Can you fall in love with personality not looks? Everything you need to know
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It’s hard enough to find the love of your life and keep them around, so why not go for the person who has everything going on in the love department?

Yeah, maybe that person doesn’t have an amazing figure or an attractive face either. But when it comes down to it, attraction is all about personality.

Can love exist without physical attraction?

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In the dating world, there’s a famous saying that goes, “You should date a person for who they are on the inside, not just for how they look on the outside.

So to put it simply, yes – love can exist even if you don’t find the one you love physically attractive.

Physical attraction isn’t everything and it certainly doesn’t last forever. Real relationships are built around respect and trust, not just sexual attraction.

Of course, when you fall in love with someone, you can’t help but to take notice of their beauty.

Love has many faces. There’s the initial attraction that draws people together, then there’s the passion and desire where things get hot and heavy.

But after that, it takes a whole lot more work to keep things going right. That’s why it’s nice to fall in love with the whole package, including the personality.

We can all agree that people are different and fall for different things. Some people are attracted to good-looking (or hot) people, while others want a person who is funny and can make them feel good. Many others would rather have someone who they can share their passions with and do things together.

There’s no perfect recipe for falling in love because everyone is so different.

Can emotional/intellectual attraction lead to romantic connection?

It’s natural to be attracted to someone who has a lot in common with you. No one wants to be in a relationship with a total stranger. So whether you like someone for their looks or for their personality – what matters most is that you can make each other happy in the long run.

Ahh, so sweet!

Right? Well of course, it’s easier said than done.

Many people believe that love has to do with looks – and that’s just plain wrong! There are lots of ways you can be attracted to someone without even giving them the once-over.

Some people have physical attraction – but can’t develop any emotional connection because they don’t share the same interests or passions.

On the other hand, emotional attraction can be just as powerful as physical attraction. Many people fall in love because they can connect on a deeper level – and that’s very true.

However, what’s more important is finding someone who fits into your life and makes you happy. You have to love the person for who they are, not just what they look like.

Why emotional attraction is important in relationships?

The things it takes to keep a solid relationship are so many – and at the end of the day, all it will come down to is how deep you can connect with each other. The more you love each other, the more meaningful and enjoyable your relationship will be.

Sure, even if you’re attracted to someone physically – that’s great! But if you can’t love them on a deeper level, everything will fall apart in the end.

Remember, you don’t have to be physically attractive to find love. Love is about the whole package, so don’t be silly to drop someone just because they don’t have a hot body or a pretty face.

Emotional attraction is this type of attraction that lasts forever. It’s not as intense, but it’s much more important in a relationship as it will make relationships last longer.

15 signs of emotional attraction

1) You can talk about anything with each other

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If you’re in a relationship where you can talk about anything and feel comfortable, you’re experiencing the emotional attraction.

You don’t only enjoy spending time with each other talking about things, you also learn a lot of things from each other.

You see, physical attraction isn’t so important at this point because you’re already in a deep relationship. You have a common bond and that’s what makes the relationship go well – not just the physical aspects.

2) You feel drawn toward one another

If you feel like you can’t stop thinking about a person, they have to be really special.

It’s like there’s a magnet pulling you towards them. It’s something you can’t explain – but yes, this is a sign of emotional attraction. Without it, your relationships are doomed to fail.

These feelings will only deepen as time goes on – so if you don’t experience this in the beginning, it’s not going to happen later on either.

Don’t settle for “okay.” You deserve better – and so does that special someone.

It makes sense that you would feel like you want to spend every single second with them; this is so important in a relationship which makes it last longer.

3) A relationship coach confirms it

One of the key components of a great relationship is that you’re not just attracted to each other – you also like being with them. This is why relationships go so much deeper than what we see in the movies.

A relationship coach will confirm if you’re in an emotionally connected relationship or not, and it’s a good idea to listen to what they have to say.

With a professional relationship coach, you can get advice tailored to the specific issues you’re facing in your love life.

