Energy Medicine Mindvalley Review: Is it worth it?

My verdict in a nutshell: Is Energy Medicine worth it?

If you have a genuine interest in learning more about the idea of energy healing, then yes, absolutely, Energy Medicine is worth it.

It covers a lot of information and gives you a really good overview of many areas of energy work.

You also learn practical tools to shift your energy on a daily basis and for different life circumstances you are likely to face.

I do think it’s so important to tune in and learn the language of our own bodies. And I am happy to try to have an open mind when it comes to discovering potentially new tools to do this.

For that reason, I found learning about what were very new concepts to me really interesting.

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Why I decided to do Energy Medicine

Growing up, like many other people, I 100% put my faith in the modern medical system.

In my mind, it seemed logical that science was the way forward and the effectiveness of any so-called “alternative” treatments or therapies seemed more wishful thinking and vastly inferior.

Then as a teenager, I was needlessly given three sets of antibiotics in a row by my doctor — for what actually turned out to be a virus anyway — and my immune system became seriously messed up.

For all the years that have followed, I’ve found myself way more susceptible to bugs and imbalances in the body.

I began to understand how my totally blind faith in turning to pharmaceuticals as the answer to every problem actually, in many situations, was harming my body more than doing it good.

Don’t get me wrong, modern medicine has saved countless lives and is a genuine marvel. If I break a leg, the hospital is the first place I want to be.

But I’ve also come to realize that my own body is a marvel too, and I don’t give it anywhere near enough credit in its ability to heal itself — if I only gave it the chance.

I’ve also in recent years read some truly remarkable research on people who have used the power of the mind to “miraculously” cure their own conditions and illnesses.

So I was really excited to take this class, dive deeper, and find out if I really can learn how to heal my own body through energy.

What is Energy Medicine

This is an 8-week Mindvalley health and vitality course with Donna Eden.

Energy Medicine” perhaps sounds a little vague on first hearing it. But I also think that’s because of the unique nature of energy.

We obviously know energy exists. We know that absolutely everything within and around us is just energy clustered together to create form.

Especially when it comes to our own bodies, we may not see it, but we definitely feel it.

I know personally that one of the biggest causes of illness in my life was always stress — which science now confirms as having a huge impact.

But what really is stress other than an energetic reaction to perceived pressure and threat? It’s essentially a toxic energy that makes us feel physically and psychologically drained.

This program wants to show you how to harness the power of your natural energy for better wellbeing and health — and it teaches 5 out of the 9 energy systems to help you do that.

Donna Eden refers to learning energy work as learning a language — a fundamental language that your body speaks and uses to communicate with you.

I think it’s important to be clear that Energy Medicine is in no way anti-western medicine. This is pitched more as an important complimentary tool to modern scientific methods, rather than a replacement.

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What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an online personal transformation learning platform.

It markets itself as teaching you all the essential life skills that regular education overlooks.

On the platform, you will find over 50 courses to choose from on a variety of subjects — including mind, body, entrepreneurship, relationships, parenting, soul, and career.

Some of the courses take a more scientific stance whilst others have a more spiritual overtone.

The class teachers include some of the world’s leading experts, and potentially some familiar names, like hypnotherapist Marisa Peer and author of the best-selling book “Limitless”, Jim Kwik.

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Who is Donna Eden?

Donna Mind Valley 2 1 scaled 1200x600 c default Energy Medicine Mindvalley Review: Is it worth it?

I absolutely love hearing stories like Donna Eden’s.

I find it genuinely thrilling to hear real-life examples of people who have dramatically turned their own health around — and it sort of gives me hope that I can do the same for myself.

We’re told how Donna in her 20’s suffered the debilitating condition, Multiple Sclerosis. Unable to move her muscles and with her organs failing, 5 different Doctors said there was nothing they could do for her, and she would soon die.

Understandably dissatisfied with that prognosis, she set about the seemingly impossible task of healing herself. Which she eventually accomplished, she says, through shifting the energies in her own body.

Since then, for the last 40 years, Donna Eden has been teaching everything she has learned about the collection of energy systems within our bodies. She and her husband now run the biggest Energy Medicine school in the world.

Who is Energy Medicine for?

People (who like me) have become a little more sceptical of our pill-popping culture as the go-to for any ailment. Perhaps you have found some modern medicine solutions have been either harmful to you in some way, or just ineffective.

If you’re looking to learn how to support and strengthen your own body, so that you rely on yourself first and then the Western medical system second.

If conditions that can be driven or made worse by poor energy tend to show up in your life — I’m thinking of things like stress, anxiety, depression, general aches, and pains, or an overall weak immune system.

