How to make your ex-boyfriend feel bad for hurting you

I know it can be a struggle the first time you break up with your ex, but with some clever moves from your end, you can make sure that he feels every bit as bad for breaking up with you as you did for him!

This article will show a variety of strategies for how to make your ex-boyfriend feel bad about his actions.

Just remember, the trick is to make him feel bad for breaking up with YOU, not for being a jerk or anything! 

Well, here are 10 ways you can do it. Let’s get started! 

1) Show him pictures of yourself out with friends, and be happy! 

This is probably the most effective way to make your ex feel bad. 

If he sees you out having fun, looking gorgeous, and happy – inevitably he’ll feel envious and realize what he’s missing out on!

A year ago, my friend showed me pictures of herself hanging out with her friends at a party, and she looked like she was having the time of her life. I called her up and asked why she was happy, and she told me that her boyfriend broke up with her a week before the party!

She told me, “After he broke up with me, I went out with everyone I knew and got drunk, because I knew how bad he made me feel. Then one day I woke up and realized that it was over for me.”

She mentioned that she didn’t want to live in his shadow anymore, so she got herself out there.

Furthermore, she also mentioned that after seeing those pictures, her ex-boyfriend kept inquiring about her situation. Where she went, who she met, whether she mentioned him or not, he wanted to know everything.

2) Show him that there are other men who want to be with you

This is a good tactic if you have another guy in your life already. You can have him take you to the movies or even on a date if you like! 

If he sees that you’re moving on and enjoying your life without him, he’ll feel bad letting you go.

Also, take pictures of yourself out with other guys and post them on your story. I definitely did this! I was out with another guy friend, and posted a picture of myself hugging that other guy when I was hanging out with my friends. 

I knew it would make him feel bad, and I was right. 

He called me up and apologized for breaking up with me, saying that he realized how much he missed me now that I was out having fun without him. He then asked me to go out again.

3) Post some inspirational quotes on Facebook that say things like:

“If he really loved you, he wouldn’t have let you go!”

“There is someone out there who will love you as much as YOU deserve to be loved”

Or even better, make a song up yourself and record it onto a video, then upload it to your Facebook! 

Make sure that the chorus says something about how bad your ex should feel for breaking your heart! It’s obvious that guys can’t resist a girl singing…it makes them feel so guilty! 

It’ll work every time. I have done it and he called me back in a day. He told me that it left my ex in a very bad mood. It usually takes one try, you just give it a shot!

4) Look really hot! 

You may not feel like it, but you should dress in a very sexy outfit and look really hot when you go out with your friends.

Make sure that he sees you though – I know that this is another selfish idea, but you can’t be ashamed of flaunting yourself now, can you? 

When he sees how hot you look with other guys, he’ll definitely get jealous and want to get back with you.

If you go out and get yourself a new outfit and wear it out on the town or even to work, you’ll have your ex thinking about you all night. 

He’ll see you in that dress and feel incredibly guilty for breaking up with such an awesome girl!

5) Cut off contact for a while

This is a good way to make your ex feel bad for breaking up with you.

After you break up with him, don’t talk to him for a while. Hang out with other people and get out of the house! 

Don’t let him call you or text you for a few weeks. If he calls, just ignore it. 

It’s true that some individuals might consider this to be a rather childish move. However, if he desires to leave, he should understand that he may no longer communicate with you in the way he used to. 

Furthermore, if he continues to search for you and you also permit that to occur, he will have an excuse to believe you are still there waiting and won’t feel bad.

He’ll get desperate by now and ring your landline at work instead!  When he finally contacts you, tell him that you need some time and that you’ll call him back in a couple of weeks. 

Don’t count on going out again though – I know guys who broke up with me, but they still went out with other girls a few weeks later!

6) Tell all your friends about his bad qualities! 

I know that this is a little selfish, but when you tell your friends about them and they start to talk negatively about him, he’ll get really pissed off. 

I know that it really hurts my ex’s feelings when my friends go out of their way to humiliate his name around me.

If your friends start making fun of all his bad qualities, he’ll become so angry that he won’t be able to control himself!

It’s true – I was with an ex who was always drunk and always took me for granted. 

He would always take advantage of my kindness, so one day I told my friends about his bad qualities.

Well, after that he and I broke up, but my friends didn’t stop passing the information about his bad qualities around. 

They kept going out of their way to mention the things that he did, like how he was always drunk or how he would make fun of me for no reason.

It was one day that he finally realized that his friends had been correct about him, and that I had been forced to endure him while we were together. He apologized and felt remorseful for not appreciating me more.

7) Show him that he’s not the only fish in the sea! 

If your ex was cheating on you, then it’s a good idea to go out and start flirting with other guys. 

This way he’ll know that there are other men out there who want you.

This is the last thing you should do before you accept the breakup and move on, though! It might give him hope that you guys can still get back together! 

If this happens, do something else to make him think that you’re moving on!

I’m sure you’ll find another guy eventually!

8) Change up your personality – for the better! 

I know it’s hard to be nice to someone who hurt you, but let him know that he is missing out on all the wonderful things about you by breaking up with you. 

Compliment him, make his mom like you, rile up his friends and get them on your side. Make them think you are awesome.

If you can do that effectively, your ex will feel like he lost a gold mine when he broke up with you. 

9) Smile in public a lot! 

Make sure that everyone sees that you’re doing fine without him and it’s no skin off your back whether or not he feels bad about hurting you. 

Smiling in public, looking happy and having a great time… all these things portray confidence!

Participating in charitable events, supporting your friends in organizing small parties, and appearing at community events are all great ways to develop positive qualities in yourself. 

You won’t have time to think about your ex when you’re busy doing good things with a smile on your lips. 

It will also help you make him feel bad and regret losing such a wonderful girl like you.

The more confident you act, the less likely your ex will be to feel good about himself after hurting you.

10) Get a new boyfriend

Now, it’s time for you to start dating someone else. 

The more time you spend with him, the more your ex will get jealous, and the less likely he’ll be to want to contact you. 

He’ll feel like a loser if he wants to talk to you and realizes he can’t because you’re already with someone else! He lost his chance!  

So after all of this, what will happen? (Well, it depends on how well you know him.)

As mentioned before, breakups can be pretty hurtful to people who are still in love with one another.

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While the above strategies may not work for every breakup, I guarantee that you will get him to feel bad for hurting you.

Your confidence and charm has already won over his heart and this time you know it! 

All you have to do is read on and implement these tactics into putting yourself back on the map!

After all, when you have given him enough time to feel bad, you should move on and stop caring about him.

With a fresh new start, you will feel like a brand new person. 

You will have a whole new outlook on life and be able to hold your head high knowing that you learned from the past, and gained the strength to press forward. 

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