8 hobbies successful people have in their free time

Perhaps your idea of success is becoming a CEO and multi-millionaire. Or, maybe it’s simply having inner peace, a decent career, and a good circle of people around you. 

But what we can all agree on is this:

Success means living a life you can be proud of. Whatever that looks like to you.

Whether your version of success is to live a Bill Gates-level lavish lifestyle, or having the financial freedom to move to a remote island in Thailand – reaching any big goal requires dedication in all areas of your life.

Here are eight hobbies successful people do in their free time, that will help carve your path to success.

1) Self-care practices.

Gone is the old idea of success that you have to work so tirelessly that you sacrifice your well-being.

If you’re working towards your goals, it’s also essential to tune in to when you need to practice some self-care so that you avoid burning out.

When you’re feeling stressed, taking the time to have a bath, chill, or get a massage will do wonders to help you recuperate, and will help you gain the energy to keep moving forward on your path.

By re-filling your tank when it’s empty, you will have the energy to go further than by forcing yourself to work through exhaustion, which can have huge effects on your health.

So run that hot bath, light some candles, or get that nap in when you feel run-down and have a spare moment, and your body, mind, and goals will thank you later.

2) Quality time with loved ones.

To be successful, it’s important to have a solid social circle of people who pick you up when you need it – as long as you feel that they motivate you, encourage you, and truly support you.

Cultivating a close circle of friends or family whose company you enjoy, and getting together with them, spending quality time together, or talking things through with them when you are feeling in need of encouragement, advice, or care will do wonders for the moments when you feel alone and in need of connection.

One of the most well-known philosophers in history, Lao Tzu, once said, “being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”. So remember to turn to your loved ones if you are in need of support.

3) Creative outlets.

When was the last time you let yourself play?

Play is a big, but sometimes forgotten part of who we are in a logic-driven world. When we were small, play helped us develop our brains, release stress, and engage our imagination.

That’s why having a creative outlet is so helpful to calm the nerves, to get the creative right-brain flowing, and flex the idea-generating muscle.

Even Albert Einstein loved playing the violin when he wasn’t figuring out the mysteries of the universe.

So in your free time, let yourself play an instrument, paint, draw, write, or create something. Try to approach it without judgment, and you will access the magic of creativity!

4) Networking.

Most wealthy or influential people did not get to where they are all on their own.

In fact, over time they found people who believed in their vision enough to be part of it or support it.

People can’t support your vision if they don’t know what it is.

That’s why it can be helpful to create reach and spread the word about what you’re doing, to put it out there into the world to attract those who can help bring it to life.

You could join conferences, networking events, workshops, groups, or even online discussion boards. Make sure you support their ideas and goals too, and you will build a web of people who may even invest in your dreams.

5) Reading.

8 hobbies successful people have in their free time 2 8 hobbies successful people have in their free time

One sign of a successful mindset is knowing that you will never stop learning.

Becoming open-minded to more knowledge, experiences, and others’ perspectives will always benefit you.

For each problem you face, there are thousands of books out there by authors who have had the experience and found their way through it to the other side.

Learn from them, gain some ideas about how you can take action, experiment, and find a solution that works best for you.

6) Philanthropy and volunteering.

Giving back to the community will not only open up new opportunities but also bring you joy, connection – and maybe even purpose.

Volunteering your time, donating, or starting projects that benefit others will help to keep a perspective of the world beyond yourself as you go along your journey. 

The key takeaway in philanthropic work is that there will always be those more or less fortunate than you, and to be successful is not about being in competition with anyone; but rather how you can create something wonderful that other people can be a part of too.

7) Traveling.

When I left my hometown to live in six different countries, I was transformed by experiencing other ways of life.

It helped me to grow so far beyond my comfort zone that I could no longer recognize the old ‘me’. I can’t emphasize it enough: traveling will surely widen your horizons in ways you never knew possible.

Learning about other cultures gives you the opportunity to experience other mindsets, beliefs, and ways of life firsthand if you can really immerse into them with an open mind.

Even if it’s just within your country – make the effort to see other places and you will gain objectivity, knowledge, and life-changing experiences.

8) Self-development activities.

Last but not least, self-development hobbies such as meditation, journaling, attending retreats, workshops, and listening to podcasts will expand you beyond your horizons and set you on a fast-track of growth. 

Mindfulness practices help you learn to regulate any emotions that come up during the ups and downs of life, and teach you healthy emotional processing, which goes a long way to helping you bounce back in case of any unwanted situations.

Walt Disney once said: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Self-development practices are the best way to build your confidence, courage, and bravery to go after what you want.

They will also help you learn to regulate and process emotions that come up when things don’t go your way. Failures and mistakes will be inevitable – it’s all about how you can maintain the enthusiasm to keep going. 

So when you find yourself with free time, I would encourage you to tune into what you’re needing most: is it rest, human connection, new ideas, new experiences, self-belief, or confidence?

All of these things and more can be achieved through these eight habits of successful people. Make sure you spend your time wisely, as they do, and you will be doing amazing favors to elevate your unique path to success!

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Shela Riva

Shela Riva is a Thai-Swiss freelance writer, artist, energy mentor and co-creator of Jaiyen Eco Resort, a creative retreat space in Thailand. She is deeply passionate about our incredible ability to transform and is dedicated to helping each person realize the power within themselves, whether through her writing, empowering custom art pieces, one-on-one work or in-person retreats.

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