Hero Genius Legend by Robin Sharma Review: Is It Worth It?

My review summed up:

I’ll be completely honest, when I first started this course I wasn’t sure I really liked it.

I was waiting for some profoundly complex answers to unlock the secrets to reaching the highest version of myself that never actually came.

But I was quickly reminded that it’s the simple yet powerful everyday habits and shifts in our thinking that really create the biggest impact in our lives.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that if you adopt and stick to even 10% of what you learn in Hero Genius Legend, it’s going to be totally life-changing for you.

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Why I decided to do Hero Genius Legend

Are you ready to step into your “next level you”? I’d like to think I am.

But after seeing the course lasts 66 days and my first reaction being “oooh, that’s a bit too long”, made me realize that in fact my motivation probably does need a bit of a makeover.

After all, would the ‘next level me’ think 2 months was too much to sacrifice for total self-mastery. Probably not.

I’ve never felt a hugely driven person in many areas of my life. And I can’t quite work out if that is a big problem or not.

I do think so much of the striving we fall into doing in life can be a bit of an illusion and not necessarily the key to contentment.

Personally, a lot of material success or accaliads just don’t interest me that much. Although I certainly would never turn down a million dollars, the drive to have it certainly doesn’t make me jump out of bed in the morning.

But at the same time, contributing to society, improving myself and fulfilling my potential really does matter to me. Us humans would be nothing if it weren’t for those individuals who constantly set the bar higher in so many fields, and I am in total awe of them.

Have I been letting myself off because excellence is a bar set so high I feel unable or unworthy of reaching it?

I’ve often worried I just don’t have that fire in the belly that people who achieve greatness in life seem to have.

Could “Hero Genius Legend” help give me it?

What is Hero Genius Legend?

Hero Genius Legend is a Mindvalley program that aims to teach you the most important habits, techniques and skills to turn you into a “super performer at life”.

On first inspection, habit formation isn’t the sexiest of topics, but realistically it is the foundation that underpins most success.

We tend to think of those who reach the top as being total geniuses (some admittedly are) but actually most just worked damn hard to get there.

This program is called ‘Hero Genius Legend’, as that obviously sounds a lot more inspiring. But behind the very glamorous title, it could quite easily be called “Habits and Hard Wired Thought Patterns”.

Because these are the steady driving forces that actually push people towards their peak, rather than gladiatorial heroism.

For example, the course talks about research from Angela Duckworth which showed success is more to do with relentlessness and grit than natural talent.

Which I guess explains why occasionally you meet someone and you don’t at first glance necessarily understand what makes them “special” or how they managed to get where they are.

But it also probably means so many of us are inadvertently depriving the world of our talents, simply because we are missing the unyielding persistence to take them any further.

In lesson 7 when we were taking a look at goals, the course teacher Robin Sharma reminded us “You don’t get lucky, you make lucky.”

In short, this program wants to teach you how to make yourself luckier in life.

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What is Mindvalley?

mindvalley options Hero Genius Legend by Robin Sharma Review: Is It Worth It?

Before we dig any further into the program itself, it’s probably useful to have a quick look at who the creators of this course, Mindvalley, are.

Mindvalley has really taken off over the years, so if you have an interest in growth in general, you may have already heard of them.

Founded by Malaysian entrepreneur, Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley is an online learning platform with a difference.

Rather than being interested in traditional school-like learning, its focus is more general life skills to improve the quality of your day-to-day.

There are now over 50 programs on the platform, under a wide range of topics that cover most areas of life — including mind, soul, body, relationships, entrepreneurship, parenting and more.

You’ll also find world-renowned experts like Marrisa Peer, Jim Kwik and Sri Sri Ravishanka, poised to pass on their expertise.

Who is Robin Sharma?

At first, I didn’t recognize the name, but I had heard of his famous book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” — all about leaving his successful career as a lawyer and taking a spiritual journey.  

I guess if anyone were to show you what it takes to be the best, it’s Robin Sharma.

His work around habit formation includes decades of research, where he’s tried to find the most important factors in creating a successful and productive person.

He’s worked with world leaders, celebrities and billionaires — aka the creme de la creme of society’s top performers — and is apparently considered one of the world’s top authorities in his field.

Who is Hero Genius Legend for?

Regular people like you and me who want to have happier, more successful lives.

You will find Hero Genius Legend within the entrepreneur category on the Mindvalley site.

But unlike some of their other performance-orientated programs that do seem more tailored to business and career, I’d say this information really does apply to your entire life. After all, healthy habits have a positive impact on all areas.

If you’re fairly new to self-development, and don’t currently have things like a gratitude practice or use journaling — these simple but profound habits will be a gamechanger.

If you’re looking for an inspiring boost of motivation to encourage you to improve your life.

If you want support and structure to create solid habits over time in a very digestible and convenient way of learning.

Who is Hero Genius Legend not for?

