Is the Myth of the Perfect Relationship Harming Your Life?

Our Free Masterclass on Love & Intimacy Will Not Only Help You Break Free From Such Damaging, Self-Sabotaging Ideas About Relationships...

...BUT Will Set You on a New Path to Attracting Genuine, Honest and Meaningful Connections In Your life!

With world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê

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My name is Rudá Iandê - I am a shaman who specializes in personal empowerment.

And for over 28 years I’ve helped thousands of people around the world learn to tap into their instinct, consciousness and true nature to develop stronger, healthier relationships and live happier lives.

Now, let me ask you a quick but crucial question…

Are you unhappy with your current relationship or have you continuously struggled with past relationships?

If you said yes, then for starters… simply take a deep breath and relax.

Because you’re not the only one.

In fact, every day millions across the planet find themselves trapped in harmful, confusing, energy-draining relationships which wreak havoc on their lives.

And there’s a great chance you’re in the same situation too.

I’m talking about a troublesome relationship where you’re experiencing constant frustration with your partner…

… suffer from a lack of self-esteem (whether you realize it or not)…

… and even bear an UNHEALTHY RESENTMENT towards your partner and the relationship itself.

But here’s the thing… this is NOT the way you were meant to live your life.

Even more importantly… you absolutely do not have to live a life like this.  

And I’m going to help you start feeling better and set you on the path to richer, more fulfilling relationships RIGHT NOW.

Because I’m going to share with you my most practical – and greatest – relationship secret…

…one which serves as the key to solving your struggles (in fact it’s the cornerstone of my career of helping 1000s improve their lives).

The solution to building a more loving, respectful and mutually empowering relationship begins and ends…with YOU.

Let me say it again…you, and you alone, have the power to create a life filled with beautiful, mutually-beneficial and long-lasting relationships.

Now…you might be wondering how something like the key to achieving a healthy relationship can be almost completely about yourself?

Well, once again, this is society’s fault.

We’ve been conditioned from a very young age to think happiness comes from the external.  

That it’s only when we discover the “perfect” relationship – i.e. the perfect person – we can find self-worth, security and happiness.

This is a life-wrecking myth.

One which not only causes so many unhappy relationships, but also poisons you into living a life devoid of confidence, optimism, and personal independence. 

And this is why I created my free Love & Intimacy Online Masterclass. 

You see, as a shaman, I’ve spent nearly 3 decades helping others tap into their true, authentic selves. Something which empowers human beings to better connect with those around them – and when this happens, a bright new world opens up…

…one filled with wonderful, rich and fulfilling relationships.  

BUT I can only work with so many in-person – and I’m committed to making this knowledge available to as many people as possible.  

So I took the core components of everything I’ve learned about healthy relationship building and developed this 1 hour 45-minute masterclass. 

In our Love & Intimacy Masterclass you’ll learn:

Making Shamanism Relevant to Modern Life

For thousands of years, shamans have acted as guides for the healing and spiritual lives of their communities. Many forms of shamanism have developed as each culture created its own system for relating to the forces of nature. What unites these different types of shamanism is the quest for our true inner nature — our connection to the nature that lives around and within us. The very heart of shamanism is, and has always been, this journey to access this power with ourselves.

Shamanism is often called the world’s oldest religion, but it is also science. It’s the study of our inner nature. This ancestral science explores the connection between human beings and their environment, developing human consciousness in order to achieve greater harmony between the individual and the natural world. Shamanism sees man as an integral part of the web of life, and in the symbiosis between person and nature, the shaman activates an innate intelligence that allows one’s inner nature to be developed and enhanced.

This free masterclass on love and intimacy is based on a modern-day interpretation of shamanism by Rudá Iandê. He acts as a guide, bringing you back to a relationship with your true inner nature.

Who is Rudá Iandê?

Rudá Iandê is a world-renowned shaman who has helped thousands of people to align their lives with their instinct, consciousness and true nature. His knowledge is unique becomes it comes from allying ancient shamanic knowledge with a modern day focus on helping people to drive change in their lives. In Rudá’s own words:

“My work is unique because it comes, from the essential knowledge in my core, from my intuition and from my talent, which has been refined over more than 28 years of practice, during which I have been working with thousands of clients from all over the world. I share this knowledge with people who value it and dedicate their time and energy to a purpose: that of knowing themselves. My language is not mystical, it is practical. I instigate people to overcome their limitations. I believe true spirituality should generate impact on the material and day-to-day dimension. I only believe in knowledge that can be applied, that drives change.”

Why We're Bringing Rudá Iandê's Teachings to Ideapod

Rudá Iandê has had a massive influence on my life ever since I met him in New York City in 2014. At the time, I knew he was a shaman to some very famous artists and celebrities, which was a little daunting. But as soon as I met him I found him to be remarkably humble and grounded.

Over the last 5 years Rudá has helped me to develop my own personal power and drastically transform the relationships in my life. I’ve had to stand up to some manipulative people and create new boundaries. I’ve also become closer to others in ways that are very nurturing and beautiful.

Now, I’m surrounded by loving and supportive people. It has come from learning how to truly love myself.

I’m so happy to be bringing this masterclass to you, and hope that Rudá’s teachings has a big an impact in your life as they have in mine.

Justin Brown

Founder of Ideapod

I'm Ready to Experience More Rewarding Relationships.

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