10 habits that reveal more about your intelligence than you think

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not smart enough despite people telling you that you are, don’t worry. You’re not alone. 

See, being intelligent isn’t only performing well in an academic setting. It doesn’t mean you’re good at math or great at getting the highest qualifications in any given test. 

Sometimes, the things that show your intelligence are small and easy to miss unless you know what to look for. 

So, if you’ve developed any of these ten habits in your life, you’re smart, even if you don’t believe it. 

Stay and read on to learn about 10 habits that reveal more about your intelligence than you think. 

1) You enjoy being alone

Being alone isn’t the same as being lonely; I once thought it was. I wanted to be alone so bad that I thought it was a problem. 

Unfortunately, our world only rewards us if we like being outgoing. Taking time to be with ourselves is frowned upon and considered eccentric. 

Instead, we should be looking at it as invaluable time. Time to think, time to reflect, to plan, to dream, and to rest. We can recharge without any external noise when we’re alone. 

It’s a time for self-reflection, thinking about our mistakes, and learning from our complex personalities. The path of self-growth never ends. 

I discovered a lot about my inner world after I started embracing the so-called “me-time.” It’s the knowledge you can only get when you specifically dedicate time to it.

So, if you love being alone, don’t feel guilty: it means you’re smarter than you think. 

2) You’re adaptable

Being able to adapt to difficult times and experiences is a skill that not many possess. However, it’s a quality of the smart people. 

If you’re the kind of person who can adapt to different things that happen to you, it means you have a lot of mental flexibility that helps you do that. 

Maybe you read many books or watched dozens of movies that helped you adopt all the different strategies.

One way or another, you’re equipped with valuable knowledge that your brain pulls out whenever it’s needed. 

If you recognized yourself in this description, you can also take credit for being:

  • Self-aware: you can understand when a certain approach isn’t working, and you are open to learning new ways of doing things; 
  • Creativity: you’re used to using your imagination to solve problems.

Did you know that not everyone can do it? I know many people who do the same things every day and expect different results.

3) You value good sleep

It seems silly, so how can this habit be a sign of a higher level of intelligence

Never, ever underestimate how much a good night of sleep influences us. Here are just a few of the reasons why prioritizing sleep makes you more intelligent: 

  • It helps with memory retention, so you can memorize things better;
  • Good sleep boosts our problem-solving skills so we can find new solutions to problems;
  • It improves the way we focus on things, which means we can spend more time searching for the answers we need.

Sleep isn’t just about recharging batteries for the next day: it’s a healing moment for our brains and bodies. 

We process things, our neurons connect better to each other, and it reduces the levels of anxiety and depression… the list goes on. 

It isn’t so surprising when we know how beneficial it is, right? 

So, if you developed a solid bedtime routine, kudos to you! You’re smarter than you think. 

4) You love doodling 

Doodling is a cute habit that a lot of people enjoy. If you’re one of them, congrats! You’re intelligent.

What’s the link?–you may ask.

In fact, this hobby is a tool for exercising your brain, meant to help you process information and solve problems. 

My point is backed up by science: one study has found that people who doodled why they were listening to something could recall 29% more information than those who weren’t. 

Scribbling things down benefits our memory and gives our brains a visual way to express certain concepts and feelings.

So, if you’re doodling every time you listen to something important–you’re smarter than you think!

5) You don’t believe everything

Skeptics are intelligent people, and it’s not because they don’t believe everything they hear immediately. It’s because they have a crucial skill: critical thinking. 

A skeptic will not just believe you. They will question, analyze, research, and dissect that information until they develop their own opinion. 

If you’re someone who’s usually skeptical about things, you’re also someone who loves to wonder about things, thinks stuff through, and isn’t afraid of research. You want to think deeply, want to make up your mind. 

This reveals more about your intelligence than you think!

6) You talk to yourself

uncommon habits highly emotional intelligence 10 habits that reveal more about your intelligence than you think

If there is one thing I can relate to the most, it’s speaking with myself sometimes. 

When I’m alone at my apartment, I can find myself saying things that bother me out loud or evaluating the pros and cons of a decision I have to make. 

I’ve talked myself through mental breakdowns, boring chores, and moments of profound sadness. 

And you know what? If anything, it made me smarter! How? Because when we say things we kind or look at them differently. That’s why talking to a friend or a therapist can be so beneficial, for example. 

Research shows that speaking out loud to ourselves is a trait of higher cognitive function

Talking to yourself might even improve your memory. 

Language isn’t just a way of communicating with others; it can augment our perception of the world. 

7) You struggle with tidiness

This is a surprising one, I know. Your messiness can be a sign of higher intelligence. 

The Psychological Science magazine published a study that revealed that messy people are more creative than tidy folks. 

Not only that, but they can also adapt to changes pretty easily, and they prefer novelty over traditions. 

This puts an end to the arguments over curiosity and love of learning, right?

So, next time your partner or your mum despair over a chaotic desk or living space, tell them the truth: you’re smart, and that’s why you’re messy. They have to know it!

8) You can admit you don’t know something

Admitting that you don’t know something makes you smarter than you realize. Seriously! Hear me out. 

It’s not about the lack of intelligence but, on the contrary–the courtesy to admit that you can’t know everything. 

Only fools believe they’re smarter than everyone else! Actually smart folks are always willing to learn new stuff, and they can openly admit it when they’re not informed enough on one subject or another. 

And when you do so, it’s when you start asking questions, opening up your mind, researching, and even seeking advice. 

Do you want to know the best part? 

You don’t hold to your ego, wanting to be the smartest in the room, and this is a great spot to grow even more intellectually. 

9) You tend to procrastinate

Now, get ready for an actual surprise. Can a procrastination be a good thing? Let me clarify this for you. 

I’m talking about a specific kind of procrastination, the one that experts call “productive procrastination.”

Yes, there is a way to be productive while procrastinating. 

Sometimes, it’s smart to postpone a task. When you handle this delay, you give your subconscious some time to explore and try to solve the issue. 

Psychologists even have a term for this: “incubation.” In this phase, your mind is very active and thinking, but you’re not engaged until a result is on the table. 

Those “aha!” moments can happen when you least expect them. So, if you’re prone to procrastinating, it may reveal your intelligence more than you think.

10) You know exactly when to quit something

In my opinion, the mentality of many people who think “pain is temporary, quitting is forever” is wrong. 

Quitting is a sign of intelligence. But before you start denying this, let me break it down. 

There is a massive difference between giving up and knowing when to quit. When you understand the things that don’t align with who you are, the scenario changes forever. You know exactly which project or person deserves your energy and talents. 

Quitting isn’t for the weak; it is for the smart. It’s for those who want something better to come along. 

So, if you don’t pressure yourself to stay when you feel like it’s time to let it go–you’re actually doing the smart thing.

To sum up

As it’s evident in this article, intelligence can show up in a myriad of ways. Perhaps you were never the smartest kid in your class, but academic intelligence isn’t the only one out there, and not the most important. 

You can be smart because you understand different perspectives, solve problems quickly and efficiently, or maybe you shine up when you have to fix things manually. 

If you’ve got quick thinking and adaptability, you’re more smart than you think you are. Enjoy it!

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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