I can see it being a pretty good fit for most people. But if you are a total veteran of personal development you may find elements of this program basic, or notice an overlap with practices you’re already aware of or currently implementing.

For example, the journaling and gratitude habits we start within the course were already staples in my self-help tool belt. And plenty of the other concepts like value setting, visualization, habit formation, and meditation were also by no means new to me.

That isn’t to say you won’t come away with new skills and knowledge, I certainly did. But it’s also something to be aware of. If you are looking to go much deeper in your self-improvement journey, this may not be what you’re looking for.

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What’s included in Hero Genius Legend? 

Ubvi hgl decice large s800 Hero Genius Legend by Robin Sharma Review: Is It Worth It?

  • 66 days of video coaching, all split into micro-lessons that usually take around 10 minutes a day — with a total of 12 hours worth of training.
  • A collection of practical tools and techniques that help you to transform your habits and improve your life.
  • Lifetime access to the Hero Genius Legend student community
  • Access to the program on the smartphone app
  • Access to the program on desktop, iPad and Apple TV

What will you learn during Hero Genius Legend?

Before the program starts

The program kicks off by taking a “growth survey”. This is a quick and easy questionnaire so that you can track your progress along this journey. It’s a nice way to feel like you’ve made progress.

We’re then encouraged to “join the tribe”. This is a support group feature that the Mindvalley programs offer so that you can share your experiences with people also doing the course.

Research has shown we find more accountability and motivation when we’re part of this type of community. The more unseen we feel, the easier it is to duck out of what needs to be done.

What’s the course content like for Hero Genius Legend?

The program is broken up into 5 separate parts:

Part 1: Foundation for influence, impact and results.

Part 2: Rituals for extreme focus & productivity

Part 3: Winning the race before it starts

Part 4: Cutting through mental materialism

Part 5: Being the master of your Universe

Despite the slightly cryptic titles, the exercises and habits that were introduced in the sections were very down to earth.

To give you an example of what to expect, in the first week we looked a lot at gratitude and creating a journaling practice as a tool for introspection — because as Sharma says, “clarity breeds mastery”.

gratitude Hero Genius Legend by Robin Sharma Review: Is It Worth It?

The reason for starting with gratitude work was because our brains are apparently hard-wired for negativity. We have a so-called negativity bias.

So simple behaviours like writing 10 things you are grateful for every day are designed to counteract this tendency and train you to look for the good in life.

It may sound a ridiculously (almost overly) simple concept, but I can confirm that nurturing gratitude in my own life really has made one of the biggest differences to my overall contentment and happiness.

This was the rough format that the program followed throughout.

First, we learned about why and how certain practices were good for us (in the video content), and then we were given a short exercise to do, to create a habit around what we just learned.  

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What will you learn in Hero Genius Legend?

1) Habits:

Discovering and addressing the habits that drag us down. Then reprogramming your mind with the productivity and performance-boosting habits used by some of the world’s top performers.

2) Inspired Action:

You follow a step-by-step process for adopting habits and models of reality that aim to energize you to consistently perform at your peak, and take daily action towards your biggest goals and plans.

3) Goals:

Making reaching your career and personal goals easier, by increasing your productivity, and working on the things that hold you back — like procrastination, self-doubt, and disempowering distractions.

4) Routines:

Looking at how the world’s top performers design a daily lifestyle centered around performance, productivity, impact, and joy – and then designing your own.

5) Impact:

Learning to play bigger, and achieve more in your work and passions. Working to erase feelings of unworthiness, so that you can make more of a mark on the world.

6) Resilience:

Learning how to reframe adversity as an opportunity for growth and self-mastery.

7) Growth Mindset:

Ditching fixed mindset mode and breaking out of your comfort zone, to make growth the number one priority.

8) Courage:

Learning how to be braver by addressing fear and hesitance. Understanding how to face any situation or setback – with more courage and determination.

How much does Hero Genius Legend costs

Ok, let’s get down to brass tacks. To enroll in Hero Genius Legend costs $349.

For that price you get lifetime access to the program and all its subsequent updates etc. — which I think could be useful as it would be good to periodically refresh your memory as well as have the catalog of self-help tools available at your fingertips

Another option that could be very tempting considering the relatively slight price difference ($150 more) would be to buy a Mindvalley annual membership instead.

Of course, $150 is not nothing, but for $499 if you take out a membership with Mindvalley, you get access to over 50+ of their quests (of which Hero Genius, Legend is included) for an entire year.

It’s a clever marketing idea to have the membership as an “upsell”, as it definitely offers way more value if you suspect you might want to do more than one Mindvalley program.

This option gives you a buffet-style choice of courses to try out and discover something new. So I’d say it’s worth having a look at the other programs to see if something else takes your fancy before buying Hero Genius, Legend on its own.  

You can check out a review of the Mindvalley membership here if you are curious to learn more.

