10 things high achievers always do (that prime them for success)

People want to succeed, but the path to getting it isn’t always easy.

Most people want more in their lives, but they might not know how or where to start so they tend to settle for average standards.

But if being average becomes your floor instead of a ceiling, you might find yourself working towards achieving more.

Everyone has goals in life, but what determines our success is the way we work towards accomplishing our ambitions.

To become a high achiever, it’s important to emulate the mindset of successful people and pick up these habits that lead to greatness:

1) They Focus on Their Goals and Shut Out Distractions

In our daily lives, there’s always something that piques our attention and distracts us.

We might stumble upon a viral video on social media or hop into the latest trend just because we don’t want to feel left out.

But high achievers are different – they do everything to focus deeply on their work.

High achievers know what they want and they’re tenacious when it comes to progress.

They use their hawk-like attention to detail and spend hours doing their work to achieve their dreams.

They stay focused on their end goal so that everything they do and say gets them there – without deliberately hurting other people.

Sometimes, high achievers even isolate themselves while working to shut out distractions.

They might stay cooped up in their room for days on end to focus on their project, but the outcome is always worth the wait.

2) They Get Comfortable With Their Failures

Some people fear failing – and that’s completely understandable.

But high achievers are more afraid of losing the chance to try than failing because they know that failure is part of the process.

For them, it’s not about whether or not they can overcome the challenge but how they can accomplish the task at hand.

High achievers always have elaborate plans and alternative strategies to control what they can and ignore any distractions.

They don’t allow failures and rejections to deflate them because doing so only prevents them from moving on and trying again.

Remember that failure isn’t a step backward – it’s a good stepping stone to success if you learn what went wrong.

Without failure, high achievers won’t move out of their comfort zones and achieve the progress they want.

3) They Show Up Every Day and Don’t Procrastinate

Consistency is one of the most important elements of success – after all, you can’t get better at something if you only train when you feel like it.

Motivation and inspiration are great driving forces toward success, but they often intensify or weaken throughout your journey.

For high achievers, it’s crucial to always try and become better despite what you feel.

Some of the things we have to do to achieve success aren’t easy, but high achievers only focus on what needs to be done – they do it instead of leaving their heads on cloud nine.

They devise a plan and start it right away and every day.

Instead of staying in a rut, think of what made you start your journey in the first place.

Remember that you made a choice to pursue your dreams, so you need to dive in head-first if you want to succeed.

If you want to get the most out of your life, it’s time to stop dreaming and start taking action.

4) They Take Initiative and Create Their Own Opportunities

High achievers know that they’re not always stuck in a box – they can start and create their own stories through hard work whenever they want to.

While other people are stuck on the sidelines waiting for the right moment to pass them by, high achievers are already getting started on their dreams.

Luck strikes randomly and serendipity meets preparedness, so high achievers always try to be as ready as they can be.

Standing still and waiting for your moment is a waste of time – always take the initiative and create opportunities to increase your chances of good luck.

Brene Brown is one striking example of a high achiever who gained success by taking the initiative.

Many social science professionals found her research methods unusual, but she persevered down her own path until she reached her destination.

Now, she’s a respected social researcher and a popular speaker and author.

5) They Have Systems and Do Deliberate Practice

Instead of simply having goals, high achievers take a step further by creating a system that allows them to acquire progress with every step.

For example, instead of just having the goal of losing 20 pounds, they create a plan that consists of healthy eating habits and regular exercise routines.

They figure out what tasks are needed to move the needle forward, then they do deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice is the process of performing an activity with the aim to become better with each try.

It might not always be physically draining, but repetitive tasks can take a toll on a person’s mental health.

Deliberate practice allows people to look at their weak points and learn how to improve those.

Lots of people get discouraged and insecure whenever they see how badly they perform in an activity.

But high achievers understand that it’s all part of the growing process – all they have to do is to keep showing up and follow their system.

6) They Always Have a Positive Attitude

The most high-performing students are those who are happy and don’t experience much pressure – and the same also holds true for adults trying to survive life and work.

Having a good attitude about where you are and what you do allows you to enjoy the things in life.

Always remember that setbacks are inevitable, but they’re always temporary.

This mindset helps you find joy in what you do and make your journey toward success a lot easier.

By letting go of negativities, nothing can hold you back from achieving greatness and success.

Positive attitudes also help people think that their work is important to other people, which serves as a motivation to keep pursuing the same goal.

7) They Know When to Trust Their Gut

Have you ever reminisced about the past and wished you should have followed your gut then? It always happens to many of us.

We all have this internal compass that directs us where we actually want to be deep down, but it’s usually the opposite of what our brain and rational thinking dictate.

As we go through our lives, we constantly experience different situations that strengthen our gut and intuition.

When we expose ourselves more to various conditions and circumstances, the better our gut feel gets and the higher chances of success and good luck occur.

High achievers know when to trust their intuition.

They already learned from past experiences and trust that their instinct is usually right.

This ultimately leads them on the right path – high achievers create their own chances and opportunities, as opposed to other people believing that they only landed there by pure luck.

8) They Work With Other People They Can Count On

High achievers are amazing people on their own, but they also need the help of others in certain situations.

They recognize that they can’t do everything alone, so they surround themselves with reliable people who can help them realize their goals.

It’s easier for a company or a dream to grow more quickly if there are more people engaged in making it work and cooperating toward the same goal.

High achievers often have great relationships with other people that allow them to build teams and reach their goals as a collective.

They tend to have a good eye for talent, so it’s easier for them to attract the right people into their teams.

But this doesn’t only apply to work relationships – high achievers also surround themselves with supportive people who understand them and their dreams.

Life is already hard as it is, so we need people whom we can share our fears, thoughts, and feelings with.

9) They Always Strive to Learn and Get Better

Reaching for big dreams can get anyone excited, but it’s another thing to be truly passionate about your aspirations.

It’s normal to hear high achievers talk about how much fun they have since that kind of positive outlook is what pushes them to obtain even the highest goals.

With their passion to achieve their dreams also comes their desire to keep learning and getting better.

They understand that the more they think they know, the less they actually do so they constantly look for ways to improve their skills.

They know that assuming they’re an expert can stifle their growth, so they keep themselves in check by remaining a beginner.

High achievers and successful people are always open to new ideas – they’re willing to learn new things from other people who are more knowledgeable on certain matters than them.

Winners know how much they still have to learn, even though they’re already considered experts by others.

10) They Don’t See Quitting as an Option

Tenacity is one of the most common traits found in high achievers.

Although they face various challenges in their career or personal life, they don’t let those mistakes and mishaps stop them from realizing their dreams.

They deal with failure after failure, but they never see quitting as an option even if it’s the easy way out.

High achievers are determined to follow through with their plans and achieve their dreams with every step.

They know that if they don’t stick with their plans, they won’t achieve anything or get too far in life.

And even if things don’t go as planned, they at least know in their heart that they did everything they can to make it work.

Understanding your goals and remembering why you wanted them in the first place can provide you with the foundation you need to keep going.

Remember that you can always step back and take a break when you get tired, but quitting shouldn’t be the answer.

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