18 practical ways to deal with a bitter ex husband

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Thinking of your ex-husband and all the bad memories you both shared can be really difficult, especially if you have children together.

But there’s no need to dwell on these negative thoughts forever – after all, there are new beginnings for everyone!

And for those who find themselves in a bitter divorce with an ex-partner, it is important to learn how to cope and move on.

Here are 18 practical ways to deal with a bitter ex-husband.

1) Stay away from personal information

If you are dealing with a vindictive ex, you should keep your distance from them as much as possible.

Giving them access to personal details about your life will not gain you anything, so make sure that you only share information when absolutely necessary.

If you have children together, then it is easy to see why these steps might be difficult for you to follow through with, but try your best to do so.

2) Don’t answer all his calls

If he happens to call you a lot, don’t pick up the phone every time he calls.

Every time you pick up, you’re giving him an excuse to harass you. Don’t give him any openings to accuse you of neglecting him, or not being a good wife.

You may decide to answer his calls only when he initiates a conversation and only for short periods of time.

3) If he threatens or does anything physically towards you, call the police

Many women have encountered a bitter ex-husband who has threatened or physically hurt them.

If you have found yourself in a situation like this, you should immediately call the police for protection.

They will be able to help you by giving your ex a restraining order or other means of protection. Remember that the law is on your side!

4) Be careful not to fuel his anger

A bitter ex-husband may try to take any little excuse and use it to make himself angry at you as he tries to get back at you.

He may try to make you feel guilty for leaving him. Remember that the only way to successfully deal with a bitter ex-husband is to remain calm and self-aware.

5) Understand that he still loves you

Your ex-husband is not a bad person, he simply made wrong choices that resulted in the separation.

He might be bitter about the decision but recognize that it does not mean he has stopped loving you.

He may be finding it difficult to deal with the loss and is trying to find an outlet for his emotions through anger and resentment.

6) Don’t let him get away with criticizing your choices

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Your ex-husband may criticize the decisions you made in order to leave him and begin a new relationship.

Your ex may bring up the fact that you have a new partner and is suggesting that it’s your fault it didn’t work out. Don’t allow him to blame you or make you feel guilty.

7) Give him a space to air out his emotions, but put a time limit on it

Give him a chance to talk and then let him know it’s not healthy for you or your kids to be around his bitterness.

It may be best for you both to slowly move towards the idea of maintaining a healthy friendship in the future since this will encourage him not to act out of anger.

8) Understand that he needs help

Your ex-husband may be feeling strong emotions and needs help to control them.

He may feel that the anger is a result of the loss of you, but realize that he actually needs help in controlling his emotions and learning how to cope with the loss.

It’s good to remember that this is something he will work on with his therapist – so don’t get angry at him for taking advantage of your situation.

9) Keep your distance

Even if you have decided that you want to maintain a friendly relationship with your ex-husband, do not spend too much time with him.

You will probably be tempted to try and “get close” again, but do not give in to the temptation. You are too vulnerable when you are trying to recover from the pain of divorce.

Give yourself time and space before making any decisions about how you want to handle your relationship with him in the future.

10) Maintain your boundaries

It is important to maintain healthy boundaries with your ex-husband, and this can only be accomplished if you continue to do so.

This means setting a firm limit for when you will accept his calls and texts. It also means maintaining a healthy distance from him emotionally.

If he has betrayed you in any way, it is very difficult for you to trust him again or have faith in his loyalty and fidelity. If this is the case, it is best to keep your distance and not take anything he says seriously.

11) Do not assume that the bitterness is gone forever

It is important to remember that the bitterness that has been present during the divorce process may not always be removed after it has been finalized.

This will depend on how your ex-husband feels about the divorce and how it has affected his feelings towards you.

If he remains bitter towards you, there is a good chance he will not change his feelings about you or his attitude towards you during the divorce process, even once it has been finalized.

12) Take care of yourself and seek counseling if necessary

Take care of yourself first and foremost.

Your first priority should be to take care of yourself.

This will include making your own decisions about how you want to deal with your ex-husband, about the divorce, and about how you want to move forward.

