can’t actually see this person in your life, and this will be your reality!

On the other hand, if you can imagine this person in your life then you’re going to magnetize them into your life.

So, I suggest getting clear about all of the situations in which you can see them in your life.

For example:

  • Are they in your daily life?
  • How often do you see them?
  • What do you do with them?
  • What do you talk about?

Now, this might sound really abstract but the more specific you can get, the more you’ll be on to a winning formula!

The trick is to imagine these situations as though they’ve actually happened.

In other words, when you’re visualizing you’re almost imagining that these are scenes that have already happened in reality – that you’re reflecting on.

As I say, if you’re new to this then it might sound abstract… But don’t be afraid to try it!

Allow yourself to get as specific as you can and get creative with the things you’re imagining.

Simply put, have fun with the things you’re imagining. For example, are you two having really interesting conversations? Are you two laughing together about things?

3) Practice self-love

So, you might be wondering what self-love has to do with manifesting another person back in your life…

Truth is, it has a lot to do with it!

You see, having self-love strengthens your belief in yourself… And, as a result, you believe in your ability to manifest something.

If you don’t have self-love and a belief in yourself then it’s unlikely you believe that you can manifest something. 

You’ll be blocking yourself! 

This used to be me.

For a long time, I didn’t believe in myself or my ability to create my reality so I rejected the idea of manifestation. I thought it was for other people and it wasn’t something that I deserved.

Along with love, it was something I outright rejected because of my personal belief I held. 

So what does this mean for you?

Start by asking yourself what your self-love looks like right now.

For example, do you speak highly of yourself and trust yourself? Or do you doubt yourself?

These are big indications about what your levels of self-love look like. 

If you’re finding that you’re doubting yourself then it’s important you change this in order to have luck with your manifesting. 

Simply put, you need to believe that you can do it otherwise you’re not going to be able to.

It’s as simple as that! You need to trust yourself and your ability.

I suggest journaling affirmations that build up your self-love and belief in yourself. These could include:

  • I am worthy 
  • I love myself
  • I deserve love
  • I make good decisions
  • I am powerful 
  • I am in control of my life
  • I create the life I desire

Try working with these every day, and observe the changes within yourself!

You see, the little things we do each and every day can move mountains! 

4) Let go of negative emotions

Now, it’s necessary to let go of the things that don’t serve us in order to make space for the things we want in our lives…

…Including the people!

You see, negative emotions can get in the way of our ability to manifest. 

Simply put, if we’re holding on to loads of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, we’re going to be our own worst enemy when it comes to trying to manifest.

Think about it: if we tell ourselves that we’re not going to be able to have this person back in our lives all the time, then that’s what our reality will end up looking like.

If you do this, you’ll prevent yourself from manifesting someone back into your life before we even try!

There’s something I like to do when I feel like I need to let go of negative beliefs that are keeping me stuck.

I hold a letting go ceremony… Here me out:

I start by writing down all of the things that are holding me back on a piece of paper. It could be just one piece of paper, or five pieces! 

I then burn the paper safely.

If you have a wood burner, for instance, you can throw the piece of paper in there.  

And… It feels so good to watch it go up in flames. I always feel as though these beliefs are disappearing for good!

Doing this is a symbolic way to really let go of the negative things that have been hanging around you, and keeping you feeling small.

You see, we have to take action to cleanse and clear emotions. They don’t just miraculously disappear!

In other words, you are wholeheartedly responsible for getting rid of any limiting beliefs you have…

…And the good news? You’re more capable than you think to let go of them and move forward!

5) Make space in your life for this person

why youre jealous and insecure in your relationship 7 easy ways to manifest someone back into your life (for good)

This step is a practical one. 

You have to think to yourself: Do you actually have space for this person in your life?

For instance, you might want to manifest an ex back or a friend or family member you’ve lost your relationship with… But do you have time to welcome them back into your life?

I mean this in the most practical terms.

For starters, what does your schedule look like?

If you’re career is the most important thing in your life right now – and you’re flat out busy with your work commitments and events you need to attend in the evenings – you have to think: when are you going to be able to see this person?

In other words, you need to think in practical terms.

Elsewhere, you could have a fitness schedule that currently is six days a week. If that’s the case, again, you might not have any space for someone to slot into your life.

So what should you do?

You need to create the space to let someone in.

This could mean not attending all of the work events you usually go to in the evenings to have more of a work-life balance, and to pull back on your fitness commitments in order to prioritize a relationship with somebody else.

Essentially, you will likely need to make tweaks to your life as it is if you want to let someone else in.

It could also include making space in your home, if it’s manifesting an ex back that you used to live with. 

For example, you could clear space in your wardrobe and buy a double bed if you don’t already have one!

