15 amazing traits of a heyoka empath (is this you?)

Empaths are naturally intuitive because they can sense energy and feel emotions, but heyoka empaths take it to another level. They are introverted, which means they’ll always be listening to their own feelings and contemplating what is important to them, but be aware of other people’s feelings continuously.

Heyoka will often be an artist, designer, or writer because they need time alone to think about life and all its intricacies. Some other traits of heyokas include that they are made up of both light and dark energy, so it is common for them to have bipolar tendencies.

If you are suspecting you may be one, here are 15 amazing traits that you may be a heyoka empath!

1) You’re naturally intuitive

Empathic and intuitive people are often able to sense emotions and energies as if they were their own. You may also have a strong intuition about things, even if you don’t consciously realize it.

You know when to go with your gut, but you’re too shy to tell anyone about it. Sensing other people’s emotions is both a gift and a curse; you understand how people feel and how they think, but because of this, you often struggle to connect with others.

You may also have artistic features. Many empathic people are creative and artistic, so it makes sense that empaths would be those types of people too.

You may like drawing or painting in your spare time, which transfers into the workplace once you enjoy designing things or creating art. It may also mean that you’re naturally intuitive in art class.

But wait, there’s more!

2) You have bipolar tendencies

Just like empaths, heyokas have a hard time managing their emotions; this is because you naturally sense other people’s feelings, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Just like any empath, you will also be prone to depression, anger, and sadness.

You feel a certain degree of joy from being alone but also get lonely at the same time. You can easily dissolve into bouts of depression or anger without much provocation.

This mostly happens because of the ability to absorb other people’s feelings or energy from the environment. Heyokas are natural puzzle solvers and have a great analytical mind when it comes to solving problems or even identifying the root cause of something.

You see things from the outside in, which means you’re great at conceptualizing and organizing situations. For example, you may drive past a house and immediately figure out what color paint should be used to freshen up the exterior or how to organize an event in such a way that it runs smoothly, but also what kind of people live there.

3) You know when someone is angry or sad without even talking to them

Heyokas are often great at sensing anger in others because they don’t need to talk to someone to know if they are angry or not. They are amazing with this because they can feel the energy of a person and even tell if someone is lying or not.

Empaths have sensors to detect emotions, but heyokas can do it just by feeling a person’s energy. Heyokas are amazing at sensing sadness in others, and this comes naturally.

To be honest, this is something I faced myself a while ago. Due to my recent struggles, I often get sad or angry these days. And somehow, a particular person always knows that I’m sad even when he doesn’t talk with me.

After realizing this fact, I felt confused and decided to receive guidance from a professional psychic.

Well, I can’t explain how helpful the advisors at Psychic Source were. They explained that my friend was in fact a hayoka empath and that’s why he felt that way.

Additionally, they explained other common characteristics of this personality type as well.

So, if you want to receive spiritual guidance about this personality type, maybe you should also contact them.

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4) You’re an introvert

Many empaths are introverts, and you may have a difficult time managing all of your emotions. If you cannot keep your mind on one thing for long, you may be one of those people who have multiple thoughts running through their heads at all times.

Introverts usually feel drained when surrounded by people for a long time, so if you have noticed this about yourself, you may be a heyoka empath. Heyokas are quiet and tend to try to keep everything to themselves.

They keep their emotions bottled up inside and may not even know how they feel at all times. This is because they are too busy trying to get a read on how other people feel instead of paying attention to themselves.

You value your personal space most of the time, but you can also feel lonely at times without any apparent reason.

5) You’re often around people that are angry, sad, and afraid

Many empaths are around angry people because they can feel their energy and thoughts. This can often lead them to become either the victims of abuse or the abusers themselves.

It is also common for empaths to be around the type of people who are usually prone to get bullied or abused because they just know that person will not be able to stand up for themselves in situations like this. This is usually the time when you probably jump in to save them and help restore the balance in the world.

However, no one will tell you that you will feel like a train wreck after because these situations tend to be exhausting.

6) You have a lot of personality traits you cannot understand

Heyokas can be very complicated people because they are made up of both light and dark energies. Even if they appear happy on the outside, they may be harboring sadness on the inside.

That can cause a true storm in their heads, which can be pretty confusing and burdening at times. If you have noticed that you recognize numerous characteristics in your behavior and simply cannot believe sometimes that you are the way you are, you may be a heyoka.

