10 steps to make a married man chase you

The heart wants whatever it wants. And you just happen to have fallen for a married man.

You don’t want to remain the side chick forever, so you want to make him chase after you. But how do you do that exactly?

Fortunately for you, in this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make a married man run after you.

1) Get him hooked.

When a guy is truly into you, it will be so obvious that you won’t even have to wonder.

So if you ever catch yourself wondering or doubting, he probably isn’t fully convinced just yet.

Sure, he may smile at you and even show you he’s interested, but any guy can do that to girls they’re not really into.

So go figure out what he’s into and hook him in. Flaunt the best of what you have to offer, whether it be your wit, your sex appeal, or even just your kindness.

2) Be a good friend.

You have to be subtle if you want to hook a married guy.

If you go straight to hitting on him, he’ll either figure that something isn’t quite right… or he’ll just see you as a sexual conquest.

You need to actually get him invested in you, and you can do that by being a good friend. Make him feel heard, make him laugh, and offer him comfort when he needs it.

It might seem like a mistake to befriend someone you want to seduce, but when you’re dealing with a married man you need the emotional connection to win him over.


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3) Shower him with attention.

Men like attention, so giving him plenty of it on demand is one way you can truly win him over.

This is especially effective if he’s someone who’s been feeling unhappy with his marriage. Maybe his wife had begun to neglect him.

Pay close attention to what he does and says, and try to remember all the small things that matter.

Like his favorite food, for example. It might seem like a small gesture, but gifting him the things he likes is one sure way to win his heart.

4) Appeal to his primal instincts.

Hooking him is just the first part. To take his interest in you to the next level, there’s something you have to do.

You need to take advantage of his deep-seated instincts to make him fall head over heels in love with you. Thoroughly infatuated, if you will.

5) Tease him but hold off on sex.

pillow1 10 steps to make a married man chase you

Yes, be a tease. And why not?

You want to give him a taste of what you have to offer, without actually giving him the meal he needs. You leave him wanting for more… and he’ll find it hard to resist you.

Prolonging seduction like this while you’re trying to establish emotional connection is a great trick to make a man pursue you seriously.

It will make him see you as a catch, and it will make him chase you wherever you may go.

If you give him what he needs too soon, however, he’ll think you’re too easy and not take you as seriously as he should be.

6) Make him open up to you.

So after you’ve established that you’re a good friend, get your intimacy a step further by revealing intimate things about each other.

It will make him feel closer to you, something that even players look for in a woman they want to pursue.

How do you do this?

Well, some people are natural empaths, but if you aren’t one, there are ways for you to become one. The three basic things to do are to listen, ask questions, and open up.

Tell him about something important to you—a secret if you’re comfortable sharing—and it will encourage him to do the same.

Secrets shared and deep conversations made can truly deepen your bond and bring you closer together.

7) Show him why you’re different.

What is it about you that’s unique?

Maybe it’s your obsession with exotic animals, maybe it’s the way you laugh, or maybe it’s the way you can lighten up the room every time you walk in.

It doesn’t have to be crazy unique but it has to be something that’s so you.

Think of your positive traits or quirks—especially the ones you’re proud of or you know he adores—and highlight them.

8) Make him feel good about himself.

Guys generally like being around people who make them feel good about themselves.

So if you can make him feel like he’s a great guy—the best, even—and he’ll do everything to be with you.

And one of the easiest ways you can do this is with praise. But don’t praise his every move—you’ll come off as fake and that’s a turn-off.

Instead, just pay attention to the things he’s genuinely good at, and offer him genuine, specific compliments.

Instead of saying something like “you’re good at drawing”, say something like “I love the way you draw lineart” instead.

9) Go as hot as you can.

Now we’re nearing the final step.

This step and the next one are very crucial and you would require that you’re a bit perceptive for you to pull this off successfully.

Basically, double down on everything—your level of intimacy, the amount of attention you give…all of that!

Of course, you have to gauge if he likes it or else you forcing yourself on him would backfire.

The goal is to go as hot as you possibly can without looking like you’re desperate.

10) Go cold all of a sudden.

This is the step that could determine if he’ll actually chase you or not.

After you’ve become so close to him, keep some distance. Make your absence felt.

He will feel there’s something missing in his life, and that would be the time he’ll go crazy missing you.

But don’t be an ass. Don’t just disappear like he’s not important to you. That’s rude. Instead, tell him about it.

Say something like “I have to stay away because I realize I’m falling for you”, or if you prefer to be subtle, just say “I have to be away for a while to reflect on my life.”

By doing so, it will have more impact on him than if you just fade away.


It’s not easy to make a married man fall in love with you.

In fact, it’s very likely that you can spend months trying to make him yours and see no progress.

But it’s not impossible. And you can even make him come rushing after you if you know just where to strike.

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