How to make Los Angeles a friendlier city to live in

Making L.A. a Friendlier City is a wonderful project of mine that would be done as a pilot in L.A. and could be taken up by cities everywhere to really affect the vibe to make us into friendlier people. It’s a submission for an initiative that LA2050 does every year, where they give away ten 100K chunks to improve things in Los Angeles. Voting is open till 5 pm PST this Monday, 4/29, and can come from anyone in the U.S. The direct link to vote for my project, where you find out more about it: You’ll be shown all the projects in the five categories and you could vote for one in each category, but it’s OK to just vote for Making L.A. a Friendlier City.

Most of the projects deal with serious challenges to us, like how to get clean air and issues with incarceration, where my projects, including this one, all deal with the fundamental vibe we are in, where self-interest and greed run the show and we just have to shift to where caring about each other is as important as caring about ourselves. Making the world friendlier would be fundamental to a mutuality that would put us in the best position to grapple with all those serious threats to our well-being.

You can read all about me and what I’ve done in this lovely interview that just came out in WEHOville, the West Hollywood online newspaper, that’s trying to help me get the grant.

I’m competing against organizations with thousands of members so it’s a steep climb to get into the 10 top projects in my category (of helping people “Connect”), when 2 winners will be chosen by merit from the top 10 vote-getters. If people would vote themselves and also encourage others to vote, that would be great.

To the more beautiful world we all know is possible…

Suzanne Taylor
Producer, Filmmaker, Speaker, Author, Rabble-Rouser

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Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor

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