This happens because your psyche acts as a sponge of other people’s energies and traits. If someone is telling a lie, their face and their entire body language will tell it, but not necessarily everyone will notice it.

If you have noticed this about yourself, you may be a heyoka. Heyokas have heightened senses and can also often see things that others cannot; they are great at identifying patterns as well.

When it comes to listening to other people, they will naturally pick up on any differences in their tone of voice or even the way that they feel. You may also have exceptional intuition about situations or people since heyokas can sense when something is off or different than it should be.

They can see right through dishonesty, and it is something that has been with them for as long as they can remember. Heyokas usually experience a great deal of emotional turbulence because of their ability to absorb all types of emotions from the environment.

If they have unnoticed depression or anxiety, they will not necessarily show it at all times. They may become moody and depressed at times, so beware if this happens!

If you become too overwhelmed by it, it is necessary to work on your boundaries and strengthen your ability to turn off the outside influences, at least for a little while.

7) You’re not very good with time management

Many empaths are out-of-control in regards to their time management skills. This happens because it is very difficult to balance work, family, and personal time at the same time.

Heyokas will often arrive late to things because they have over-scheduled themselves or forgotten that they had a commitment. Does this sound familiar?

If you are prone to this, you may be a heyoka. If you are nodding your head right now, then this is something that you need to work on and improve!

It is the only way to preserve at least a little bit of time for yourself and do all the things that must be done! Heyokas can be very social and are usually very open, friendly, and caring.

When they are around people, they often have strong friendships in place. They will spend time with their friends and can often be very generous with them.

This is because heyokas get a great deal of energy from the people that they are around, but that is not all! There is an exchange of energies that may help you feel better but also bring you down in seconds.

Heyokas may often find themselves attracted to people who have very negative energy. This is often the case with empaths, but heyokas are far more attracted to this type of individual.

They can actually feel the strength that comes from negative energy, so they will gravitate toward it. Be aware if you find yourself doing this!

They can sometimes be extremely paranoid because heyokas tend to read too much into things, and that can cause them a great deal of pain at times.

8) You’re not very good at controlling your emotions

Many empaths are out-of-control in regards to their feelings. This happens because it is very difficult to have so many emotions.

Heyokas will often be moody or depressed, sometimes simply because they do not realize how much they can actually touch other people’s lives. This is a difficult problem to manage when you cannot tell anyone exactly what you are going through.

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important things that must be in focus for empaths, but since they seem to have it all throughout their lives, they don’t tend to notice it. Emotional intelligence involves the importance of protecting ourselves while being able to be respectful towards emotion, especially of another person.

ayo ogunseinde sibVwORYqs0 unsplash 15 amazing traits of a heyoka empath (is this you?)

It also stresses the importance of being able to tell someone when you are upset about something. Not all heyokas are happy people, but this does not mean that they have bad emotional intelligence because most people do not realize just how much they can mean to their family and friends.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of your moods and how they affect those around you. However, empaths tend to feel the energy of other people as waves, which come and go.

This can cause them to have a lot of emotional outbursts at times, but heyokas are very passionate in general.

9) You’re an artist who can’t handle criticism

Heyokas are some of the most creative people that you will ever meet. They have a very big imagination, and creativity is something that runs deep within their being.

On the outside, they may not appear as creative, but there is a lot going on inside their heads all the time. One thing that may be very apparent is the lack of ability to accept criticism.

Heyokas simply do not like to be told that something is wrong with their work, especially since they are already so easily upset by criticism. Heyokas are also some of the most sensitive artists that you will ever meet and will burst into tears if they receive criticism about one of their pieces of work or even a piece of writing.

No matter how cruel the critic can be, heyokas will often take it personally, and this can cause them a great deal of pain.

10) You tend to carry a lot of guilt with you

Another thing that many empaths deal with is self-blame and guilt. Even though heyokas feel like they are being sensitive to the world around them, they are often able to recognize when they have done something wrong.

This leads them to feel bad about the things that they have done, and it can lead them down a dark path. Not only that, they can feel the guilt of other people and have trouble dealing with it in a healthy way.

Heyokas tend to feel very uncomfortable in the world. The reason for this is that they often have trouble understanding how other people are feeling and what they are thinking.

When these things are not completely clear to them, it can make them feel out of place and slightly confused.