The Universe will know if you have the space or not to manifest someone back into your life… And it won’t let you successfully manifest if you don’t actually have the capacity!

It’s true, the Universe works in mysterious ways and is always listening and responding.

6) Write down your vision for your life with them

There’s something very powerful about using words to create your reality…

…And there’s something even more powerful about writing in the present tense, as though things are happening for you in real time.

When you do this, you’re telling the Universe that this is already yours.

Now, you might think this sounds a lot like visualizing, and you’re right!

Writing down your vision for your life with this person goes hand-in-hand with using your brilliant imagination to think about you two together.

So how should you go about this?

It doesn’t need to be anything complex – just a few sentences will do!

I filled up about half a page when I did this to manifest my ex back into my life.

I wrote down exactly how we spent each day, how we supported one another and what sort of conversations we had.

For example, I wrote that we spoke a lot about some of the things I really care about and which I value in my life.

Now, if you feel like you can’t do this because you don’t know what your core values are, make use of this free checklist which will help you define what your values are.

These could include everything from adventure and boldness to balance or community. What’s more, you don’t have to limit the list!

For me, the core values I care about include spirituality, growth and creativity, so I wrote down a vision (in the present tense) that included us talking about spiritual matters.

For example, my statement said:

“I love that my partner and I spend our time talking about why we’re here on the planet and the fact we both take an interest in our spiritual growth. I love that we are committed to our growth, and that we help each other grow in new ways every day.”

The best bit?

Writing this made me feel empowered, and it put the right energy behind the manifestation. 

You won’t regret taking the time to do it!

7) Express gratitude 

Gratitude can do amazing things.

It is the act of being truly thankful for the things we have in our lives, and our lives generally.

If you don’t already have a gratitude practice, today is the day to start!

Not only will a gratitude practice help you when it comes to manifesting someone back into your life, but it will help you in life broadly speaking.

You see, seeing life through the lens of gratitude makes our heart’s so much fuller as it allows us to appreciate all of the things we’re so lucky to have.

Truth is, you are lucky! 

Even if you might not feel like it at times, there almost certainly will be things that you can be grateful about.

Now, how does gratitude affect the process of manifesting?

Simply put, gratitude supercharges the process of manifesting! 

As we bring thanks to the situation, we put the right kind of emotion behind it which allows us to attract it to us.

So, in this instance: it’s a case of being grateful about the fact you know this person and how amazing they are. 

It’s about focusing on all of their amazing qualities, and the past experiences you had together that have positively impacted your life.

How you create this gratitude practice will be entirely up to you.

My dad, for instance, calls his shower his ‘gratitude booth’.

Every morning when he hops in, he reflects on all of the things he’s grateful for – from the roof over his head, to the relationships he has around him, to the prosperity he has.

And because he does this every day, he has so much love reflected back to him.

Simply put, he lives in a lot of ease because of his mindset.

I also find that writing down what I’m grateful for and reflecting on it helps me to get a perspective.

When I find myself feeling like I’m in a ‘lack’ mindset, where I’m focusing on what I don’t have, I switch the focus.

In other words, I catch the thoughts and flip a situation on its head!

So what does this have to do with manifesting someone back into your life?

These techniques can be used for exactly that.

In whatever fashion works best for you, focus on extending gratitude for the fact you know this person and, in the present tense, think about how grateful you are again that they’re in your life.

Try it – you’ll be amazed at your own power to change your perspective!

How do you know if your manifesting is affecting someone?

Now, I bet you’re wondering whether the person you’re manifesting knows that you indeed are manifesting them…

Well, the answer is: they won’t know exactly.

…But although they won’t be able to read your mind and tell that you’re manifesting them, your efforts will be having an effect on them.

To them, it will feel unusual and inexplicable.

One thing that will happen is that they’ll feel as though you’re on their mind a lot.

In other words, you will be popping into their heads more than usual. 

It might be that you pop into their mind’s-eye randomly at times, without a real reason.

For example, suddenly they’ll have a vision of you and them doing something from their past or they’ll imagine what you’re doing right this minute.

To them, it might feel unexplained… And, as a result, it will likely cause them to reach out to you.

What’s more, this person could feel like they keep coming across your name.

They might see your name everywhere, from the waitress in the coffee shop to on a billboard. 

Essentially, you’ll be following them around! 

It’s likely this person will be telling their friends and family about the strange experiences they’re having because, to them, it will feel very unexplained.

If you have any mutual friends, ask them if they’ve said anything!

You see, they’ll sense you’re around but not quite understand what is happening and likely be surprised by the experiences. 

What’s more, they might get feelings of déjà vu that involve you.

 They might be going about their everyday business before feeling like they did this with you already.

Yep, I know what you’re thinking… The power of manifesting is powerful!

Truth is, you’re right in thinking this.

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