As we get older, I think we all start to notice changes in the body and energy levels. So I also think this could be a great fit if you’re noticing the aging process but are determined to stay youthful, healthy, and energetic for as long as possible.

Who is Energy Medicine not suitable for?

It’s going to be a challenging course for you if you don’t believe in energy healing whatsoever. I actually think it’s fine to be sceptical ( I was), but if your mind really is totally closed to the potential, then you are unlikely to benefit.

One thing I do think is that we get what we expect in life. So if you really struggle to believe in the power of your own body’s energy to heal you, it’s probably not going to work.

Although on many occasions this course does use scientific explanations, there are plenty of more faith-based concepts in there too. Things like chakra healing and Meridians aren’t going to fit well with everyone.

We all resonate with different ways of explaining things, and if your preference is firmly rooted in science, you may feel less comfortable with this program.

Like I’ve already mentioned, and as this course states in the marketing, this isn’t intended to be a replacement for serious medical treatment if you need it.

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What’s included in Energy Medicine?

  • 8 weeks worth of video coaching with Donna Eden and her husband David Feinstein
  • Daily video lessons and energetic practices
  • A total of 8 energy handbooks which contain the energy healing techniques.
  • Q+A sessions with Donna and David
  • Lifetime access to the program and bonuses
  • Lifetime access to the “tribe” community
  • Access to the program through a smartphone app, desktop version, iPad app and Apple TV

How is the Energy Medicine course structured?

Before you start

There’s a brief introduction video where we hear in a little more detail the background of the course teachers Donna Eden and her husband David Feinstein.

You’ll then download a welcome PDF, which gives you an idea of what to expect and sets a couple of journaling questions for you to reflect on before you get started — just so you start to think about what you want to get out of the course etc.

You’re also then encouraged to “join the tribe” which is an online support group that Mindvalley always offers for their programs, to share your progress with fellow students taking the course.

Then lastly, before you begin, you download a collection of resources — which include PDF’s on the different energy systems and a handy glossary of terms (which I found especially useful with lots of this being totally new to me)

During the program

chapter 1 Energy Medicine Mindvalley Review: Is it worth it?

It’s recommended that you go through this program week by week, and I would second that as there’s a lot of information to take in.

You should be prepared to spend between an hour or two each week on the interactive videos and 10-20 minutes each day on practicing the energy tools.

Unlike some of Mindvalley’s other programs where there is a daily microdose of video content, there are only three video lessons per week in Energy Medicine.

One of these is the 60-90 minutes long instructional video, where you learn all the practical energy techniques and teachings.

The others are much shorter, at 10-15 minutes long. These shorter videos are the Q&A sessions and “energy dances”.

There’s also accompanying booklets to use alongside the videos and online content — which helps you to digest what you’re learning.

The 8 weeks are split up into different themes and energy healing methods, which I’ll outline a bit more below.

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What will you learn in Energy Medicine?

Week 1: Energy Medicine for Vitality

Week one helps to prepare you for the entire 8 week journey, with a description of the nine energy systems of Eden Energy Medicine, as well as a bit of a preview of the ones you’ll learn more about. It’s also in week one that we are shown the overall daily ‘energy routine’ to run through.

Week 2: Clearing, Grounding and Balancing energy

This week centres around Energy Medicine techniques to help you counteract the effects of stress, build resilience and open up to the positive energies of what you want to bring into your life. The exercises focus on clearing your energetic pathways; grounding yourself, and freeing your system of toxins.

Week 3: Relieving Stress with Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridians

The main week’s session explores the effects of stress on your energies, mind, body, and spirits. You will learn about the different Meridians and triple warmer. The exercises include tools to re-balance meridians, reprogram your response to stress, and improve your vitality and mood.

Week 4: Using Energy Tests to Make Healthy Choices

In week 4 we’re introduced to the concept of energy testing. It’s a tool to identify what foods, supplements, and other items work best with your own body’s energies. For example, we learnt how to detect your own energetic response to clothing or other things you are considering buying.

Week 5: Working with Pain

Week 5 is an exploration of how pain relates to the flow of your body’s energies. You’re given a number of Energy Medicine techniques and ‘first-aid’ tools to relieve or clear pain.

Week 6: The Chakras

This week is all about the 7 chakras, which are a traditional energy system that originated in India thousands of years ago. In the video session, you will work with the Chakra system to try to clear deep energetic blocks, release the past, and open up to a renewed future.

Week 7: The Aura

Our aura is explained as a multi-layered ‘cloud’ of energy that surrounds us and plays an important role in integrating and aligning your energy systems. We looked at ways to strengthen this “shield” and correct any imbalances.

