Top 21 hobbies for men that are worthy of your time

hobbies for men

Man, I feel your boredom.

The 9-5 grind and same old routine every day will surely make anyone’s life dull.

But hey, there’s more to life than just existing!

You have to enjoy life and to enjoy it, you need to create memories. But how can you make one if you’re stuck on your couch?

If you’re like most guys, I know your free time is limited. Now a better way to make use of your limited time is to learn new hobbies.

With the skills that you learn, it will boost your self-esteem and make you popular with women  (wink).

Kidding aside, it will help you get you away from the screen, improve your fitness, cure burnout, promote work-life balance, and give you new life skills.

Here are 21 hobbies for men that you can pursue:

1. Computer programming

Learning programming is a great upskill for you. It will not only make you indispensable for your boss, but it will also make you a modern mechanic in the workplace.

The technology era will open new doors for you. With a computer as your friend, you will become the go-to person whenever your workmates need help.

And who can resist a man who talks in literal code?

2. Gardening

This hobby has a lot of benefits. Not only can gardening beautify your home but it is also a means to reduce the cost of food by growing your own.

Additionally, you can sell your produce for added income when you start gardening.

3. Backpacking

Get out of your comfort zone and explore There is so much more to nature so sling a backpacking tent over your shoulder and head out into the wilds.

4. Playing an instrument

You’ve probably wished you can play an instrument. Well, now is the time to learn how.

Choose what you want to be – a sax man, a keyboard player, a banjo picker, or just hell on the old skins is incredibly fun and will give you undeniable sex appeal.

5. Fishing

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” says the old proverb.

If you want to find seafood without buying it, then go fishing. Plus, the relaxation that comes from a day in your fishing kayak out on the lake is worth all the time in the world.

And don’t get me started with the beers you can drink while fishing.

6. Survival prepping

If you’re thinking about the world’s end, then survival prepping is for you.

Well, the end of the world might not be drawing near yet but this skill can be used as preparation for natural disasters. Think about the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, or riots.

7. Dancing

Dancers have that certain appeal that attracts the opposite sex. But more than that, you will find that dancing enhances your natural rhythm, flexibility, and balance.

Most athletes are also dancers because the skills they learned on the dancing floor can be used in any athletic activity.

Dancing and sports both need body coordination so a dancer can learn the boxing footwork better than a non-dancer.

8. Cooking

Women love a man who can cook. And being able to do just means you’ll be able to save money while making the people around you full.

Not to mention you can turn your home into the finest restaurant in town because why not?

9. Martial arts

Knowing how to protect yourself empty-handed will make you a “manly” man. When you know martial arts, you can keep yourself and the people you love safe.

Not only that, but you will also gain discipline, peace of mind, and respect for yourself and others. The training associated with martial arts will help you find a level of calm and centeredness, which is the core of every martial art discipline.

10. Cycling

A good bicycle is all you need to enter a world of fitness and pleasure. Additionally, you can save money from buying gas as well as help conserve the environment.

There are cycling communities that you can join and most of them are very welcoming to new members.

11. Plumbing

Yes, this might be a disgusting hobby but trust me when I say you are going to need this, especially when you get married.

Learning about water pressure, drainage, and recirculation in this era of drought and rising utility costs is worthwhile. You can even make money out of it by working on problematic neighbor’s houses.

Aside from becoming the master of your home’s water supply, you will also become wiser in the ways of fixing every dangerous leak.

12. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a beautiful and artistic hobby that you can learn. If you want to paint or draw, but don’t have the natural knack, maybe you can try learning the art of calligraphy.

It will help you enhance your control of fine motor skills and lets you write striking letters. You can then sell your arts on online websites like

Additionally, having elegant penmanship will show that you have true refinement.

13. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is exciting. It will make travel easier and also help you adjust to other cultures.

Being a polyglot is cool even if you have no plans of traveling. Start learning a language that you like or find a tutor to help you.

14. Blogging or writing

Writing or blogging can be used as a means to express your pent-up emotions. If you want, you can also become serious in making money online and start blogging your way to richness.

There are a lot of online gurus to learn from. Although the technical part like setting up a website is kind of hard for a non-techie person, blogging can be treated as a passive income.

For a step-by-step guide on setting up a blog, check out this article on how to start a blog.

15. Metalworking

If you are fascinated with metal bling and weapons, then this might interest you. With metalworking, you’ll use fire to bend metals to your will.

Then you can make useful tools, design your own throwing knives, or devise delicate sculptures that make iron look light as air. Isn’t that cool?

16. Photography

Do you think you’re better than the average selfie-snapping tween? Well, you can enhance your skill with photography courses online or offline.

Learning the skill of photography will allow you to capture the special moments of your life and the world around you. If you want to monetize the pictures you have taken, you can sell them online.

17. Investing

Investing is a very rewarding hobby you might want to learn. It will help you manage and increase your monetary resources.

Don’t just stick to your social security, retirement, and basic budgeting. You can take it up a notch and let compounded interest make your money do all the work for you.

This hobby will surely create a fat nest egg for you.

18. Hiking

If you want to reach the summit. then you got to hike. With your dedication, you can conquer the highest mountain and chase as many horizons as you want.

Being at the top of the mountain or just surrounded by nature will help you relax and energized.

19. Motorcycling

There’s something adventurous and badass about riding a motorcycle. Maybe it’s the wind blowing on your face that gives a sense of freedom or knowing the fact that not anyone is brave enough to ride one.

WIth motorcycling, you learn to live on the edge. Just be careful though.

20. Archery

Archery is another hobby that has a badass vibe to it. Remember Hawkeye from Avengers?

More than that, archery can also be used practically if you like hunting. It becomes an exercise for your body as well as your mind.

21. Meditation

Everyone needs relaxation and there’s nothing more ideal than meditation.

When you know how to properly meditate, you will have more energy, more stamina, and better awareness.

Meditation can help you find inner peace, outer happiness, and a strong presence of mind.

In Conclusion

When you count the hours you have in a day, you will realize that you’ve wasted them doing nothing.

Don’t be the man who just turns on the TV for entertainment during their free time.

Or else life will pass you and you’ll regret not living it to the fullest.

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