7 habits of determined people who always succeed in life

Unfortunately, being “always successful” doesn’t mean you’ll never fail. 

Or that your life will be easy and breezy – I’m really not here trying to lead you astray with false hope!

However, I’d say that’s a blessing in disguise because learning how to succeed without requiring perfectionism means you’ve made peace with being challenged.

Because when you’re being challenged, all it means is that you’re ready to conquer something new or a few. That you’ve grown and are ready to up the ante.

So along with how you can recognize being challenged as a sign to get grounded, are 7 habits of determined people who always succeed in life.

1) They nurture emotional intelligence

Generally speaking, emotional intelligence is an ability to manage both your emotions, and understand the emotions of the people around you.

In this context, I want to talk about how that ability to regulate and empathize can help you grow a strong sense of resilience.

And it’s all about identifying what you need based on what you feel.

Here’s a list of feelings that can come up as you grow as a person:

  • Fear can be a sign that you are on the brink of something unknown, you shouldn’t trust everything you think
  • Joy can be a sign that you are having a positive impact on your surroundings, pay attention to what values they are highlighting
  • Anxiety can be a sign you care deeply about the outcome, urging you to prepare and invest in yourself – slow down
  • Loneliness can mean you are in need of new and different types of connections that fulfill you on a deeper level

Of course, these are just examples and general ideas – you can create your own list by taking the time to breathe and sit with your emotions.

Elongating this time between you and your emotions can help you make decisions that are most authentic to you, as well as in your best interest.

2) They are always looking for things to learn

Now, not everything needs to be a lesson.

But it’s important that you take the opportunity to learn things that are relevant to your journey. Meaning there is a learning curve to learning.

Meaning it’ll be frustrating to pursue your dreams at first but good news is that it gets simpler as you notice your own strengths and preferences.

By using your shortcomings to better your self-concept, you’ll keep yourself from allowing perceived failures to change how much you respect or value yourself.

Of course, take a break and try something new in order to give yourself a fresh perspective as needed. There’s always something new you can learn by remaining open-minded.

But sometimes it’s not until you know what it feels like to pick yourself back up that your mind can notice unconventional solutions.

Sounds a bit crazy complicated, but I think it’s designed to drive you a little crazy. That’s why you shouldn’t try to learn everything all at once.

Personally, it forced me to stop taking everything so seriously and laugh my way through the journey.

pic2045 7 habits of determined people who always succeed in life

3) They have a good sense of humor

Besides whatever brain chemistry jargon I could throw at you, laughing at yourself will teach you to see through your own limits.

For example, I’m one of those people who can overthink everything and anything.

Combined with an overactive imagination, it can be months before I come to my senses and realize I was self-sabotaging.

And it used to make me feel ashamed – like A LOT. 

Causing me to take twice as much time to bounce back, and make decisions that weren’t reflections of the confident person I knew myself to be.

Now – I could have seen this and thought that I was a fraud with a misplaced sense of security.

But instead, I laughed. 

I laughed at how silly it was to have imagined all sorts of scenarios, and I laughed at how I had dug myself into unnecessary pits of fear.

And it made me feel a new sense of compassion that I had never felt before from myself. 

Like I could rely on her as someone who was strong enough to find humor in the things that could have broken me down.

Proving to myself once again how positivity is a renewable source of energy. 

4) They maintain a positive mindset

Being positive without needing to be perfect is something that will naturally come with you accepting your shortcomings with grace. 

But sometimes, when people get caught between a rock and a hard place, they tend to look for things that “make sense.” That “feel good” and feature a level of instant gratification. 

If I may expose my younger self, it’s why I was so frustrated when people would tell me to drink more water or sleep more.

But I went down the wrong way and just got back, I understand now that gratitude and a healthy level of optimism are necessary for long-term success.

For example, learning mindfulness to help yourself focus on what’s working in your life rather than to become aware of what you don’t want.

As someone who is a visual and experiential learner, practicing self-care and creating a routine that was unique to my needs helped me grasp this.

So speaking of drinking water, determination peaks with discipline.

5) They have a routine they can trust

It’s all about the way you spend your time and energy and how it benefits your health and the way it can fluctuate. 

More specifically, how you process and manage stress, which is something that can distort your priorities and thinking.

Think of your routine as a safety net that you can always fall back on when you feel yourself losing control or sight of what’s important.

For example, as someone with ADHD, it’s not that I am incapable of focusing. I just need a different way of storing memory!

So that means using a lot of lists that I can print out and keep in a folder for easy access.

Or how I need to take a lot of baths during the winter because of my seasonal depression! I’d love to be able to scare away the Sad, but that just isn’t realistic.

So learning how to work with your body instead of treating it like something that works for you is key.

In other words, just take it easy and your future self will have enough sanity to thank you.

pic2009 7 habits of determined people who always succeed in life

6) They surround themselves with trustworthy people

By practicing everything above, you’ll slowly accumulate knowledge about what is good for you.

And hopefully, the mental clarity to focus on them. You’ll move from a place of intentionality and what you value.

When you know what it takes to trust yourself, you’ll also know what it takes to trust others. So having a sense of what you need and don’t need in a social circle is a part of growth.

Especially if you’re a social person, being able to seek insights from those you trust can help you remain open-minded without becoming distracted.

Not to mention, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help! So having a strong support system can keep you from burnout and cultivate a healthier relationship to success.

It’s so common for people to isolate themselves and sacrifice their social lives in order to reach their goals. But if you want to be successful, make space and time for genuine relationships.

Because along with stress, loneliness can be a silent killer. Acknowledge this, and your heart (like your literal physical heart) will thank you.

Besides, don’t you want to have a group of people to celebrate with when you reach certain milestones?

7) They take calculated risks

These are choices you make despite the odds, because the potential success is too good to pass up

The “calculated” aspect comes from you knowing what you want to achieve – meaning the action you take won’t be coming from a place of boredom.

However, your mind might create a lot of stories in response to your fears of taking risks under the guise of being “logical.”

For example, if you want to move to a new country!

Instead of spending time saving up, you’re looking at apartments and psyching yourself out that way.

So in order to give this idea substance, you need to learn how to quiet your mind and focus on what you can control.

Personally, making myself laugh has helped me snap out of negative thoughts spirals. Like I’m literally yelling out things like, “Fears? More like fierce!” in my living room.

To each their own, but just remember that there’s plenty of room to be practical – make sure your doubts aren’t taking up more space than they need to.

Learn how to step back.

Because chances are, if you are feeling antsy, there’s a new beginning ahead.

If it helps, think of your success as an entity. 

Do they deserve to be overcrowded and claustrophobic? Instead, take this time to become receptive to new solutions by nipping negativity at the bud as you notice them.

In other words, just relax. 

If you’re anxious like me, that should be enough to keep your hands full.

And remember that patience is a virtue. 

Not because some philosopher said so, but when you are just as steady as you are open to change, patience is the key player that keeps the balance in your brain.

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