18 habits of disciplined people for achieving success

​​Do you know the true secret to success?

It’s not just about external achievements like wealth and career advancement – it’s also about consistency and discipline.

These 12 habits of disciplined individuals can help you unlock your full potential and reach your goals.

1. They set clear goals

Disciplined individuals know that setting goals is a vital part of reaching success.

Some people never even think about their goals for the day, let alone identify specific actions that would help them reach them.

However, disciplined individuals work towards the achievement of their goals daily.

While it takes much discipline to get through each day, making progress toward achieving their goals can be satisfying.

And they won’t regret the sacrifices they’ve made to reach their goal.

They know where they want to go and they have a plan to get there.

They also know how far they’ve already come, and adjust their plan accordingly.

When you’re disciplined, you know where you’re going, how long it will take to get there, what sacrifices will be necessary along the way and how much progress has already been made.

You look at all that information, evaluate it and make adjustments.

2. Their time management is efficient

Time is one of the most important components of success.

Disciplined individuals don’t waste their time by procrastinating and wasting time on unproductive activities.

They plan their days carefully to ensure that every minute is used well.

They know how to maximise the amount of productive work they get done in a day and when it’s necessary to stop working for other things.

To add on, they know what each hour, minute or second means and how each portion of time should be spent to achieve the best results.

Impressive, right?

When you have a plan for the day, it’s easier to make efficient use of your time.

Instead of wasting it through surfing the Internet or mindlessly watching television, you can get more done. (I suppose I’m guilty of this too!)

3. They like to be organised

This is another habit of disciplined people that helps them to achieve success.

Discipline helps to organise your life and keep things organised.

When you’re organised, it’s easier to make decisions and you’ll always have the right resources to accomplish your goals.

Disciplined individuals are very thorough in their planning and organisation.

They don’t like chaos.

I mean, who does?

It affects us negatively, mentally and physically.

That’s why they often establish a system that works for them and they know how to use it effectively.

This also includes having a routine… which I’ll explain in my next point.

Besides that, they take pride in the way their rooms look, and they want their homes, offices and other places to look well put together.

Being organised helps them stay focused on the task at hand while knowing where everything is located.

4. They have a routine that works for them

Having a routine helps them to set goals and work towards achieving them.

They know the importance of having a routine, which means working on the same tasks at the same time each day, and they make sure that they stick with it.

It also helps them to get into a productive mindset each day and create structure in their lives.

Just like having a plan, knowing how your day will start and end helps you to use your time more effectively.

They know what time they want to wake up and what time they want to go to bed, and they stick to their schedule as much as possible.

They are very rigid in their schedule and don’t hesitate to stop when it’s necessary or skip things when there’s something more important that needs to be done.

Disciplined people also take pride in their routine and don’t let anyone or anything mess up the flow.

Even if it means saying ‘no’ to some situations that aren’t really worth it in the first place.

5. They’re not afraid of hard work


Because they know it will pay off in the end.

They know that additional hard work is necessary in order to achieve success, but their attitude towards it is positive.

People who are disciplined and determined to succeed, will put in the hard work needed to get what they want.

They don’t give up easily when the going gets tough.

When they try something and it doesn’t work out, they know how to handle it and move on.

They accept failure as a part of success, but know how to bounce back from it quickly and move on.

6. They practise self-control

Another secret to success.

Disciplined people develop this practice of having self-control because they know that it’s an integral part of success.


They don’t give in to temptations or other outside pressures because they can handle themselves well.

They’re able to control their emotions and impulses, which makes it easier for them to deal with situations rationally.

They work towards reaching the goals they’ve set, rather than run away from them.

Self-control is one of the most valuable qualities in life!

7. They stay focused on the present moment

This means that disciplined people don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future.

Because they know that their future is out of their control and only in the present moment can they make a difference.

They have a positive attitude towards today and don’t automatically assume that something negative will happen.

When they’re working on something, they don’t get distracted easily.

Thinking of other things?

They push those thoughts aside and keep working hard until the task is complete.

They know that distraction can lead to procrastination, so they control themselves and stay focused.

I’ll get into more details in my following point.

8. They don’t procrastinate

This is one of my biggest problems… and I know I’m not alone.

Procrastination can be one of the worst feelings in the world.