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Pro’s and Con’s of Hero Genius Legend

The Pros — What I liked most about  Hero Genius Legend

The habits you learn aren’t just about success in a traditional sense (gaining money and prestige), they are life tools. I’d say they help to support a more content and joyful day-to-day life in general, regardless of any additional success you may go on to achieve.

If you were expecting a gruelling program, I’d say this is almost quite a soft approach to peak performance. The language is encouraging and motivating, and in no way aggressive (which I perhaps had expected for something about pushing you to be your best).

The simple nature of the concepts and lessons makes them easy to implement in your life. It’s tempting to think the more complex an idea the more valuable it is, but that’s often not the case. These practices may be humble but they are still incredibly powerful.

The training videos are very easy to watch and understand, and the exercises are simple to do, rather than mentally taxing.

The micro lessons are designed to take just 10 minutes a day, so this program is not too time demanding. It’s more about building long-term habits rather than filling your day with countless extra tasks to complete.

Like with other Mindvalley programs, there is a 15-day money-back guarantee. So you can try this program and if you don’t like it or find value in it, you can quite easily just get a refund.

I think this risk-free option is super useful, especially if you’re new to Mindvalley.

The Cons — What I liked least about Hero Genius Legend

There were 2 or 3 “implementation days” a week, without additional learning. Personally, I didn’t need all of these pauses. I didn’t find the workload that demanding and would have preferred to cut out some of the breaks.

But I recognize I probably have more time than most to dedicate to the work, as personal development is also my job as well as my passion. I also appreciate the validity and importance of taking breaks to better absorb information.

Whilst I could have finished the content in far less than 66 days, the reason for the program length did become apparent. Apparently, that’s how long it takes on average to hardwire a new habit.

I feel mean even saying this because Robin Sharma is clearly a very nice man, but sometimes I found myself wishing he’d get to the point, as he briefly would go off on a bit of a tangent. On occasion, there also seemed to be a bit of repetition of a few points.

But that could also be because some of the themes were already familiar to me. If I were totally new to the subject matter, I may have just as easily appreciated the time spent exploring things in a little more depth.

My last criticism was that I found some of the language in the marketing a bit eye rolling and cheesy. I personally dislike overly fluffy phrases like “make quantum leaps”. What does that even mean in real terms? They’re just buzz words.

Another favourite of mine was:

“You will watch in awe as your disempowering patterns like procrastination and self-doubt melt away.”

But I guess the whole point of marketing is that us humans actually want to be sold this extraordinary vision, otherwise we often can’t be bothered to show up for ourselves.

If you can look beyond the marketing, there’s still quality within the content, which is what matters most. So I guess whether my flaws “melt away” or are simply reduced because I’m consciously working on them, just comes down to semantics.

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My results after taking Hero Genius Legend

hero.genius.legend Hero Genius Legend by Robin Sharma Review: Is It Worth It?

I think I was expecting Hero Genius Legend to give me more of a hunger to succeed, and almost turn me into a Wolf of Wall Street type.

But what it actually did was more modest but way more useful too.

Instead of a supercharged “go get em” external ego, it gave me grounding practices to act as the firm foundations for a stronger internal me at my very core.

It strengthened qualities like better self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-belief within me.

Other Mindvalley class you may be interested in

The Habit of Ferocity

I reviewed this Mindvalley class with Steven Kotler earlier this year and genuinely loved it. Largely because Kotler’s no-nonsense and upfront “tell it like it is” teaching style really resonates with me. His blunt communication had me literally laughing out loud more than once.

As the name suggests, the topic of this course is very similar to Hero Genius Legend. It’s all about the habits of peak performance too, but the methods are a bit different. I’d say generally speaking, the Habit of Ferocity takes a harder, more scientific stance, Hero Genius Legend has a softer, more emotional take.

So I’d also recommend you check the Habit of Ferocity to compare the programs and see which might be a better fit for you.

The Quest for Personal Mastery

If you are looking for a more spiritual approach to reaching your highest self, then this program by TED speaker & America’s number one MBA lecturer, Srikumar Rao could be worth checking out.

It has a strong entrepreneurial focus but centers around finding more meaning, fulfillment, and happiness in the work you do.


This accelerated learning program with Jim Kwik can help you to literally upgrade your brain by working on your memory, learning capacity, productivity, focus, and upgrading your habits.

Verdict: Is Hero Genius Legend worth it?

By the time I’d finished Hero Genius Legend, I’d done a total 180 on my opinion of it. My ego in the beginning wanted to learn more complicated information. It couldn’t shake the thought that must be the key to going deeper and creating an “improved version” of me.

But like is so often the case, it was wrong. More complicated certainly does not mean better. And the fact that this is a simple course to follow is actually one of its strengths.

In my opinion, the user-friendly way of giving you these really useful tools is what makes this program totally worth it. Within a couple of months, you will create habits that cover the most important areas for achieving a better way of living.

Check Out “Hero. Genius. Legend.” by Robin Sharma

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