Week 8: Radiant Circuits

To finish up, week 8 was all about so-called Radiant Circuits. These are explained as subtle energies that produce higher states of happiness, spontaneity, accelerated healing, and the extra energy that fuels increased performance and joy. The exercises focus on plugging into these circuits.

How much does Energy Medicine cost?

To buy Energy Medicine on its own costs $449, for lifetime access to the course and materials.

Having said that, if you enjoy learning and personal development it would probably make more sense to buy a Mindvalley membership instead.

That costs $499 for a whole year’s worth of access to over 50 of their programs and classes.

Obviously, if you’re confident you would only want to take Energy Medicine and no others, it’s $50 cheaper to do so. But I think it’s certainly worth checking out some of their other courses first.

If you like the sound of Energy Medicine, I’ve listed a few other potential programs you might also enjoy further down in this review.

Either way, there’s a 15-day money-back guarantee with both Mindvalley Membership and the same if you opt for a single program.

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Pro’s and Con’s of Energy Medicine

The Pros — What I liked most about  Energy Medicine

I especially loved the empowering message of this program. Above all else, I think it’s significant that it puts the responsibility for your own well-being firmly in your own hands.

It meant I had to become more aware of my own health and how I impact it. Rather than always looking outside of myself to be “fixed”, I was encouraged to take ownership of the potential harm I do to myself as well as for my own healing.

I felt like I did a lot of very tangible learning on this program, which appealed to the eternal student in me. You’re given plenty of downloadable resources, like diagrams and extra explanations. Rather than just having concepts explained to me, I felt like I was really learning new information on top of practical energy exercises.

The videos for this program were a bit different to other typical Mindvalley content as there was a small audience so they could showcase the exercises. I quite liked this format as it felt like I was attending a live workshop.

To me, Donna Eden’s positive and charismatic energy was truly infectious. I’m sure part of that was because I myself felt enthusiastic about learning this topic. But just watching her videos actually gave me an instant little boost.

The course co-host — David Feinstein, Ph.D. (who is Donna Eden’s husband) — was himself a self-proclaimed sceptic at first.

I resonated with this, as I could definitely relate, having a very sceptical nature myself. It added to the credibility for me that his own research which backed the teachings was what changed his mind. Whilst Donna spoke about energy, David offered explanations that gave more background. I really liked this combination.

Energy Medicine Energy Medicine Mindvalley Review: Is it worth it?

The Cons — What I liked least about Energy Medicine

It’s worth pointing out that within the western medical world, energy medicine is still largely viewed as “pseudo-scientific”. There isn’t conclusive evidence supporting its clinical efficacy and many scientists argue that energy healing is biologically implausible.

I wouldn’t say this program is something you can effortlessly slot into your week. It felt like a commitment of time. Over a couple of months, you should expect to spend between an hour and two a week on the interactive videos and an additional 10-20 minutes daily on the energy work itself.

It’s a very small niggle, but you are told to print out the course booklets at home but I think many people won’t own a printer (I certainly don’t). I felt they could have also made the PDFs directly editable on your computer as well. It didn’t really matter though, as personally I just journaled any questions in a notebook instead.

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My results after taking Energy Medicine

It’s super important to me when I write a review that I tell it to you straight, based on my honest opinions and experiences.

For that reason, I think it’s just too soon to conclusively say what the long-term energetic impact of doing this program will be for me.

I can’t work out to what extent I felt immediate effects in my body, as sometimes the energy shifts felt a lot like being in a good mood.

I definitely felt an instant boost of energy just from taking part.

It’s like when you’re in a great mood simply after hanging out with positive people, compared to the downer you feel after being stuck with complaining or negative people.

But how much of that can be put down to the specific claims in this program about how our energetic body works? The truth is, I really don’t know yet. I think I will need to use the methods I’ve learned over time to really find out.

Either way, I did find bringing more of a conscious awareness to my body every morning really helpful for feeling a greater connection to my body and awareness of my energy levels.

Other Mindvalley classes you may be interested in

Chakra Healing with Anodea Judith: Rather than focusing on many energy systems and teachings like Energy Medicine, this program centres around the chakras. With the ultimate aim being to balance the chakras to create a more harmonious order in your health, wealth, relationships, purpose, and love life.

Feng Shui for Life with Marie Diamond: This is a program designed to help you harness the energy of your surroundings to uplift your living and working spaces, and your life. Unlike Energy Medicine this is less about the energy from within and more about the energy that comes from outside of you.

Duality with Jeffrey Allen: This course is about upgrading your energy. It’s title comes from the assumption that we are both simultaneously a physical body and a spiritual energy. By tapping into this other side to ourselves the program claims it can lead to greater health, an increase in spiritual skills, higher levels of awareness and the ability to function more efficiently in the world.

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