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Why do I recommend them?

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I was blown away by how genuine, understanding and professional they were.

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4) You feel comfortable with the person you’re dating

If you feel relaxed and comfortable when you’re around your partner, it means they make you happy. They make you feel good – and that goes a long way with the heart.

If you don’t feel like you’re in a safe place with them, you need to ask yourself if this is the person that’s going to make you truly be in a relationship. It’s important to be around someone who makes you feel secure and loved.

If they make you happy, then it will be very easy for things to progress between the two of you. They’ll open up more as well, so listen carefully—you might learn something new about them!

5) You do things for each other without expecting anything in return

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If you’re in a relationship with someone, it means that you have that sense of mutual caring for each other. If you’re only in it for the right reasons, you’ll be more willing to give your partner what they want.

Now that you share this type of connection with one another, it will be very easy to build emotional attraction and keep it alive through thick and thin.

They’ll know that they can rely on each other to make things work – so there’s no reason to feel scared or insecure.

6) They can easily make you laugh or smile

If you can’t stop laughing hysterically when you’re around someone, it means you have a great connection with them. You have a genuine sense of humor and this will definitely bring the two of you even closer together.

And get this, you share many inside jokes – or you just have a playful sense of humor. It sounds like a cliche, but love and humor go hand in hand – so make sure to give it some serious thought.

And the best part?

You’ll feel something when you see their smile or hear their laugh – it’s not something that you have to read into if you watch a movie or listen to a song.

If they can make you laugh and smiling, they’re amazing people who will have your heart forever if they’re worthy of it.

7) You see nothing but good things in your partner

If your partner can make you feel like they’re the greatest, most amazing person in the world and this will affect you positively, it’s a sign that they are, in fact, a great person. Nothing else matters – only how they make you feel.

Not only will their attitude inspire confidence – it’ll also make them more attractive because people will naturally gravitate toward someone who is positive about themselves.

It’s not something that you can fabricate or imitate – it’s naturally who you are.  You’ve got to be this person in order to attract people, and there are millions of people out there who have no idea how amazing they are.

If you’re lucky enough to find a person like this, then stick around and enjoy your relationship with them because it will all work out in the end.

8) You can’t stop thinking about someone when they aren’t around

If you can’t stop thinking about someone, even when they’re not around, it means your feelings for them run deeper than ever before. If this person is the right one for you, your heart will tell you – and that’s how it feels like to be emotionally attracted to them.

You see, when you can’t stop fantasizing about them, look no further than your own feelings. When you’re constantly thinking about the person you’re dating, it speaks volumes about how much love you have for them.

Think about the messages that are being sent to your brain that are telling your body what to do – and make sure they speak to only one person.

9) You want to share your deepest secrets with each other

Emotional attraction is all about sharing your true self with someone you care about. When you do that, it will bring you closer together and make your relationship stronger. It’s when a friend becomes a lover.

If someone is emotionally available to you, they’ll be able to relate to your true self and they’ll want to know you better. This means that they’re just as serious as you are about making a connection between the two of you.

This is how an emotional attraction can work – by creating a deeper connection with one another. When you open up and share your real self with them, it shows them how much you care about this person and how willing you are to make things work between the two of you.

10) You trust each other completely

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An obvious fact is when you can’t trust your partner, then you probably aren’t in a relationship at all. You might be physically attracted to someone, but that won’t mean anything if you don’t trust them – so don’t let yourself be misled by physical attraction alone.

You need to know for sure that your partner is worthy of your love and attention because it’s the only way to build an amazing relationship with them. I know it seems simple, but it’s more complicated than you think – especially when emotions are involved.

You know you can completely trust them because their actions speak louder than words ever could. You’ll have the confidence to trust them and they’ll be there in times of need to help you out.

If they’re trustworthy, they’ll have your heart forever since you don’t have to worry about them leaving you or hurting you in any way.

