10 habits of confident women who effortlessly command respect

Know a woman who carries herself with confidence? A woman who believes that nothing can stop her, not even the most challenging situation?

It takes a lot to build a personality this powerful, but it’s not impossible – you can do it too. 

In this article, I’m going to share 10 habits of confident women who effortlessly command respect from others.

Let’s get started!

1) They don’t back down in an argument

First off: a confident woman never backs down in an argument!

Let me make this clear, though…this isn’t about arrogance. Instead, it’s about knowing you deserve to be heard and making sure no one takes that right away from you!

We all know how people get when talking to a confident woman. Sometimes, she may get ignored despite her attempts to speak her truth!

And yet, in order to command respect from others, she knows that:

  • She needs to stay calm in an argument
  • She needs to have a point of view
  • She needs to show the other person that she means business

That’s why a confident woman never backs down in an argument, even if it means she’s got to grit her teeth.

2) They’re always learning new things

I’m sure you know a woman who’s straight up intelligent, and who’s always confident when she speaks

So here’s another habit of women who’s confident – they’re always learning new things. 

It sounds simple to do, but it isn’t. Let me explain why.

It takes practice to learn something new every day. And confident women are great at this; they know it pays off in the end! 

Whether it’s getting engrossed in a novel or learning about the history of economics, she’s always reading up on something that catches her interest. 

Bonus points if it adds to her knowledge of her field, and helps her impress her clients at work…

Let’s go back to my previous point for a moment: I talked about how confident women have a point of view that they bring up in arguments. 

Well, the truth is that they wouldn’t be able to do this if they weren’t well-read.

This is the secret to commanding respect from others: showing them that you’re someone who can teach them a thing or two!

3) They’re organized (and always get sh*t done)

Since a confident woman is always learning new things, this habit of hers shouldn’t surprise you: she’s organised, and she gets sh*t done.

You’ll usually find her behind her desk, typing away at her keyboard at all times.

That’s because she’s got many things to take care of – it could be family matters, health issues, or business goals.

Nothing escapes the mind of a confident woman! But this is also why she needs to have it all written down – else something may slip out of view. 

Whether it’s using a planner or a calendar, she never misses a deadline or forgets a task. 

Because her mind is always running, it’s important for her to be meticulous in her life.

4) They support other women

people who puts other first 10 habits of confident women who effortlessly command respect

You know what else is important to a confident woman? Well, it’s supporting other women, of course!

That’s why she only speaks highly of her peers and isn’t shy with compliments. But get this: it doesn’t mean that she puts on a fake smile just for the sake of it…

A confident woman chooses her friends carefully and tends to keep her circle small

That doesn’t mean she hides away from everyone else, though; she just has a discerning eye for people she can trust!

In fact, a confident woman surrounds herself with people who are just like her: women who are intelligent, passionate about what they do, and most of all, confident!

So what happens when all support each other? It inspires each of them to give their best in life!

5) They stay far away from drama

That said, we know what can happen when people get close to each other. And I know what you’re thinking: trouble!

Sometimes, drama can start brewing – even if it started from something completely innocent!

A confident woman knows this is a common occurrence even among friends, but she knows better than to entertain it.

That’s why she stays far away from drama, and stops people from starting it. Here’s how she does that:

  • Use clear communication to avoid misunderstandings
  • Ensure no one gets left out in conversations
  • Get to know everyone and avoid forming “cliques”

6) They know when to let things go

Let’s get into another habit of confident women that allows them to command respect: they know when to let things go…

As I mentioned in my previous point, they’re not interested in drama and make sure to avoid it at all costs. 

That’s why they know when it’s time to end an argument (hint: it’s when the other party keeps going on and on!)

Letting things go can be hard. That’s because we’re so attached to our opinions – we think that if we don’t prove our point, we’ve “lost”.

But remember what I said about a confident woman never backing down in an argument? Well yes, she does hope to prove her point…

At the end of the day, though, it doesn’t matter to her whether she has convinced the other person or not. 

Here’s why.

What’s most important to her is making sure she gets to speak her truth, every single time!

7) They don’t let their emotions control them

Women are often criticised for being “too emotional” compared to men. And though this statement has been debunked, a confident woman knows that being “emotional” is a normal human need.

However, she doesn’t let her emotions control her. At least, not until the point where she can’t see things for what they are! 

Maybe she’s been riled up at work by a manager who doesn’t take her seriously. It makes her believe she isn’t good enough for her job. 

But here’s the thing: a woman who’s confident will immediately change her mindset! How does she go about doing that?

She may tell herself:

“That’s his opinion. He may be behaving in this manner for reasons that have nothing to do with me.”

And she would be right!

Someone like that never lets others speak on their behalf. I mentioned this earlier, but it’s a really important part of a confident woman’s personality!

That’s why she never lets her emotions get the better of her – it’s also the reason she knows how to keep a level head…

8) They’re not afraid to speak up

ways to spot an introvert in any social setting 10 habits of confident women who effortlessly command respect

As I’ve mentioned throughout this article, a confident woman is someone who speaks her truth – no matter what people say!

Know that she will be the the first person to point out sexism in the office. She’ll also call out that one person who takes too many smoke breaks on company time…

By speaking up, a confident woman inspires others to do the same – especially women!

Like I mentioned earlier, she’s someone who uplifts other women and wants to see them succeed.

It’s the same idea: confidence begets confidence. If you see someone speaking their truth, you’ll start to realise that you can do it too!

9) They show respect to everyone

Let’s talk about this habit of confident women: they show respect to everyone!

Being so unafraid to express themselves, you’d think someone like that lacks respect for others – after all, it looks as though they do and say whatever they want without regard for consequence… 

But it’s quite the contrary: a confident woman not only shows respect to everyone but also believes that everyone is deserving of it!

Why is that?

She knows that everyone has their own set of hopes, dreams and fears that create their opinions. 

And even if someone’s opinion does offend her, she knows she can always make the choice to walk away!

10) They’re willing to make mistakes to grow

Last but not least, a confident woman is willing to make mistakes in order to grow

Fact is, this is where she gets her confidence: she’s seen it all, even the worst side of life…

A confident woman is not afraid to try a new challenge and fail. She’s also the friend to confide in when you’re struggling to learn a new skill, because she’ll tell you it’s all going to work out in the end.

Believe her when she says that! And that’s because she knows what you’re going through…


Now that we’ve discussed some habits of confident women who command respect from others, have you gained some courage to get out there and express yourself?

Remember that you’re worthy of respect and that you have lots to offer the world.

And maybe this time next year, you’ll finally see yourself as a confident woman!

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