10 powerful reasons to follow your dreams

Life gets so hectic that it feels like your dreams aren’t worth pursuing at all.

But before you give up on yourself (and what you want to achieve), remember these ten reasons why you should keep following your dreams:

1) Life Is Short

Minutes turn to hours, hours to turn to days. In a blink of an eye, everything that you have can disappear.

One of the fundamental reasons why you should follow your dreams is because life is too short not to.

Too many people spend their lives going around in circles, wondering what life is all about. The answer is quite simple: it’s following your dreams.

Think about it: You spend seventy, eighty, ninety years alive on this planet. That’s enough time to figure out what you want to do in life and pursue it.

Don’t be the guy spending half of his life doing something he absolutely hates. Relish in your existence and make the most out of it.

2) Do It For Yourself

Dreams always seem like they’re so hard to achieve – that’s why they’re called dreams.

But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you have made it, that you have achieved everything that you always wanted.

So follow your dreams for one simple reason: yourself.

Do it because you deserve to feel proud of your accomplishments and because you deserve the best things in the world.

3) Prove The Detractors Wrong

Dreams feel especially unachievable because there will always be people second-guessing you, telling you that you’ll never reach them.

Sure, nothing is more frustrating than hearing people say you won’t amount to anything. And you will hear this for a long period in your life.

That doesn’t mean you have to listen to what the detractors are saying and actually give up on your dreams.

Bounce back up from every adversity you face. Instead of taking it as a sign from the universe asking you to back down, treat every dark period in your life as a learning opportunity.

Come out stronger than before. Do this until you build enough momentum that you’re barreling through the haters and the naysayers.

Do this until you can rise to the top and proudly say you have achieved what you want to accomplish

4) Do It For Your Happiness

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you just want to achieve a certain weight goal, maybe you want to be included in the Forbes 30 under 30.

Big or small, the end-result will still be one of the most satisfying experiences in your life.

Having something you always wanted when you were a kid might just be the best feeling ever. Imagine doing that for the rest of your life, over and over again.

Having your dream job or dream body or dream anything is basically you winning at life. It provides an almost unlimited fount of happiness and satisfaction.

According to expert hypnotherapist Marisa Peer, the key to living an uncompromised and happy life is to follow your dreams and discover what you’re passionate about. If you’re looking for expert guidance in how to do this, check out her free master class. It goes for 90 minutes and anyone can access it.

5) No One Else Will Do It For You

Follow your dreams because no one else will follow them for you.

You want to be the next Michelle Obama, the next J.K. Rowling, the next Amelia Earhart? That’s awesome, but it also means putting yourself to the test and actually working to get where you want to be.

Your mentors, peers, and even colleagues can’t help you turn dreams into reality if you’re not leading the movement. The desire has to come from you.

You can get help from other people but it won’t change the fact that your dreams need you to set them in motion.

6) Work Becomes More Bearable

Only a few of us ever get to land their dream job on the first try. Most of us have to settle with entry-level jobs – jobs that pay the rent but don’t necessarily satiate the soul.

And that’s okay. Jobs are a part of life; that doesn’t mean you have to feel stuck doing something you don’t love.

Having a passion project on the side will help you keep looking forward.

Just because you’re doing a 9-5 now doesn’t mean you can’t invest the remainder of your time doing other things.

Having something other than your work helps keep your sanity and boost your motivation.

7) You Have The Potential To Earn More

Passionate businessmen achieve their level of success not because they have an unlimited source of enthusiasm. They have the capacity to earn more because they won’t strive for less.

When you’re living the dream and doing everything in your power to keep growing as a person, you’re driven to grow what you have and make it better.

Whether you’re writing a best-selling novel or launching an amazing start-up, the result will still be the same: when you expend effort into what you love, it’s easier for you to grow it and make more money from it.

8) People Need Inspiration Everyday

Let’s say you get your dreams and are already living the life you always wanted. You’re going to look back and remember the person you once were and marvel at how you were able to achieve what you did.

You’re going to remember the times you felt lost and discouraged. Somewhere out there are people who feel what you felt and continue to doubt themselves.

People who are inspired to do great things but just haven’t arrived there yet.

When you reach your dreams, you become a symbol of hope for those who wish to achieve the same.

You become a living, breathing proof that things can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.

9) You Will Meet Kindred Souls

As you go through your journey, you are going to meet people who are on the same phase as you. You will encounter those who are willing to give up anything just to achieve your dream.

When you do, you find a community of dreamers, and it becomes all the more easier to remain optimistic about your success. It’s a known fact that surrounding yourself with like-minded people will enhance your best qualities.

10) Life Feels Complete

One of the fundamental things we ask ourselves is, “What am I doing here?”

We spend our waking moments trying to figure out what our role is in the universe. Achieving your dream answers all that.

Doing what you want to do makes you feel validated, happy, and most importantly: complete.

If you really need a good reason to follow your dreams, it’s this: because you owe it to yourself to feel happy for the rest of your life.

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