Once you get rid of these 20 toxic behaviors, you’ll be living a more fulfilling and peaceful life

Ready to take your life to the next step?

If you are tired of always feeling negative or down on your luck, try to get rid of these 20 toxic behaviors.

You might find that if you do, you’ll be living a more peaceful and fulfilling life in no time.

1) You Don’t Speak Up For Yourself

If you never take the opportunity to speak up for yourself when someone is talking shit, or someone is being mean, then you will never have that chance back.

Stand up for yourself and let the world know that you will not put up with that kind of behavior.

2) You Have an Arrogant Attitude

If you find yourself thinking you are better than someone else or that you are too good for a job, opportunity, guy, gal, or whatever, check yourself.

Don’t let yourself get a big head, no matter how accomplished or amazing you may be.

3) You Engage in Self-destructive Criticism

Whenever you find yourself thinking bad thoughts about yourself, make a plan to sit with those thoughts and figure out why you are thinking them.

What is bringing on those feelings of negativity? Explore them. And then put them away.

4) You Look for Validation From Others

If you can’t make a move without the approval of others, you need to spend some time thinking about what you want from your life and your choices.

Others are going to chime in whether you ask them to or not, but you shouldn’t hang your hat on what other people say.

5) You Are Stuck in the Past

If you aren’t moving forward because of something that happened in the past, then you need to spend some time thinking about why you can’t let that episode go.

You’ll be able to be happier once you can let it go.

6) You Worry About the Future Too Much

If all the “what if’s” in your life stop you from actually living your life, you need to start focusing on the here and now.

Wondering what the future holds keeps you from enjoying what is right in front of you now.

7) You Cheat on People and Things

You think that there are shortcuts to happiness, but how happy are you really now that you have taken those shortcuts? Consider taking a long way around on your next project and see how that feels.

8) You Lie to Yourself and to Others

You can lie to others for a little while, but you can’t lie to yourself. Despite your best efforts, lying to yourself just causes you more harm than good, and it can lead to a really unhappy life.

You might be surprised what you uncover about yourself.

9) You Get Too Caught Up in Things and Take Them Personally

Even when people aren’t talking about you, you think they are talking about you. Drop that bone now and get on with your life. Don’t get caught up in everyone else’s drama.

10) You Don’t Let Go of a Grudge

If you are still hellbent on slashing your ex-boyfriend’s tires from 5 years ago, it might be time to let that shit go.

You are only hurting yourself, truly, and you can bet your ex- boyfriend doesn’t care.

11) You Do Selfish Things

You try to monopolize time, people, money, and resources for your own gain, but you might find that giving to others brings you more joy than taking from them.

Doing something nice for someone without expecting something in return is a great way to improve your outlook on life.

12) You Don’t Take Care of Yourself

Start exercising more and eating better foods. Regardless of how you feel now, you can change that for the better.

13) You Try Too Hard to Please Others

You lose out on opportunities to make yourself happy when all of your energy goes into pleasing others.

We usually try to please people who would make our lives miserable if we didn’t, so take a look at who those people are in your life and consider moving on.

14) You Think You Are Entitled to Things and Opportunities

Stop thinking the world owes you everything. We’ve all had to work for what we have, and it’s time to start working on what you want too.

15) You Get Jealous

Don’t waste your life worrying about what others have that you don’t. Take stock of how you are living your life and start working to change the things that aren’t working for you.

16) You Long for Attention from Others

Don’t show off and try to garnish attention away from others. Everyone likes to be in the spotlight once in awhile, but don’t hog it. There’s plenty to go around.

16) You Are Way Too Competitive

You’ll lose out on the chance to learn from your failures or mistakes if you strive for perfection every time you take on a new task.

Don’t worry about showing others up – focus on showing up as the best version of yourself.

17) You Are Cruel to People

Just stop it. There’s no room for more cruelty in this world. So knock it off.

18) You Like to Play the Victim

You might find comfort in getting a lot of attention for how hard your life has been, but the sooner you stop acting like a victim, the sooner your life can change for the better.

19) You Buy into Unrealistic Expectations About Your Life

You think you should be able to have a successful business or marriage or education without putting in the work because that’s what social media says life is all about. Wrong.

Get real about what it takes to live a happier life, and you’ll start to see improvements across the board.

20) You Are Too Afraid to Change

When you accept that living a better life means you are going to have to change some things, a whole new world is going to open up for you.

Be open to change, however small, to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.


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