5 Friday the 13th manifestations to help you bring in the luck

Friday the 13th is upon us! For some people, this date doesn’t make any difference. Now, for folks like me, it can mean that a little stress is added on that particular day. 

As Michael from The Office would say: “I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little stitious!”

The thing is that Friday the 13th is known for being a day of bad luck in many cultures, although for others, it’s a positive day. 

If you’re confused by all this contradictory information, don’t worry! I’ve got your back. 

Even when this day is surrounded by hundreds of years of traditions and little rituals to keep away bad luck, many witches and witchy people believe that they can manifest their luck with some practice and a lot of intention.

If you feel a little magical as well, read on! I’ve got a list of 5 Friday the 13th manifestations to help you bring in the luck!

1) Determine why you need luck

If you know exactly why you want or need to manifest good luck, Friday the 13th has a special energy that can help you boost your intentions. 

So, to do this right, the first thing is to get specific. Do you want to get luckier in love, in your work, or in your finances? 

Once you know your expected outcome, don’t be afraid to visualize yourself in it. 

These are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • What does “good luck” mean to me? 
  • Why do I want to improve my luck?
  • What will good luck bring into my life?
  • What are the areas of my life where I most need good luck at?

You can start by writing down these answers. This is already a way to start boosting your manifestation rituals. 

The intention you set beforehand will dictate the outcome. 

2) Dress in something special

I was confused when I read that manifestation can also work through our clothing choices, but now I understand what it means. 

What we wear gives different impressions to people. As I established before, Friday the 13th is when the energy can help or hinder us. 

If we dress for success that day, intentionally trying to reflect our beliefs or our wishes, it will be even more special. 

For example, if you want to manifest an office job and your interview is on Friday the 13th, you can take special care with your appearance to impress your interviewers. 

There are also a few superstitions related to clothing on this day:

  • If you put on clothes inside out, you can attract good luck on this day; 
  • Wearing a shark’s tooth (if you have one, because who hasn’t?) may bring good luck; 
  • The order in which you put your shoes can also help you attract good luck: start with the right one. 

Either way, remember that clothes are very important to give the right impression, especially if we know how to combine outfits. 

It’s worth paying special attention to them on Friday the 13th. 

3) Eliminate your limiting beliefs

It’s important to be aware of our limiting beliefs, especially if we want to manifest on a Friday, the 13th. 

Remember that this day has a reputation for being unlucky. If you pay too much attention to the negative sides when you’re manifesting, it will impact the results on this day. 

These beliefs can hinder us when we’re trying to reach our full potential! 

Here are some of the most common ones and the most easily identifiable:

  • I can’t accept changes in things I’ve planned; 
  • I am not good enough for this job or this person; 
  • I can’t manifest anything; 
  • I am not worthy of this dream or this desire. 

Being confident and believing that we can do anything are key when manifesting, especially on a special, magical day. 

I can also recommend you another powerful thing you can do to work on your limiting beliefs and let go of them.

It’s a masterclass on how to give up on toxic spirituality from Rudá Iandé, a modern-day shaman who adapted ancient knowledge to modern times. He’s able to guide you through some of the most powerful shamanic tools that you can approach living in a big city.

Ruda is well-known among celebrities, and he’s created some of the revolutionizing courses out there.

I thought that I could benefit from his wisdom too, and I was right!

I listened to his masterclass with an open mind and heard and was able to find answers to the questions that bothered me. One of them was–how to get rid of my limiting belief about money.

As a true shaman, Rudá is not here to shame you; he’s here to teach you to respect your own nature and develop your own power.

In this eye-opening video, he addresses your subconscious with a set of questions that reach deeply to your core.

He shows that sometimes we reduce ourselves to a few ideas that don’t fully represent who we are. Instead, we have to shape ourselves based on our own personal power.

He helps to reconnect to your deeper self and your emotions, understand how important it is to be YOU, and respect your nature with no judgment.

If this is what you’d like to achieve, click here to watch the free video.

4) Keep a charm close to you

Charms for good luck have been with us for thousands of years. Everyone has something that helps them manifest it!

If you have a favorite charm, wear it on this day, or put it somewhere you can keep it close, like a pocket or a bag. It will help you ward off bad luck, especially. 

