10 ways to connect spiritually with someone far away

There’s a person who you have unfinished business with — there are things you two need to figure out, but for whatever reason you can’t contact them in the physical world.

Though some may give up at this point, you know there is much more to the world than the five senses can perceive.

And as you’ve been working through your spiritual journey, you’d like to connect with that person spiritually. 

I’ve been down this road myself, and I’ve tried every possible method under the sun.

Here, I’ve compiled the 10 best ways to connect spiritually with someone far away. If you do it correctly, one of these 10 methods is sure to work for you — so let’s get reading and find out! 

1) Connect spiritually with someone consciously

This is the most common way to try to connect spiritually with someone far away.

You can compare it to trying to call someone mentally. Rather than using your phone with sound waves and electrical energy, you do it through your own energy and vibrations.

Here are the steps for connecting with someone spiritually in this way: 

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted or interrupted.
  • Get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.
  • Close your eyes and spend a few minutes taking slow, deep breaths until your body relaxes.
  • Bring into your mind the person who you want to connect with. Imagining their physical person can help, but try to focus on feeling them energetically. Don’t rush this step. You need to establish a proper connection with them. 
  • Now before you can proceed, you need to ask permission of their higher self in order to connect with them. You will only be given permission if your intentions are pure and good, and if the timing is right for both of you to communicate. This is something only your higher selves can know, so you must trust and respect their decision.
  • To know the answer, you have to be very mindful and receptive. If you feel a resistance, the answer is no. In that case, you will not be able to connect with them spiritually, but you can try again at another time. If you feel your energy opening up, then the communication channel is opening. 
  • Continue to focus on feeling the connection with them, and bring into your mind the message you want to share with them. Keep yourself mindful and receptive to any feelings and thoughts they would like to send you as well.
  • When you’re ready, you can end the session based on what you think is best for the two of you. You can just say goodbye, give them a hug, or do anything else you like. 

2) Connect spiritually with someone in your dreams

The tricky thing about connecting with someone spiritually is that your mind can be busy taking care of things in your physical environment.

You need to get into a state where you are relaxed enough to disconnect from physical sensations and thoughts about your physical environment.

To do this, you can make use of dreams. This is where the subconscious mind, and your spirit, take the reins independent of your body.

The only challenge here is gaining enough consciousness during the dream to be able to direct it. 

You can either set the intention of connecting with someone spiritually as you fall asleep. 

If you do it right, and you have permission from the other soul, you will be able to connect and communicate with them during your dream.

Or, if you succeed at lucid dreaming, you can begin the process of trying to connect with them spiritually during your dream. 

This is very similar to trying to connect with someone while awake, but the process comes extremely easily in the dream. In fact, it will be very intuitive, as you are already fully immersed in the spiritual realm.

3) Connect with someone spiritually while shifting

A sort of blend between connecting with someone spiritually consciously and in dreams is doing it while shifting realities. 

You’ve probably heard of the theory of infinite universes, right?

The reality we live in is not the only one — it’s just one of an infinite number of possibilities for how life could be unfolding. In another universe, you could have a completely different job, appearance, or even live on a different planet. 

Shifting is the process of transferring your consciousness to another one of these universes. 

People have been able to travel to time periods in the past or future, or even to made up realities including Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter.

It’s an exhilarating experience, and a great way to connect with someone spiritually.

But be aware that it does take a very high level of spiritual awakening, and a lot of skill and practice to succeed at this. 

If you don’t have much experience with shifting yet, or if you’d like to get some extra tips for how to do it successfully, check out our comprehensive guide on shifting realities with everything you need to know. 

4) Spiritually connect with someone using a psychic

lightworker symptoms 10 ways to connect spiritually with someone far away

I know from personal experience that it can be tricky to connect spiritually with someone far away.

I had an intense spiritual connection with someone I knew in real life, but I had no more contact with him in the physical world.

Yet, a part of me knew our story wasn’t over yet, and there were things we had to figure out together in order to proceed in both our spiritual journeys.

I spent a long time and a lot of effort trying to connect with him spiritually, using all three of the methods above. At times I even succeeded, but I had the feeling something was off as I never got that feeling of peace and closure. 

So I decided to go the smarter route. 

I knew my spiritual development, and mental wellbeing were too important to brush aside. If I didn’t have the skills or knowledge to do something alone, I would put in the proper effort and go to someone that did — the talented souls at Psychic Source.

And boy am I thankful for my decision! They were able to provide me with incredible insight as to why my attempts weren’t working, and guided me through what I needed to do.

I was actually blown away by how kind, caring, and genuinely helpful they were.

If like me, you’re frustrated over not being able to connect with someone spiritually in the way that you want, you could really benefit from giving them a chance.

This doesn’t mean you’re giving up on doing it yourself — on the contrary, after consulting with Psychic Source, I was much more empowered to hone my own spiritual skills on my own as well.

So either way, it’s a huge win win. 

If you’d like to give it a shot, click here to get your own reading.

5) Be receptive to your intuition

You’ve been trying to connect with someone spiritually — but have you ever thought that maybe they, or someone else, could be trying to do the same with you?

It’s very different to be on the receiving end rather than the one initiating it. 

