How to make your girlfriend blush: 10 romantic ways to show your love

When you’re in a relationship, you want to make your partner feel loved.

However, it’s easy to run out of ideas on how to make your girlfriend blush from feeling so loved.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of 10 romantic ways to show your love so that the spark stays strong:

1) Give her a massage

A massage is a great way to make your girlfriend feel loved, and you can do this from the comfort of your home.

You could create a spa experience for her by putting on some relaxing music, and using scented candles to create a romantic mood.

Alternatively, you could get creative and find an alternative, fun place to give her a massage, such as a rooftop or a park.

When it comes to giving a massage, you want to make sure that you are using happy, loving words, as well as being mindful of your partner’s comfort at all times.

If you’re still feeling a little bit nervous about giving your girlfriend a full massage, then you could try giving her a foot massage.

This is a great way to introduce massage into your relationship and will get you both used to the idea of being touched.

You can also use massage as a way of helping her de-stress and feel loved, especially after a long day at work.

You see, there is really nothing better than having the love of your life want you to feel comfortable, so I can almost guarantee that this will make her blush!

And the best part?

She will probably love the idea and you can introduce massage more often!

2) Light some candles and dim the lights

Many people think that having candles in the bedroom is only for romantic couples, but they are perfect for any couple who wants to make their relationship feel more loving and special.

Having the lights dimmed and candles burning gives the room a more comfortable and private vibe.

This can be a great thing for you and your partner to do if you are feeling a little bit tired and worn out, as it is a super low-effort, yet romantic gesture.

This is a great way to make your girlfriend feel loved and is also super easy to set up.

If you don’t have any candles or are scared of the fire, you could try putting up a few fairy lights.

You see, coming home to a room that is dimly lit with candles or fairy lights is such a beautiful experience, your girlfriend will love it, trust me!

What you end up doing is up to you, a room like this can be super romantic, but if it’s been a long day, it can also be the perfect place to simply cuddle and talk.

Believe me, your girlfriend will blush when she sees how much effort you put into making her comfortable.

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3) Write her a love letter

If you have a creative side, then writing your girlfriend a love letter is a great idea.

Finding a notebook, or even writing the letter on a scroll, can make the letter feel that little bit more special.

This is a great way to make your girlfriend feel loved, as not many people do it anymore, and it can be something that your relationship is remembered by forever.

When you write your love letter, it is best, to be honest and sincere, as you want it to come from the heart and not be fake.

This way, your girlfriend will be able to feel how much she means to you, and how much you love her.

In my own experience, love letters are something I cherish every single time I re-read them.

They are such an amazing gift as she can keep them and read them over and over again whenever she wants a mood boost.

Plus, it’s simply such a romantic gesture and it’s sure to make her blush!

4) Surprise her with flowers

pexels ron lach 10213881 How to make your girlfriend blush: 10 romantic ways to show your love

Flowers are a classic way to make your girlfriend feel loved, and are great for any occasion, no matter how big or small.

If you want to make your girlfriend feel extra special, then surprising her with flowers is a great way to do so.

This is a very easy way to make your girlfriend blush, as flowers are a very common gesture.

It is a good idea to get your partner’s favorite type of flower, as this will make the gift feel even more special.

If you want to make your gift even more special, you could create a romantic poem, or card, and put it inside of the flowers.

When it comes to choosing the right type of flowers to buy your girlfriend, you have a few options.

You could choose something like roses, which are a classic and romantic type of flower, or you could pick something more unusual like a bouquet of sunflowers.

The choice is entirely up to you and which type of flower your partner would prefer.

Sure, flowers are bound to die eventually, but the gesture of you remembering to get her flowers, especially if there is no particular occasion for it, is very sweet.

You see, if nothing else will, this will make your girlfriend blush.

5) Draw something for her

If drawing is your thing, then this is a great way to make your girlfriend blush from feeling so loved.

If you don’t feel confident enough to draw something for your partner, then you could get a creative friend to help you out.

Drawing your partner something creative is a lovely gift and can be something that the two of you can look back on and laugh about.