Generally, these talismans will have a special meaning to us, so they’re probably gifts from family or friends. If you have a witchy oil or crystal to help you eliminate any bad vibes from Friday the 13th, keep it around as well. 

5) Notice the positive things in your life

mentally strong people lesser known traits 4 5 Friday the 13th manifestations to help you bring in the luck

If you’re thankful for your blessings, these will multiply. On a Friday the 13th, this is already the energy going around! 

Focus on positive things and people that bring you joy, and you’ll see quick results when manifesting. 

By being grateful, you’re also training yourself to keep a different mindset around life. This method is very similar to visualization, and you can also mix it with other manifestation techniques, like writing things down. 

When I started keeping a gratitude journal, I noticed all the other blessings the universe was throwing my way. My life improved in many ways, and other people started picking up on it too! 

Wouldn’t it be great if we all tried these things to turn around the supposed “bad luck” of Friday the 13th and instead celebrated its powerful energy?

Explaining the concept of “manifestation”

Clearly, if you’re reading this article, you have some idea of what manifestation is about. 

Either way, let me expand on that concept. 

Manifestation is the art, the practice, and the power to turn our ideas and dreams into a reality with the power of our minds. 

Practitioners believe that manifesting is one of the most powerful ways of witchcraft. 

Journaling, visualization, keeping around charms and crystals, every single one of these practices refers to one fundamental belief: that our minds can influence our reality in tangible ways, both negatively and positively. 

To keep it short and sweet: if you believe it, you can do it. 

Almost every religion and philosophical practice has some form of manifestation, especially when it comes to mantras or prayers. Witchcraft simply calls it manifestation, but the rituals are all very similar. 

5 most common methods to manifest good luck

Like everything in witchcraft and life, those who are patient get the greatest rewards. 

Manifestation is no different! 

Whatever you want to see in your reality might take time to get to you. You can fall out of alignment, or it can not be what you need right now. 

Either way, these are the five most common techniques to manifest whatever you want.

Vision boards

Whether you have a Pinterest board or you prefer to print and create a collage, a vision board can help you discern what exactly your dream life looks like. 

You can do it however you want. Pick photos, quotes, colors, particular images, and even videos! 

I think printing pictures and creating a collage is the most effective, especially when you hang it somewhere visible. 

You will look at it often and be reminded of your dreams!

Switch negative energy with a positive mindset

If you challenge your negative thoughts and feelings, you can change them into powerful positive energy when you manifest them. 

This involves being mindful, especially in bad moments, to reframe the bad beliefs into good or even neutral ones at first. 

This manifestation process involves challenging negative feelings and limiting beliefs in favor of more positive evaluations. 

For example, if you’re thinking of your last bad date and think something like, “I am never going to meet the love of my life,” it’s clearly a negative approach. 

Instead, try to change it into: “I know what I want, and I refuse to lower my standards to fit into society.”

Believe in good luck!

I mean, what is the point of manifesting good luck if you don’t believe in it? It is the most important step, right?

You can start by paying attention to lucky moments. If you’re waiting for the bus and it arrives quickly, take notice. 

You might also find money unexpectedly, or that parking spot you love might be free when it usually isn’t. 

Whatever the case, starting by paying attention can become fuel to manifest even greater things.

Take new opportunities if you can

If you keep your life open to new opportunities, these will start to pour like rain! 

Get out of your comfort zone; taking risks is where the joy and the lessons are. 

Change is also one of the few constants in life, so keep your mind and your life flexible for when it comes. It can definitely be one of the scariest things to face, but you have all the tools you need to overcome difficult circumstances. 

Manifesting good luck has everything to do with how you approach all these things that life brings into your day to day. 

Generosity is key

generosity 5 Friday the 13th manifestations to help you bring in the luck

Being generous has an impact that you can’t even guess! Both in life and in business, generosity can get you very far. 

If you’re always thinking about the advantages of a connection or event, you won’t enjoy it, and you won’t be spreading good vibes. Get into a giving, generous mindset and act from there. 

You will be amazed at how much people will seek you out to offer you new and positive things. 

Why do people believe in manifestations?

Well, it’s mainly because it works. 