It will also include taking care of your emotions and not letting yourself become consumed by the bitterness that he may be expressing towards you.

If you allow yourself to become overwhelmed by his bad feelings towards you, this can lead to thoughts of revenge and other things that may put you in a dangerous situation.

You may need some help in the way of therapy to overcome this and develop a healthy relationship with your ex-husband in the future.

13) Do not let him control your life as if he were still married to you

Do not let him tell you how to live your life, or dictate how many hours you are allowed to work each week or what kind of work-related activities such as an exercise class you’re allowed to attend.

You are no longer married to him, so he does not have any right to control how you spend your time.

14) Allow yourself to be angry at him if necessary

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If your ex-husband has been bitter towards you throughout the divorce process, it is important for you to allow yourself to be angry at him if appropriate.

This could include expressing your anger about what has happened in the past, but it does not mean that you are going to allow his bitterness to destroy your happiness forever.

15) Keep a clear head and do not get involved with any of his drama

If your ex-husband continues to be bitter toward you, it is important for you to keep a clear head and continue your life without getting involved with any of his drama.

You will only find yourself becoming entangled in his bad feelings and putting yourself in a vulnerable position if you do.

Keep your distance from him, and do not get involved with what he is feeling.

16) Do not fight and focus on yourself

When you are dealing with someone who is still bitter and having a difficult time getting through life, it is really important to remember that not every interaction you have with him should be a fight.

If you do see your ex-husband angry or bitter then it’s best to just ignore the negativity and focus on yourself and the things that give you pleasure in your life.

17) Don’t apologize for the divorce

Your ex-husband may try and make you feel guilty about the divorce.

If he is bitter and angry, he’ll often use the fact that you filed for divorce as his justification to be mad at you. Don’t take it personally.

Your husband may want to make you feel guilty about the divorce but if you explain your reasons, and remind yourself of how hard it was living with him, the guilt should fade a little bit.

18) Build new habits and try to keep yourself busy

When you start to feel better, try to make some changes in your life.

Get up every morning and make yourself a cup of coffee.

Decide on a time for yourself each day where you will exercise, meditate or engage in some other activity that will help you to relax and focus on yourself.

Remember that you will eventually feel better after things calm down and you can get back to being productive and focused again.

Give yourself some time to rest also, but don’t spend too much time feeling down about all of the bitterness that has happened.

You need to be strong and have a clear head in order to make any changes that are necessary for your life, so giving yourself some time may be a good idea.

Will my ex-husband ever stop being bitter?

The bitterness in an ex-husband’s heart toward his wife will keep haunting him for a long time after the marriage is over and he has moved on.

It doesn’t matter how many times he gets divorced, remarried, or has kids of his own–the bitterness will remain with him because it is based in part on his anger at the woman he loved, who chose to leave him.

It’s difficult moving on with their life as they must adjust to new relationships, meet new people and learn how to be single in the world again.

However, while some stay bitter and angry into their old age unable to let go of their failed marriage, others find peace in time and move on.

What does the ex-husband being bitter want to achieve?

You may be wondering why an ex-husband would want to make his ex-wife unhappy.

There are a lot of possible reasons, but the most common is that the person wants to control.

Maybe they’re bitter because you left them, or maybe they never got over you and everything that happened between you two. If nothing else, your success will always remind them of what they could have had.

Sometimes all it takes to fix this problem is to educate the person.

If they know that you’re not trying to make them feel bad and they understand why you’re making your life better, they can stop feeling bitter.

Remember to continue loving yourself…

Bitterness and anger are the most common emotions felt by your ex-husband at this time.

You can expect to hear and see a lot of these emotions and behaviors coming from your ex-husband right now, but don’t let yourself get too upset or worried about them.

Remember that you are currently in a very vulnerable state because of the divorce and this may cause you to feel more emotional than usual as well.

Just remember to give yourself some time to heal, be realistic and patient, and do all that you can do in order to work your way through the most difficult period of your life.

Hopefully, by now you’ve got a better idea of how to deal with a bitter ex-husband.

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