But at the end of the day, the result is the same. You get spiritually connected.

Receiving this communication feels like what you’d call intuition

You might get random thoughts or feelings about this person that seem to come out of nowhere. 

I get a lot of these, and I used to dismiss them as my mind just processing memories or having fun. But over time I started to notice that they were meaningful. 

For example, I’d pass a bus ticket machine and think of someone I was going to meet, accompanied by the feeling I need to buy a bus ticket.

So I did, and it turned out this person had run out, and the ticket controller got on the bus as we were riding it. Their higher self was looking out for them, and communicated with me. 

Pay attention to these sensations, and over time you will get better at being able to tap into and develop your ability to connect spiritually with someone. 

6) Watch out for signs from the universe

Connecting with someone spiritually happens on a higher vibration than the one we live in.

This is the spiritual vibration that higher powers and what we call “the universe” work in.

And because of this, you can connect with someone spiritually through signs from the universe as well. 

How? There are tons of different ways. I have a friend who hears messages from her angels in her left ear — like a voice talking to her.

Personally, I notice signs more in the form of angel numbers and repeating symbols. 

How the universe communicates with you is highly personal to you and your spiritual gifts. Be mindful and curious and you’ll soon get to know what this is. 

7) Pay attention to synchronicities

Synchronicities are another way you might receive messages from other spirits.

These are closely related to signs from the universe. Basically, they are anything that might look like a coincidence, but in fact carries a lot of meaning. 

For example, you could be thinking about someone when you suddenly get a text message from them. It’s obvious that your spirits were connected at that moment, both directing energy towards each other — even if you didn’t consciously know it. 

These could be signs that your spiritual connection with this person is stronger than you think. 

But if you don’t have contact with them like in my case, it can of course be difficult to tell. 

I actually spent a long time wishing that synchronicities would happen to me and prove that I could connect with this person spiritually.

But the reality is, you cannot force something like this to happen, as it’s all about receiving. You cannot order the universe to make synchronicities happen. 

If you’re not seeing the signs you want to be seeing, then you can take things more into your own hands by trying a more active method to connect with another person spiritually.

8) Choose a time of alignment

spiritually inclined 10 ways to connect spiritually with someone far away

At one point, I was sharing my feelings about this person I was trying to connect with spiritually with a friend. 

I was seeing some strange results at the time, and I wasn’t sure why things weren’t working. My friend shrugged and said, “Well, retrograde tends to be like that.”

I was still early in my spiritual journey and wasn’t educated about a lot of things, so I knew only vaguely what that meant — a time when Mercury’s slower path through the sky throws everything into chaos.

But when I started researching deeper into planetary alignment and synastry, I realized how valuable what my friend said was.

Because think about it. You can physically call someone any time, because the laws of physics and electrical waves always work the same in the physical world.

But the spiritual world is much more volatile and susceptible to shifts in the universe’s vibrations. It was as if I was trying to call someone when the phone battery was dead. 

As I wasn’t an expert at this at the time, I turned again to my advisor at Psychic Source for help. 

They helped me break it down and figure out the workings of my natal charts and houses. Once I understood this, everything became so much easier. 

If you haven’t been successful in connecting spiritually with someone far away, this could be the reason why. Much better to find out now, so you can invest your energy properly!

Click here to get your own reading.

9) Connect spiritually with someone through manifestation

Another way to connect spiritually with someone far away is through manifestation.

You’ve probably tried this in your life already — maybe you’ve even been able to manifest a lot of amazing things.

I, for example, have been able to manifest meeting my best friend

There is some confusion around manifestation, and the truth is there is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach to anything. 

So it may take some trial and error to figure out what works for you.

But here are the steps I personally followed to successfully manifest a spiritual connection with someone far away.

Though this guide is made for someone who wants to renew contact with their ex, it’s the same basic principles for any other kind of relationship as well. 

10) Use your Human Design strategy

Have you ever heard of human design? 

If not, no worries — it is still relatively obscure, though it’s rapidly gaining popularity for the crazy insights people have been gaining through it.

It’s been called the “spiritual Myers-Brigg”, and can give you a roadmap for how to live your entire life in spiritual alignment.

Once I understood my own human design profile, I realized I had been going about my spiritual connection all wrong. 

You see, every profile has a particular strategy that they should follow in order to be successful at anything. If you try to use a strategy that doesn’t align with your profile, you’ll see signs of “non-self”. 

Honestly, because of the insane amount of insight you can gain from human design, it is so complex that I couldn’t possibly explain it all — let alone give personalized advice.

So if you want to gain a detailed roadmap for the best way to live your richest life, I’d suggest getting an expert reading that can tell you exactly what your human design is and what it means for your spiritual connections. 

As I mentioned above, I used Psychic Source as they’re the only gifted advisors I know I can fully trust. 

I know they’d be delighted to help you too, so if you’d like to give them a shot, all you have to do is click here for your ownreading.

Final thoughts

There you have it — 10 ways to connect spiritually with someone far away.

This covers every way you could possibly establish a spiritual connection with another person — and among these 10, at least 1 is guaranteed to work (if the other person is open to spiritual communication, of course).

So make sure you give them a proper go, and I’m excited for you to make great progress on your spiritual journey

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