If you set your intentions clearly, and you take action and let things happen, your dreams will become true. 

People use manifestation for a lot of different things, not only good luck. Remember that the power of your mind changes reality, and you can manifest whatever you need. 

Does manifestation work every time?

In short, yes. Manifestation works for everything, up to and including good luck. 

The outcomes can vary depending on your method and especially your mindset, but it works. 

For example, if you manifest money and don’t get specific, you might find a random dollar bill on the ground. But if you get specific with the number, you will definitely get it one way or another. 

This is why working on deconstructing limiting beliefs is so important: you will get rid of any obstacles in your mind. Be open to the magical! 

Are there any manifestation techniques that are not effective?

The methods work, so usually, the problem is that you haven’t found the right method for yourself. 

Ultimately, manifestation is all about the state of your mind. 

This isn’t like the magic in “Harry Potter” movies. You need to work on your goals and trust the universe. But the emphasis isn’t on the methods: it’s on you. 

It might take time to “see” how the manifestation works in real life, but it will happen, and you need to trust yourself and keep up the good work. 

Try not to do any manifestation method if you’re not feeling good. It’s best to deal with our emotions in healthy ways so we don’t attract bad luck in our lives. 

Is there a specific timeline for manifestations, or is it a gradual process?

It’s important to know that our dreams can’t manifest in an instant. They need time to come to fruition. 

In Miley Cyrus’ words: “Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.” Your dream life won’t happen in a day, and it will happen when you are ready for it

Remember to enjoy your life, and most importantly, keep dreaming about a better future! 

Does my manifestation work on others?

It’s not likely. We can majorly improve our lives. But we can’t save or help someone who doesn’t want to. 

Our free will is the most critical thing, and trying to force someone else to be or do something that they simply aren’t will backfire. 

Remember to keep your focus on the things you can control, and remember this saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”

This goes for every area of other people’s lives. Nobody will fall in love with you if they don’t want to. It doesn’t matter that you’re manifesting them. 

Nobody will stop being mean or toxic; it doesn’t matter how many hours you spend trying to manifest this change. People are what they are, good or bad. 

So, what can you manifest? Here are a few options:

  • A loving partner;
  • Personal or professional success;
  • Anything you have wanted for a long time. 

At most, I’d say you can hope that other people see the opportunities in their life so they can manifest what they want. 

Focusing on what you can improve in your own life will give others the freedom to do the same and will release you from trying to control everything. 

Law of attraction: how does it work?

There are 12 universal laws of manifestation, but surely the law of attraction is the most famous one. A good way to sum it up would be through the quote “like attracts like”: you get what you think about the most. 

People are like magnets, our thoughts are our reality, and they attract different things. That’s why it’s so important to keep our minds clean and positive, without repressing negative emotions, of course. 

The universe can easily recognize minds not focused on the good things. That’s why the power of belief is so influential. 

If you’re trying to manifest love and you don’t think you’re lovable, it will get more difficult for you to find it. You will be blind to love opportunities because of your limiting core belief. 

Friday the 13th and other superstitions around the world 

friday the 13th manifedstations 1 5 Friday the 13th manifestations to help you bring in the luck

This date holds different meanings depending on where you are or where you were born. These are some of the beliefs I found while researching:

  • Italy: Friday the 17th is unlucky, while 13 is a lucky number in Italy;
  • Spain: In Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky;
  • Mexico: Wearing pearls on a wedding day is considered bad luck in Mexico.
  • Poland: Keeping your purse off the floor is important in Poland, as it is believed to bring bad luck.
  • Hungary: In Hungary, odd-numbered flower bouquets are given to the living, while even-numbered bouquets are reserved for the dead.
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian women are advised not to sit at the corner of a table if they are unmarried, as it is said to prevent marriage for seven years.
  • Bolivia: Shoes should not be placed on a table in Bolivia, as it is seen as an unlucky gesture that may lead to poverty.

To sum it up

It’s not hard to manifest good luck, especially on a day like Friday the 13th. It’s all about harnessing that energy for good, believing in the power of our minds and working toward our goals. 

Your mind can be trained just like your body, so keep at it, and you will see results soon. 

If you stay constant, it won’t be long before you start enjoying your life, and good luck! 

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