Feeling lost in lockdown? Here’s what I did

Like millions of people around the world, I’ve been staying inside because of the coronavirus pandemic.

To be completely honest, at times I’ve struggled with the uncertainty of it all.

The year began splendidly in Bali. I was then in London on a business trip and Norway for a retreat. I spent time in Kuala Lumpur, hoping to make it my new home.

Then the pandemic gathered steam and I came back to Melbourne. I entered quarantine and have only left the house since then for exercise.

With so much uncertainty and my life going through such immense change, I wasn’t feeling so inspired. I was getting sick of watching reruns of my Australian football team’s wins (unfortunately I had to go back two decades given my team’s sorry performance this century). Netflix seemed like a good option initially until I got addicted to watching Man Men over again.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this. Feeling stuck, lost, and uninspired. Turning to Netflix or whatever you can find on YouTube.

Yet I have managed to find a way out of this. I have figured out what to do to get inspired again.


Below I’m going to share the one thing I did to get my zest for life back again.

The thing is, I realized that the uncertainty of COVID-19 wasn’t going away any time soon. I needed to take matters into my own hands and find my own spark of excitement for life—no matter what the external circumstances.

I wanted my mind to become absorbed with curiosity and wonder, rather than wondering to myself “When will this terrible pandemic end?” and “How many days in a row can I wear the same t-shirt?”

Getting lost down the rabbit hole of YouTube

It’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of related videos on YouTube or watching reruns of your favorite tv shows on Netflix.

But at the end of the day, have you managed to light up the spark for life deep within? Can you go to sleep at night knowing that you learned something that day?

Even more important to me…

Can you watch something on Netflix or YouTube that helps you to learn something profound about yourself?

This is where online learning comes in.

Getting my life back on track

Taking advantage of online learning while stuck at home is the thing that got my life back on track.

And no, you don’t need to pay for online learning. In fact, what I’m going to share is completely free.

There are some online education platforms (like Ideapod) that offer free masterclasses.

Thousands of people have written to me to say that Ideapod’s masterclasses have resulted in a profound realization. You can attend them in your own timezone whenever it suits you best.

But it’s not just Ideapod that offers free masterclasses. Our friends at Mindvalley currently have a few playing.

How it works with both Ideapod and Mindvalley is that you learn something valuable for free in the masterclass. You will then be presented the opportunity to enroll in a related online workshop (often with a discount for attending the masterclass).

Mindvalley is a bit more focused on pitching their products than Ideapod but they still provide a high-quality learning experience for free.

Here are my favorite masterclasses by Ideapod and Mindvalley that are currently playing. Scroll down and look for the topic you most want to learn about and check it out.

Zest for life

personal power 1280 x 800 1 Feeling lost in lockdown? Here's what I did

If you want to immediately feel inspired and get back your zest for life, the best place to start is with Ideapod’s free masterclass on personal power.

This class is by the shaman Rudá Iandê. He became famous years ago when the performance artist Marina Abramović shared her experience visiting Rudá in Brazil in the documentary The Space in Between.

In the masterclass, Rudá Iandê teaches a framework to help you align your spirituality, family, love, and work lives around your true nature. The result is that you feel a deep sense of inner peace. This begins the process of building up your personal power within which helps you to turn the challenges in life into opportunities.



love and intimacy masterclass 2 Feeling lost in lockdown? Here's what I did

Ideapod’s masterclass on love and intimacy is also by Rudá Iandê. You learn how to develop healthy and nurturing relationships.

Rudá breaks down the kinds of relationship patterns people often end up in, from codependency to savior relationships. He shares how you can figure out whether you’re in a relationship that is unhealthy or whether your current relationship is helping you to grow.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to benefit from this masterclass. I’m single and still learned many things about self-love and changing my approach to relationships.



uncomrp compressor Feeling lost in lockdown? Here's what I did

Have you ever gone to see a hypnotherapist? When I lived in London, I had some challenges so I regularly saw a hypnotherapist. The problem? It was incredibly expensive.

I didn’t know it then but you can do hypnotherapy sessions for free. This is what’s offered in Marisa Peer’s free masterclass with Mindvalley. She takes you through a powerful hypnotherapy session helping you access your inner child.

The hypnotherapy inspired my article on inner child healing. Read about my experience, and check out the free masterclass if you think it’s something you’d benefit from.


Money mindset

prosperity masterclass 1 Feeling lost in lockdown? Here's what I did

Have you ever felt that not having enough money gets in the way of living the life you truly want?

Some people think they need to make more money to live the life they truly want. I was in this situation last year when I visited Rudá Iandê in Brazil.

I was telling him I feel like I didn’t deserve love until I made more money in life. He explained to me this is a common experience, but this belief is what was holding me back from living the life I’ve always wanted.

We decided to record a masterclass while I was in Brazil so that others would benefit from the change in mindset. It changed my whole approach to money and finances, particularly my relationship with money.


Accessing altered states

silva masterclass Feeling lost in lockdown? Here's what I did

There’s a new masterclass by Mindvalley on accessing altered states through meditation. The class is by Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani. He recorded it from his home in Kuala Lumpur while in lockdown.

I haven’t watched the masterclass myself yet, but I’m interested to explore it because of the focus on creative visualization. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more visualization with breathwork. The results are already profound, so I’m interested to explore other methods.

This masterclass is based on the Silva Method which was pretty famous a few decades ago. If you’re looking for something a bit more alternative, check it out.

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