Unfortunately, a lot of people see it as a habit and don’t even realise it when they do it.

Because it’s become a part of their lives, whether or not they realise it.

Disciplined people don’t procrastinate because they know that it can cause more damage in the long run.

When you keep delaying tasks, they pile up and become overwhelming.

But when you finish tasks early, you have more time to focus on other things.

Surprise, surprise.

How do they keep themselves focused on their goals, though?

Well, it’s simple.

They just know how to separate their work from those things that aren’t important, which lets them get down to business.

9. They ask for help when they need it

How does this habit of disciplined people help with their success?

Because they know that it’s okay to ask for help when they are overwhelmed.

They don’t believe in being perfect and know that they need assistance sometimes.

They don’t have to figure everything out by themselves and don’t think that asking for help means that they’re not capable enough.

Besides, they know how to use the resources around them (and ask for help) so they can stay focused on their goals.

This is a big step towards achieving their goals because it gives them more options to work with and potential solutions to the problems they face.

10. They cope well with failure and criticism

If you want to achieve success, you will have to deal with failure.

But what happens when you fail?

Do you give up immediately and think that it’s over?

Or do you get back up and try again?

It’s the second option, of course.

Disciplined people know how to deal with failure.

They don’t see it as the end of the world, because they know that there is always a solution if they look hard enough for it.

They look at the situation objectively and see where they went wrong.

11. They surround themselves with positive influences

Positivity is power.

Disciplined people know how important it is to surround themselves with positive influences who can push them further.

Who can give them helpful advice, who will help them stay motivated and who will encourage them when they’re feeling down.

They value their goals and see the importance of other people’s input.

The more people they have around them, the more support they have.

So they don’t let anyone or anything stop them from reaching their goals.

12. They know when to take a break

One of the most effective ways to keep yourself focused is to take a break.

You may think that successful people is all about work and work but that’s simply not true!

If you’re working relentlessly, you might get tired and start feeling like giving up on your goal.

Disciplined people know that it’s okay to take a break when they need one, and they don’t hesitate to do so.

When they feel like taking a break from their work (and it happens from time to time), they don’t worry that their goal is lost or that they’ve wasted all of their time.

When they do, they usually spend their time on things that rejuvenate them and re-energise them.

They know how important it is for them to get back up and continue working.

13. They constantly seek to improve themselves

Disciplined individuals understand that they can always improve, and they actively seek out ways to do so.

They’re open to feedback and willing to learn from their mistakes.

They read books, attend workshops, and take courses to expand their knowledge and skills.

They’re never satisfied with the status quo and are always striving to be better.

14. They prioritize their health and well-being

Disciplined people know that their physical and mental health is critical to their success.

They prioritize getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating a healthy diet to keep their bodies and minds in top condition.

They also take time to engage in stress-relieving activities, such as meditation or yoga, to maintain their emotional well-being.

15. They take calculated risks

Success often requires taking risks, but disciplined individuals don’t jump into situations blindly.

They weigh the pros and cons carefully, and make calculated decisions based on the information available to them.

They’re not afraid to step out of their comfort zone, but they do so in a thoughtful and intentional way.

16. They maintain a positive attitude

Disciplined people know that a positive attitude is crucial to their success.

They choose to focus on solutions rather than problems, and they don’t let setbacks discourage them.

They believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals, even when the going gets tough.

17. They have a strong work ethic

Disciplined individuals have a strong work ethic, which means they’re committed to putting in the time and effort needed to achieve their goals.

They don’t cut corners or take shortcuts, and they don’t shy away from hard work.

They understand that success is earned through consistent, focused effort.

18. They take ownership of their actions and outcomes

Disciplined people take responsibility for their actions and outcomes.

They don’t blame others for their mistakes or make excuses for their failures.

Instead, they learn from their experiences and use them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

They’re accountable for their own success, and they know that it’s up to them to make it happen.

Discipline is KEY to success

It’s the foundation that you’ll work off of and build upon as you move forward.

These habits can be challenging to implement at first, but they will become easier with time and practice.

The more you do them, the easier it will be for you to live as a disciplined person.

It helps if you dedicate yourself to achieving your goals.

But it’s even more important to be disciplined about it!

There are no shortcuts, but you can start now by making actions on the things you think will help you succeed.

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