Are you fantasizing about someone you know? 8 things it means

Are you fantasizing about someone you know?

Are these thoughts mere daydreams that your own conscience can let go of at any time, or are they a secret treasure to be held close and savored?

Regardless of your answer, there’s a good chance that what goes through your mind is completely normal.

We all do it, and there are many reasons why people are generally drawn to the idea of fantasizing about someone they know.

Listen: I can help you learn more about the potential motivations for these types of thoughts and how to cope with them.

So, stop beating yourself up, and let’s get started!

1) It means there’s a deeper meaning to the person’s presence in your life.

First off, if you fantasize about someone you know, then it’s easy to feel like their presence is meaningful, especially if the fantasies with them are positive (for example, if they often involve an attractive co-worker who flirts with you).

There are many ways a person can have meaning in your life, such as the possibility of connecting with them on a deeper level; the possibility they could provide you with something you want or need, or the possibility of them just being someone special who exists in your life.

These feelings may be enough to make fantasizing about someone possible.

In addition to that, fantasizing about someone also helps you process what it is about them that has made them so memorable to you.

2) It means you’re curious about what a deeper relationship might be like.

Often, when you fantasize about someone you know, it’s easy to see the potential for a deeper or more meaningful relationship between the two of you.

This can be especially true when both people are interested in each other, or when there is an obvious basis for the connection between them.

For example: if there are mutual friends, a shared hobby, or a connection in the past, there’s a good chance that you both feel it.

People often view this as an exciting opportunity to connect on a deeper level.

You may want to explore the possibility of something more with that person and that’s why you keep fantasizing about them.

Makes sense, right?

3) It could be that you already have something special and intimate with them.

Sometimes, you may fantasize about someone you know because you already feel connected to them in some other way.

Maybe you’re already good friends, or maybe you share a similar spiritual faith.

So, to figure out why they appear in your thoughts, you may want to think about whether you already have an existing connection with this person that you’re looking to deepen.

Actually, it could just be the case that your initial connection was strong enough for you to fantasize about them.

4) If you’re in a relationship, it means your sex life could be boring.

Numerous sex experts tell us that creativity in the bedroom and expressing desires are common issues couples have.

Is this also your case? If you feel like your sex life is getting a little boring, you might unwillingly start to fantasize about other people.

If this happens, don’t panic! It is just an indicator that you should spice things up between you are your current partner.

It does NOT mean that you should dump the person you’re with. On the contrary, it is advisable for you to consider your fantasies as a sign to become more daring in your intimate life with him/her.

5) It could be that you’re simply feeling an attraction to them.

pexels cottonbro 8261821 Are you fantasizing about someone you know? 8 things it means

Sometimes, you may find yourself fantasizing about someone you know because you’re simply attracted to that person: either physically or on an emotional level.

The connection may be new or old, but the physical and emotional appeal of the person is present.

Attraction and interest can motivate people to engage in fantasies about someone they know.

Other times, you may find yourself fantasizing about someone you know because you’re currently feeling comfortable with them; for example, if they have an attractive body or unique personality.

The explanation for your thoughts could be that this person has made you feel more comfortable around them.

The result? Your feelings for them are stronger than usual.

6) It could be that you’re feeling lonely.

The simple truth is that sometimes, we may fantasize about someone we know because they are the first person to come to mind when we’re feeling lonely.

Feeling alone can prompt us to seek out comfort from someone else.

So, when you fantasize about someone you know, it could be that you’re wishing for a connection with them because this would make you feel better about your loneliness.

To be more precise, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you think this person could make you feel better in some way; it could just be the idea of having something exclusive and intimate with them that was appealing to you.

7) It means that you’re trying to forget about an unpleasant person.

By contrast, another possible meaning could be that you fantasize about someone you know because someone else – perhaps a friend, co-worker, or love interest – is making you feel uncomfortable in some way.

For example, if there’s someone at work who makes your life difficult, this can make it easy for you to focus on other people with whom you might have a better experience.

It could also be the case that someone else in your life is experiencing a problem of some kind and that fantasizing about someone you know is a way for you to cope with – or forget about – that person’s situation.

Moreover, we may also fantasize about an unpleasant person because they remind us of other people in our lives that we’re trying to forget.

8) It means you can’t let go of them.

pexels anete lusina 6354304 Are you fantasizing about someone you know? 8 things it means

You may feel that you can’t let go of the person you fantasize about, and you could be right!

But why?

This could happen because you can’t get them out of your thoughts, or it could be that you think about them often and find yourself wanting to spend more time with them.

Is it normal to fantasize about someone you just met?

What do experts say?

The experts’ opinions on fantasizing about someone you just met fall into two categories: those that say it’s a normal part of human nature and those that say it’s something a little more embarrassing.

It is clear that this type of fantasy is normal – in fact, there is an entire genre of books and films dealing with these types of scenarios.

Some people are probably always going to fantasize about the other people around them, and the majority of them will do so without really thinking about it.

The embarrassing part comes when people start to fantasize about someone they just met and then find that this fantasy is causing them to start living in a dream world.

For example: spending all day thinking about the person you just met when you could be doing something more productive or fun.

Or perhaps you’re fantasizing about someone who is actually involved with someone else and this situation makes you think about their partner as well.

Fantasizing in these ways can make us feel kind of creepy, but even so, it appears to be normal!

Why am I fantasizing about my crush?

There are a few reasons why you might find yourself fantasizing about your crush. Ready?

They are attractive and you want to know more.

The first reason why people fantasize about someone they like is that they want to get to know them better; much better.

You are curious what being with them intimately could be like.

Another reason why you fantasize about your crush is that you’re curious about how things could go down.

If you haven’t experienced intimacy with your crush yet, it’s normal to imagine what it could be like.

They always keep you on edge.

Is your crush a tease? Is he/she always keeping you on the edge?

If they are, then it’s normal for you to fantasize about them and finally blow off some steam (just mentally for now).

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