11) You can help get through rough times in each other’s lives with ease

If you can instantly make your partner feel better by just being there for them, this simply means you have a strong connection with them. When you know how to listen and make them feel loved, it shows that your relationship is going to be a long-lasting one.

You’ll understand each other’s emotions and know how to help ease their pain even when they don’t want or need it. You’re able to teach people how to help each other heal so they don’t have to live in pain alone.

This is why it’s important for you to let them know that you have their back because it means everything to them. You’ll be able to help each other go through hard times in life and still grow as a person.

12) They bring out the best in you, even when they’re not around

You want to be your best self when you’re around someone who brings out the best in you. If this person can make you want to try harder and do more because they believe in you, this only shows that they’re a positive force in your life.

They’ll encourage you to do what makes you happy, and they’ll support everything that makes you feel good. If they give you a reason to be a better person each and every day – then have no doubt that this is the person for you.

It’s like you’ve both become better people because of the relationship you have with each other.

13) You feel like you would go to the ends of the earth for them

Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

If you would do anything for your partner, it means that you love them and that your feelings for them are strong. You’ll put them above everything else – including yourself.

You’ll have the confidence to fight for this person because if they’re worth it, nothing can stop you from being together and becoming even stronger than you already are.

You don’t have to do anything crazy, but you’re willing to do something new and brave for them. You stand side by side in every moment and experience life at their side – no matter what happens along the way.

14) They’re always in your heart, even when they aren’t around

Romantic love is a feeling that can’t be explained with words – you can only feel it in your heart. If you want to make sure that this person is someone you’ll fall in love with over and over again, you’ll have to feel them deep inside of yourself.

In order to do this, you have to let yourself go and stop holding back because love isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time and dedication, but if you’re willing to wait it out, all will be rewarded when the right person comes along.

You want to feel this way, but you won’t be able to do it if you aren’t willing to open up and let yourself fall in love with them. If they’re the right one for you, they’ll stay in your heart even when they’re not around.

15) You love all their qualities

It’s so important to love everything about the person you’re in a relationship with.

You will discover their flaws but still, you will adore them – this will make your relationship stronger than ever before.

This will make you support each other in every way and there won’t be any obstacles standing in the way that you can’t overcome. You’ll have the confidence to know that they’re meant for you and that they have everything that makes a person truly amazing.

You wouldn’t change anything about them as a whole because they’re perfect as they are. This is how you know that your feelings are real – beyond any doubt.

Someone who truly loves you will always put your needs before theirs because they know what’s best for you. They’ll want to make sure that everything is in place so that you’re happy and nothing goes wrong between the two of you.

How to make love last longer – regardless of looks or personality?

Helping to make those ‘special’ moments last for years and even decades, is about more than just finding the right person for your life. You need to build mutual respect and trust with your partner. That’s where real love starts.

Relationships fail because of a lack of emotional connection. They don’t fail because of a lack of physical attraction.

You must have a mutual interest, similar hobbies and passions, as well as shared values and beliefs to create an emotional connection with someone else.

That’s why you should never settle for anyone who doesn’t make you feel good emotionally or mentally! You deserve to be with someone who you can connect with on an emotional and intellectual level.

Even if you’ve been together for decades, it doesn’t mean that the relationship is no longer enjoyable or fulfilling for either of you.

You can still appreciate each other’s company and become something amazing together. You don’t lose yourself just because of the number of years that you’ve been in a relationship.

You can experience more, be more passionate, and thrive more because of the time spent with each other.

Final words

So yes, you can fall in love with someone even though you don’t find them attractive at first sight. However, you have to remember that you cannot force yourself to fall in love with someone.

It is a natural process, and it’s something that can take awhile – especially if you are someone who is not very used to falling in love easily.  Whether or not you fall in love with someone depends on how much effort you put into the relationship.

If you’re open and willing to work with your partner for the relationship, then it can only get better. You’ll learn how to love each other and grow as individuals.

Look beyond the looks – start connecting with your partner on an emotional and intellectual level. This is how true love is made!


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