We’ve all had political discussions before and you’ve most likely had them in the past week. And I bet we all can attest to the fact that if both parties don’t agree, it usually goes badly.

Over the past week, it seems like the different sides of the political spectrum hate each other. It makes political discussions pretty much impossible.

I came across this article from a conversational expert named Celeste Headlee and it offers some wonderful ways we can have productive political discussions.

Here are 4 great tips she offers:

1) Don’t try to educate anyone.

Don’t start with the intent to prove someone wrong or change their mind. Research has shown it’s hard to change our own minds, let alone someone else’s. You’ll likely end up annoying that person.

2. Don’t pre-judge.

Listen to others. Don’t discount what someone says simply because they support a candidate you don’t like. Instead, try to understand why they believe what they do. People generally have good reasons for believing in something.

3. Show respect.

Don’t look down on them or call them names. This also means taking turns so that you both have a chance to get your across your points of view.

4. Stick it out.

If a conversation becomes difficult, work through it. Don’t worry about the awkwardness. If you dislike something someone says, don’t react negatively. Simply try to understand and offer your point of view in a calm manner.