With Donald Trump making a controversial start to the U.S. presidency, many of us are looking for guidance in understanding the seismic changes underway in American politics and society.

That’s why it’s worth uncovering perspectives shared not by the usual political pundits, but leading thinkers that still have insights that shed light on the direction American politics is headed.

Tony Robbins is a well known businessman, author and philanthropist, and shared his perspective during the election campaign on what a Trump presidency would mean for America.

His perspective is also interesting because he has provided business coaching to Trump.

Robbins reveals what he thinks of Trump, and what needs to happen next in American politics.

Impending chaos?

In an interview for Fortune, Robbins was asked what he thought the success of Trump meant for America. His answer was blunt:

“Chaos. Oh, my God. Who would have thought we would be with Donald Trump in the position that he’s in?”

He was then asked about the characteristics that made Trump so appealing:

“Well, domination obviously. He talks with certainty all the time; he’s an extraordinary entertainer. I know Donald very well. And he’s a very successful businessman.”

Robbins continued:

“I mean people are so tired of Washington that we’re going from one extreme to the next extreme…. It just shows how frustrated people are that there’s so little progress, and there’s no progress because there’s nothing but the demonization of Congress. It used to be guys would fight like hell over policy and they’d go have a beer together. And now to even speak to the other side, you’re branded for life as a traitor.”

Robbins was then asked about the key issue confronting America at the moment. He focused on income inequality and had the following to say:

“It’s disgusting, it’s unfortunate, and it’s driven by two things. It’s driven by the fact that technology now provides a greater return than labor does. In order for labor to do well today, you can’t be low cognitive, low skill sets, high backbone. That’s done by machines today. It has to be high cognitive and highly personally directed. And unfortunately our school system and our backgrounds don’t really gear people up for that. We need a massive retooling.”

The drivers of Trump’s success

Robbins is an expert in psychology, with over 50 million people all over the world having attended one of his seminars. He also weighed in on the psychological factors leading to the success of Trump:

“The one clear thing is that his rivals clearly misunderstood how far he would get because he’s tapped into both anger and fear and those are very powerful motivators in our society today.”

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