9 habits of people who attract good luck into their lives

As a proud person inflicted with Lucky Girl Syndrome, I remember the exact moment my luck changed for the better.

In fact it was many moments that grew like a chain reaction. Habits that changed my perception more than anything.

Here are 9 habits of people who attract good luck into their lives.

1) Practice gratitude.

Most of what I’m going to talk about circles back to this.

Despite the systems and illusions of control we may or may not subscribe to, most of our circumstances are beyond our control.

Practicing gratitude is an act of noticing all the spontaneous good in the world. Like a thank you for the fact that I am still alive.

Even if all senses of control are illusions, I think the most real one is the trust you create with yourself. Which gratitude does.

I’m being vague on purpose because this can show up in so many different ways in our everyday lives. Some are more or less obvious than others.

2) Practice affirmations.

Here’s an obvious one.

I like to think of affirmations as love letters to your brain in a language that they can understand.

Every day, we are bombarded by subliminal messaging that tells us how to think of ourselves. And this doesn’t have to be a conspiracy theory! 

While there are media outlets that try to feed on our insecurities, I just mean that we are always communicating with one another through our unique perceptions.

So unless you have a really good sense of self, it’s easy to get caught up in other people’s narratives about who you are. 

Affirmations that attract good luck are made up of gratitude, openness and effortlessness. 

In other words, words that help you feel like a magnet for good things because you believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer to be deserving of it.

A well-known and favorite affirmation is “I don’t chase, I attract.” Say that to yourself every morning and try believing in it, even if it’s just for fun.

Then try noticing how it makes you feel.

3) Notice everything.

Whether it’s true mindfulness or journaling – start noticing all the ways your thoughts take form in your life.

Blame capitalism or blame whoever, but a lot of humans are living on autopilot. And are influenced by emotions or thoughts that they don’t bother explaining.

Your emotions can be valid, but that doesn’t mean your thoughts or actions have to reflect them. 

If you don’t know where to start, try noticing what thoughts or feelings stem from guilt or cause you to avoid situations. And then notice what thoughts stem from a sense of freedom. 

What triggers your creativity? What inspires you?

Then take note of what sort of people, habits or environments trigger what. And lean towards people, habits and places that make your generosity feel nurtured and appreciated.

It’s a process and a balance that will require you to look inwards and outwards like you’re playing a game of spot the difference.

But in the end, it’s about creating a life where gratitude becomes a way of living rather than a task.

Like being on autopilot but the autopilot is a four leaf clover instead of a hurt inner child.

4) Challenge yourself.

remember these things if youre struggling to find meaning in life 9 habits of people who attract good luck into their lives

Sometimes our change of luck for the better is waiting for us beyond our comfort zones.

Why? I think it’s because bad luck can be comforting if that’s what you’ve been around throughout your life.

It’s true – we can’t control what circumstances we are born into. But we can control what we do about it.

It doesn’t have to go all the way back to our childhoods – bad luck can cling to us at any age. Usually by trying to put you in a box and making you doubt yourself when you don’t.

And because life is a mirror, this battle with yourself can spill onto the rest of your life.

You might feel judgemental of yourself and others, feel unworthy of change or get stuck in thoughts that start or end with, “that could never be me.”

In this video, shaman Rudá Iandé points out how a lot of New Age spirituality will try to help you think outside the box by putting you into a new box that they’ve created.

And isn’t that still relying on the validation of the external world to fuel your inner empowerment?

If you can relate and want to learn how to form a true connection with yourself so you don’t have to keep jumping from box to box, consider checking out the masterclass.

Because changing your perspective should feel like switching jackets, not armors. So you can still be yourself and not feel haunted by your personal development.

5) Take your power back.

Because you can’t have confidence in your efforts unless you get rid of what doesn’t belong to you or serve you.

Until you realize who you are and what you’re capable of!

You don’t need to do anything crazy to do that every day. It can simply mean taking time to check in with yourself and taking care of yourself.

But it could also be as extensive as keeping your side of the street clean by setting boundaries with people.

This goes with not subscribing to other people’s narratives about you.

Especially if you’re the type to people please and think of others’ feelings before your own, you need to be careful that you aren’t acting on behalf of other people’s comfort to your detriment.

Think of this as separating your luck from theirs so you can focus on receiving the blessings you’ve attracted.

6) Stay humble.

The word ‘humble’ is often misused by insecure people who try to bring down confident people because they’ve yet to meet themselves in that way.

In actuality, humility is less about how you feel about yourself, but more to do with how you treat other people.

It’s knowing that how other people treat you has everything to do with how they feel about themselves. It isn’t always about you, and that’s a good thing.

Staying humble as you grow your luck and cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself is what will protect you from other people’s negativities.

Contrary to popular belief, ignoring other people’s negativity isn’t turning a blind eye. It’s looking at it directly and making a clear decision to not identify with it.

The less you are affected by other people’s problems, the more you can focus on yourself.

Because empowered people, empower people! Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

7) Indulge in creativity.

personality traits of people who work better remotely 9 habits of people who attract good luck into their lives

Seriously, once you’ve aligned yourself with a better life that reflects your gratitude for yourself, why not have some fun with it?

I see this as the ultimate thank you to yourself because it affirms the idea that you don’t need to earn a positive mindset, it is found!

Creativity also nurtures your ability to think beyond your limits. Which helps you be more open to new experiences, people, breakthroughs, and “lucky” moments.

Along with your improving awareness and ability to notice, this is where opportunity mingles with preparation. And seize opportunities that feel like a risk but you can recognize as inspiring.

Luck and serendipity are sometimes seen as things that happen out of the blue. 

But I’d argue that they take just as much work as anything. It just looks a little more effortless because people showed up in places that they actually wanted to be in.

8) Be decisive.

Being decisive is how you tell yourself that you trust yourself.

It tells the universe that you know the difference between staying open, and being ambivalent. The difference being the presence of values and clear intentions.

It’s about knowing what you care about, where you want to be, but being detached to how it will all unfold.

Because that’s usually where people close themselves off and attach to what’s comfortable. If it’s not clear yet, there’s a huge correlation between luck and the unknown.

This balance of doing and not doing can be confusing. And being consistent and adaptable might sound like opposites.

Something that helps me grasp this idea is by being out in nature.

Not only does it help my mental health, but appreciating nature helps me connect with the feeling of gratitude again.

And it reminds me that my goals or even definition of luck aren’t tangible things. They are feelings!

So clarity and decisiveness can be a feeling, not a look. 

For example, striving for peace rather than a specific job because a title isn’t going to comfort me on my deathbed. However, understanding that peace requires material stability and a work environment that can make me feel appropriately appreciated.

This awareness of your needs balanced with your desires will help you stay feeling committed even when you have to pivot.

9) Hype yourself up – openly.

Beyond feeding your subconscious mind with symbols of gratitude, being open about your self-appreciation will help attract like-minded people.

Because no one that’s empowered will try to cheat you out of valuing yourself.

Remember, good luck isn’t about winning the lottery, even though that’d be nice.

It’s about noticing all the blessings in your life because they remind you of you. And knowing that’s the real flex.

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