When asked, most people say they want to be happy, but while we are all busy trying to be successful and find love to achieve this goal, we often overlook the people we surround ourselves with.

People can be a blessing, they can be an inspiration and they can be your salvation in times of need – however they can also be toxic.

But, how do you identify these toxic people?

We have done the hard work and scoured through psychological research and interviews to help you find out who are the toxic people in your life, so that you can remove them from it.

1) The ones who showoff

We all know those people who shout from the rooftops about their achievements. The need to tell everyone about how fantastic they are indicates that they are overcompensating for their own perceived failings.

Whilst this person is focused on themselves, they’ll never be there to support you. The good news is that they are so self-centred, they probably won’t even notice you’ve gone!

2) The stupid ones

Don’t confuse stupid with a lack of intelligence. Being academically minded is not a pre-requisite for a good friend. Look out for the person who intentionally ignores the facts in favour of their own agenda, or the people that have such a big ego they cannot see another person’s point of view.

Constantly being exposed to these people requires a lot of your emotional energy. Ditch them and spend that energy concentrating on your happiness.  

3) The ones who are always taking

There’s little worse than having a friend who is a leech. Although everyone goes through tough times every now and again and needs some support, stay away from those that constantly taking and doing little to give back. They drain your time, finances and energy.

Whether it’s borrowing money, asking for favours or expecting your support – if the friendship isn’t balanced, then it isn’t worth your time.

4) The lazy ones

Did you know that your friends can transmit one of the most deadly diseases, just from spending time with them? If you have a lazy friend, be careful, it’s catching!

5) The ones who think YOLO is a way of life

You only live once (YOLO) can sound like an incredible mantra for life, but be wary of friends who live every day this way. It’s a sure fire way to alienate their loved ones, avoid meaningful relationships and ensure their credit rating has more warning notices than a toxic sewer.

Instead, focus on YOLOSLW, you only live once, so live well. It doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it ensures a happier and more meaningful attitude towards life.

6) The ones who talk instead of do

This type of toxic person is harder to spot. They talk about their plans, dreams and goals, but how often do you see them act on any of their words?

Don’t spend your life talking about what you want to do, instead of actually doing it.

7) The ones who are always downtrodden

We’ve all met those people that always act grumpy, victimised and are eternally downtrodden.

These friends can be toxic when you spend all your time helping them instead of focusing your energy on your happiness. Help them to help themselves by removing yourself from their lives.

8) The ones who play it safe

If you are looking for adventure and intrigue, then a friend who constantly remains in their comfort zone is a toxic person to be around. Don’t let them talk you down from following the path to your dreams coming true.

9) The ones without a dream

Our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney.

Allowing yourself to dream about future plans and possibilities is one sure fire way to find happiness. However, these friends will spend their time proving to you that dreams can’t come true instead of supporting you into making them a reality.

10) The ones who don’t believe

They don’t believe in you or your dreams and they don’t believe in themselves, so they are eternally pessimistic. Positivity breeds positivity and negativity can only bring you down.

Distance yourself from these toxic people and stay close to those who believe in you as much as you believe in yourself.

What will you do today to identify these people and remove them from your life?