You could draw your future together, or draw anything that you love about your partner.

When it comes to drawing your partner, you can create anything that you want, as long as it comes from a loving place.

This gift is a great way to show how much you love your partner, as it is something that you have created just for them.

When drawing, it is best to keep it light-hearted and fun, as you want your partner to enjoy the gift and not feel pressure from it.

Now, the thing is, when you make anything by hand, such as crafting or drawing something, it immediately has more value.

When you give a gift that you have made, it feels more special than any other gift, because it is something that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into.

This is the type of gift that will last forever and will be cherished by the recipient.

6) Cook for her

If you’re not a creative person, and you don’t feel confident enough to draw your partner something, then you could try to cook for her.

Cooking is a really special way to show your partner that you love them, and it can be really romantic if done correctly.

When cooking for your partner, if you’re not super experienced, it is best to avoid really fancy dishes, as you don’t want anything to go horribly wrong, or like you have been trying too hard.

If you don’t feel confident enough to cook for your partner, then you could try out online cooking websites.

These websites provide you with pre-made menus, including ingredients, cooking times, and even step-by-step instructions.

This way, you can get cooking, and still make your girlfriend feel loved.

Trust me, walking into a home and having a man cook her dinner is an experience your girlfriend will not forget anytime soon!

And the best part? You can even spice it up by decorating the place with flowers or candles, to make it even more romantic!

7) Write her a song

If you are musically inclined, then this is a great way to make your partner feel loved.

While you could take a few hours to write a whole song, you can also keep it short and sweet. It’s really the thought that counts.

You could write your girlfriend a song about anything, such as her favorite hobby, what she means to you, or something special that you want her to remember.

When writing your girlfriend a song, it is best to keep it short and sweet and to stick to one subject.

This way, your partner is able to get the full meaning of your song and isn’t distracted by all the extra themes.

Believe me, having a song sung for you that someone wrote just for you, is something your girlfriend will cherish forever. This will make her blush, for sure!

8) Plan a surprise date

jumpstory download20220716 104756 How to make your girlfriend blush: 10 romantic ways to show your love

One of the best ways to make your girlfriend feel loved is to plan a surprise date.

This can be anything from an afternoon coffee date to an evening out at the theater.

Planning a surprise date is a great way to show your partner that you care and that you want to spend time with her.

This can be a great gift for any occasion and doesn’t have to be for a special occasion.

When it comes to planning a surprise date, you have the choice between two options.

The first option is to plan a private date that only the two of you know about.

This can be great for any occasion and is best for when you want to keep things casual.

The second option is to plan a public date that is themed, and that other people are aware of.

This is better for special occasions and is great if you want to make it extra special.

If you want to go the extra mile and get money involved, buy your girlfriend a new dress or outfit to wear to her date.

This will make the experience feel even more special, and she will feel spoiled and loved!

9) Buy her a cute gift

If you don’t feel confident enough to write your girlfriend a song, or draw her something, then buying her a cute gift is a great way to make her feel loved.

This can be anything from a teacup to a pendant necklace, or even a cute teddy bear.

When buying your girlfriend a gift, it is best to pick something that is personal to you, as this will make her feel loved.

You see, when it comes to buying your girlfriend a gift, it is best not to overthink it.

Any gift will be perfect, trust me.

As long as you take something that means something to you or that you know will mean something to her, it really doesn’t matter what you do!

Believe me when I say that you could even give her a piece of trash, but with the right intention, it will feel like a special gift.

10) Make a playlist

This one is great if you love music but don’t want to perform or can’t write a song.

Make a playlist for your girlfriend featuring all the songs that mean something to you, the songs that make you feel good, songs you’ve discovered together, or the songs that she likes.

You can also fill it with songs that make you think of her.

Trust me, she will be listening to this playlist on repeat, and you can even listen to it together!

Get creative

There are tons of ways you can make your girlfriend blush, it’s really all about getting creative and finding new ways to show your love.

Trying some of these tips every once in a while is bound to keep the spark alive in your relationship and will make you both remember why you are together in the first place!

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