12 habits that show you truly have an old soul

If you were blessed with being told you were an ‘old soul’ at some point in your life, you were probably a bit confused as to what exactly this means.

It doesn’t exactly sound like a compliment, although people tend to use it as one.

What you must understand is that ageing isn’t as demonic as society now points it out to be (30 being the death of youth).

In fact, the older you are, the more world-wizened and experienced you are.

So if someone says you have an old soul, you’re not actually being called wrinkly but rather being complimented on your wise and astute nature.

And even if others haven’t pointed out your old soul, you might still be in possession of one of these valuable and rare artefacts.

If you consider yourself wise beyond your years, calm in mannerisms and yet curious about all the world has to offer, you likely also partake in these 12 habits favored by old souls everywhere:

1) You’re not swept up in trends or fads

But instead follow a timeless and classic taste in music, fashion, or books.

You might observe new trends with interest from afar, but you won’t be caught buying into overhyped items just because everyone else is doing so.

Your own style is unique and imaginative, perhaps paying homage to a certain era of the past you feel more attached to. 

In fact, you’d be happier if someone stuck you in a time machine and sent you back to the 60s.

And whilst the time machine is still off the cards, you enjoy collecting vintage pieces that carry with them their own heritage over the mass-produced poor-quality items your generation seems obsessed with.

2) You value authenticity

And not just in your vintage garments!

You can see right through the people pleasers and the backstabbers.

Something in that worldliness has granted you immunity to their affections, presenting you instead with the ability to see through their deceptions to their ulterior motives.

Don’t be surprised if your intuition or gut feelings pick up on someone acting out of sorts. Combined with your knowledge, you’ll be the first to put 2 and 2 together to see that they’re acting superficial and obsequious because they want to get the gossip on a mutual friend.

You don’t tend to mesh well with those who put on a fake personality for laughs or to be liked.

Instead, you value honesty and merit above all; surrounding yourself with likeminded genuine characters you admire.

3) You cherish the planet

At times, you seem like the only one out there who actually cares about your home anymore.

Whilst you might not shun all of modernity (you probably still have an iPhone or at least 1 Apple product), you do what you can to slow down your pace of living.

Recycling and reusing are second nature to you, as you’re well aware of the state of the environment crisis and do what you can to give back to the planet.

4) You enjoy the little things

pic1064 12 habits that show you truly have an old soul

And whilst you watch people of the same age getting swept up in social media trends and buzzwords you can’t always wrap your head around, you personally prefer the simple things in life.

A peaceful walk in nature, or a big mug of tea and the newspaper seem far more enjoyable than a wild night out getting absolutely plastered.

5) You’re not judgemental

Although you can distinctly see where your own interests differ from others of your generation such as in clubbing or raving, you never criticize them for these choices.

Part of your wisdom and composure also includes an incredibly open mind.

Hence why you’re never one to judge or frown upon someone else’s choices – if anything, you enjoy hearing about their motives and purposes, and embrace learning more about the people around you.

Your welcoming and sage nature means that you’re often the ear to which people spill all their secrets and seek advice, knowing that you’ll never take a bad tone or judge them for their choices.

6) You’ve found your purpose (even if it’s not as grand as people expect)

Old souls tend to have reached a state of meditative calm because they’re often miles ahead of the rest of us in searching for (and having found) their purpose.

Surprisingly, this purpose might look like what others expect it to. 

You might have found absolute delight in gardening, and spend your weekends tending to micro herbs.

Or you believe that the key to the future lies in arts and antiquity, so you can often be found browsing museums and exhibitions where you feel most at home with relics of the past.

You know that purpose doesn’t have to equate to changing the world through making millions or launching the most successful start-up of the century.

Instead, you’re more than content in having found a small and select purpose that breaths light into your daily living and inspires you to have a positive impact, even on a minor level.

7) You enjoy reading

I think it would be difficult to have an old soul and not enjoy spending an afternoon immersed in a good book.

Almost all of the secrets of the past are hidden somewhere on paper, and require you (the reader and the old soul) uncovering them in your many hours spent nose-deep in books.

Your natural curiosity spurns on your desire to learn more about the world, and when you’re not welcoming outside perspectives in person, you’re broadening your perspective through literary means.

8) You value your time alone

Although old souls aren’t necessarily introverts and vice versa, they both share the same tendency to sequester themselves away from the world.

They actually enjoy hours spent in their own company; for old souls, this quality time proves the most fruitful for reading and learning, or for meditating on complex subjects.

Plus, you’d far rather spend time in your own company than you would in the presence of inauthentic and fake individuals.

9) You prefer silence over small talk

pic1014 12 habits that show you truly have an old soul

Those who do get the pleasure of your presence won’t be met with floods of chit-chat about nonsensical topics such as celebrity drama or the weather.

In fact, you prefer silence over word-vomiting, and have no doubt slinking into comfortable silence with those who you truly care about and value.

Others might initially find you a bit abrasive and off-putting as you don’t tend to engage in the expected niceties of complimenting strangers (even if you really don’t mean it) or chin-wagging just for the sake of conversation.

10) You radiate peaceful energy

No dramatic outburst of heightened emotion coming from you!

Old souls tend to have made peace with things.

Their emotional state lulls like calm water, and there’s no sudden tantrums or stroppy moods. 

It’s this tranquil state that tends to attract other people, who enjoy basking in your calm and peaceful nature and relish the influence it has on their own emotions.

You might not realize it, but it’s this calming effect you have on people that makes you stand out and shine – that likely has people complimenting your old soul nature.

11) Your happiness isn’t tied to material possessions

Whilst you appreciate artistic and historical items, you don’t feel yourself tied down to material wealth nor superficial possessions.

If your house and everything in it burned down tomorrow, you’d be a little sad, but not overwrought.

This is because you know that your most valuable possession is yourself, your mind, and all your loved ones whom you cherish so much.

Fancy clothes or fast cars do little to tickle your ego, and you’d rather spend that sort of extortionate amount of money on conservation or restoration any day.

12) Deep thinking is your favorite hobby

People often glance over at you and ask you what you’re daydreaming about, as you have such a tendency to get swept up in thought.

In these periods, you’re often mulling how to improve something, or trying to get to the bottom of a problem.

Usually someone else’s problem, too.

Your heightened sense of empathy means you’re incredibly conscious of the struggles other people face, so much so that you often carry their woes into your alone time and continue pondering how you might help them or what you might suggest to make it better.

Additionally, the state of politics, of the environment, and other monumental issues plague your thoughts.

Whilst you do your best to prevent them from stunting your thinking abilities, you do spend a great deal of time trying to use your knowledge and critical abilities to come up with solutions that have a positive impact, even on a minor level.


Sound familiar?

If you do have an old soul, take care of it.

It’s a rarity that grows even less common in a world heightened by the frenzy of technological advancements and media crazes.

Looking to the past and living a slower pace of life is never a bad quality to possess.

In fact, most of the world could learn a thing or two from your wise and worldly nature, your irrevocable compassion, and your steady emotional state.

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Liv Walde

London-based writer with big thoughts, big dreams, and a passion for helping others.

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