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Ending Rascism Through Education: Adam Goodes


Adam Goodes is a professional Australian football player with the Sydney Swans. Goodes holds an elite place in AFL/VFL history as a dual Brownlow Medallist, dual premiership player, four-time All-Australian, member of the Indigenous Team of the Century, and has represented Australia in the International Rules Series.

He is one of the thought leaders participating in Ideapod’s launch, promoting the “big idea” of racism. Sign up for the waiting list at to share ideas related to ending racism.

Is there a key global issue or national challenge which currently preoccupies you?

The only thing that preoccupies me is my football, my family and my own personal time. If I get all these three in good balance I am very happy. If I had to say one thing I would like to put more time into to help create change nationally that would to keep raising awareness around reconciliation and racism.

Why is this an important challenge for more people to understand and engage with?

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We are a very multicultural country with over 200 different nationalities represented. We don’t need to understand everyones culture but we do need to respect that people are different and we shouldn’t discriminate against these people for being different.

How can we most effectively respond to this challenge?

Education is the key. What we teach our children at school but the most important learnings come from home and what the parents reinforce.

Adam Goodes also sat down with Manchester United Star Rio Ferdinand to talk about how racism affects his life. The interview can be seen below.

<p><a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>VIDEO: Adam Goodes and Rio Ferdinand discuss racism in sport</a></p>


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