11) You’re very focused on other people’s emotions without being aware of your own

Heyokas will pay attention to the way that people are feeling or become overly sensitive to the energy in the room, which can make them easily upset at times. They tend not to notice this themselves very often because they are too worried about their own moods, but if they did, it would probably bother them greatly.

They are excellent listeners and can make anyone feel comforted whenever that person needs it. They are great at putting others at ease by being patient, kind, gentle, and understanding. Heyokas always know if someone is lying to them.

This is because heyokas can sense when something is off or different than it should be. Introverts need time to be alone with their thoughts and recharge their batteries, while Heyokas need time to themselves to think and sort out their emotions, but they also need the company of others to feel happy.

If you are heyoka, you can see the world in a very different way than most people, which means you tend to be quite mysterious.

12) You like to make people feel better

It’s easy to get caught up in your own thoughts when you’re a heyoka empath. This can cause you to have a hard time interacting with others, and you may feel like you need time alone to cope with your feelings.

Because of this, it is common for heyokas to be the people that always try to reconcile situations and make others feel better. They act as mediators and diplomats very frequently.

Heyokas can be very good at making sure that people are able to find a way to solve their problems. They often have a strong sense of empathy and can be quite helpful when it comes to figuring out how things should work out between everyone involved.

They will also know when someone is hiding something and will often try to uncover those secrets. It is certainly not easy to be in this situation as people don’t like it when someone tries to interfere with their lives.

Heyokas are often very good at supporting people through difficulties, making them some of the strongest empaths out there. They’re very sensitive towards the emotional energy around them, which can make it hard to feel comfortable and in control.

Heyokas can really notice when people around them are suffering, and it can really catch them off guard because these things don’t happen to them all that often. They’re very intuitive and have a magical ability to know when you’re lying or telling the truth.

You can almost always tell when people are lying or being dishonest about something, but heyokas can often be the only ones who seem to notice this.

13) You gain energy from socializing

Heyokas are introverts and so it’s hard for them to move around in crowds of people. However, this can cause them to gain energy from socializing and talking with friends, even if they aren’t ready to engage in the conversation.

Heyokas are highly intuitive, and this can make it easy for them to read other people. They feel extremely energized and good when they are surrounded by many people.

The only thing is that they may not always be able to determine the source of their feelings. Heyokas are very intuitive about their own feelings, which can make it easy for them to understand how other people feel as well.

They may also take on the emotions of others without realizing it, which can affect them deeply. Heyokas are always looking for balance in their lives, and that may cause them to go through many major and minor changes over the course of their lives.

14) You may find it hard to make decisions

Because heyokas are introverted, it may sometimes be difficult for them to make decisions because their minds are always going over every minute detail of a subject. They may also feel like knowing everything they should, isn’t enough when it comes to making decisions.

Heyokas are highly spiritual, and that can cause them to have a hard time going along with the normal, everyday routine of things. They may get bored easily, even when they have something they need to do.

Heyokas are very social people who love to help and interact with others. They are very good at encouraging other people and pushing them forward, but when it comes to making decisions about their lives, they may find it really hard.

Heyokas will often do this by bringing out the best qualities in other people so that they can achieve what they want in life.

15) You are a perfectionist

Heyokas are made up of both light and dark energy, and this can cause them to be very high maintenance people. They will often expect things to be done perfectly or in their own manner, which may cause them to have a hard time dealing with other people’s personalities.

This is a very difficult personality trait for the person itself and the people around. It can be changed a little bit, and it can help to be open to learning from mistakes and trying different things, which heyokas can be reluctant to do.

Final thoughts

Heyokas are not only gifted spiritual empaths, but they are also highly intuitive. This makes them good at sensing and understanding things that are happening around them.

At the same time, they also have an ability to read other people’s emotions, how they are feeling and what they’re thinking, even if they can’t always tell exactly why. Being an empath and being able to sense things is not always easy.

It has its positives, but it can also cause some negative things to happen, like people not trusting you because they think that you’re giving off the wrong vibe or reading them. This can make it pretty difficult to have a normal life.

However, some heyokas will embrace this ability and use it for good uses in the world. They have an ability to sense danger before others and are able to take action in order to prevent a tragedy from happening.

If you are heyoka empath, you should see it as a gift, but also try to protect your emotions and your soul from the negative impacts of other people’s energies, so you can live a fulfilled life!

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