12 easily overlooked signs your partner truly appreciates you

We all want to know we’re loved and accepted.

In our relationships, we look for many different things – love, attraction, comfort, support, loyalty, etc. – but we also want to know that we’re appreciated.

This is especially true in relationships that have gone on for a while. Once that new relationship smell has started to fade and normal life starts to creep back in with its responsibilities and obligations, things can really change.

Work, hobbies, kids, aging parents, and other factors start to take up a lot of our time, and we tend to place a lot less focus on our relationships.

At some point, we might even start to feel like we’ve drifted apart from our partners.

While all of this is natural and quite normal, it can leave us wondering where we stand with the person who used to be our biggest fan.

Do they still love and respect us?

Do they still think of us in the same way and value our company?

Luckily, there are ways to tell if you’re still number one in their book. These 12 easily overlooked signs your partner truly appreciates you will let you know you’re the apple of your partner’s eye.

1) They give you their full attention.


Sorry, I forgot what I was going to write. I was just checking my messages, and then I saw this great video of this cute little puppy who-

No, this will never happen because you know I appreciate you, my dearest reader!

And just like that, a partner who appreciates you is going to give you their full attention when you need it.

Sure, you might have to ask for it when they’re occupied with something else, but they’re not going to be daydreaming and staring out the window while you’re telling them something important.

They’re not going to be watching a video or playing on their phone.

Instead, they’ll focus on you and give you the attention you need.

2) They really listen.

Much like giving you their full attention, a partner who really appreciates you will listen carefully when you’ve got something to say.

They’ll pick up the details that are important, and they’ll also remember them.


Because their brain has given their ears a standing order to give your words weight.

You’re set up as a priority person in their life and that means they’ll listen to you a lot better than they will to other people.

And you can tell.

When you talk, they’ll make eye contact, nod and “uh-huh” at the right times, and ask you relevant questions to show you that they’re actively listening to you and not a thousand miles away.

3) They take time for you.

Life can get hectic.

Work can make you completely swamped. Having kids requires an unbelievable amount of time and energy.

Everything can build up and make you feel like you don’t have time for anything ever. 

But the truth is that you always have the choice to prioritize your time and spend it doing things that are really important.

So you know your partner appreciates you if they give you their precious time.

They might take a few minutes here and there to take a break from what they’re doing and come spend time with you.

Hopefully, they even schedule special couple time at least once in a while so that you can be together just the two of you. 

4) They work to resolve conflicts.

Almost all couples fight.

Surprisingly, the ones that don’t may actually be in the biggest trouble. When your partner stops caring about making things work with you, they will give up on fighting and sticking up for themself.

Other couples fight incessantly and never seem to get their issues resolved.

But if your partner really appreciates you, they won’t want to have any really big issues hanging over the relationship like storm clouds.

So, they’ll actively work to resolve your conflicts and misunderstandings. They won’t simply ignore them and hope they go away. They’ll try to talk about them, understand your opinion, and look for solutions that are amicable for both sides.

pic2060 12 easily overlooked signs your partner truly appreciates you

5) They try to take care of your needs.

If your partner appreciates you, they’ll want your needs to be met.

This means all your needs, from sexual to emotional, physical to material.

I don’t mean, though, that they’ll leave you resting on a chaise longue all day, feeding you grapes and massaging your shoulders while fanning you and also holding down a nine-to-five job.

But they will take time to see that your needs are met.

When they’re not, your partner will ask you what you need and try to provide it or help you find it. This could be emotional support, a small business loan, or a hug.

But whatever it is, they won’t just leave you wanting.

6) They ask your opinion.

What’s more validating than when someone genuinely asks your opinion?

I mean, they really want to know what you think, and they’re not only asking you to say yours just so they can say theirs.

Instead, if your partner really values your ideas and opinions, what could be a better sign that they appreciate you?

7) You make them genuinely happy.

Does your partner have their biggest smile when you’re around?

Do they seem to laugh and feel great around you?

If you make them feel genuinely happy, then, of course, they really appreciate you. 

So many other relationships will struggle with resentment, hurt feelings, and even jealousy, which is a real shame.

But if your relationship is full of smiles and fun, your partner is clearly happy to be with you.

8) They respect your boundaries.

If your partner truly appreciates you as a person, they’ll show it by respecting your boundaries.

We all have limits, and we draw lines in the sand that we don’t want people to cross. People who respect us won’t even dream of crossing them, but people who don’t care about us will callously step right past them without looking.

An appreciative partner won’t try to drag you to places where you don’t feel comfortable, and they definitely won’t ask you to do things that are against your moral code.

Instead, they recognize that your boundaries are an integral part of who you are.

9) They talk about the future with you.

You might have overlooked this sign in the past, but it’s one you should pick up on now that you’re really wondering if you’re appreciated in your relationship.

While some partners don’t envision a future with their current boos, people who appreciate their partners certainly do.

They include you in their future plans. Rather than only talking about what they want or need to do, they use the word “we” when they talk about the future.

That’s going to let you know that they see you as an extricable part of their life.

10) They’re proud of you.

A partner who appreciates you probably isn’t going to be content with just keeping all the great things they know about you to themself.

Instead, they’ll show you off to others. They’ll happily tell people when you’ve had major successes and big wins, even when you might be too modest to toot your own horn.


Because they think you’re great, silly!

They want everyone else to see what they can see in you.

So even if you don’t feel like it’s warranted, a partner who really appreciates you is going to be your biggest fan and will cheer for you louder than anyone, except maybe your mom.

11) They think about your feelings.

Your partner who appreciates you feels really happy with you. 

And they’re going to want the same thing for you.

You’ll find that they consider your feelings all the time and endeavor to make those feelings positive. But they’ll also know when you need to express negative feelings like anger or grief, and they’d never think of getting in the way of you letting these things out.

12) They tell you they appreciate you.

Wait, this is so obvious.

How can this be an overlooked sign your partner truly appreciates you?

Well, if they tell you all the time, the expression of this sentiment can actually feel watered down and lose its meaning.

We humans tend to get used to anything that we encounter frequently enough, almost to the point that we don’t notice it anymore.

Well, kind words are no exception.

So if your partner always tells you they appreciate you, maybe it’s you who has to work on appreciation so you can really take in their words and feel them deeply.

Final words

These 12 easily overlooked signs your partner truly appreciates you are all fantastic if you can pick up on them.

They’ll let you know that, despite the challenges going on in your life, the person you’ve chosen to share it with is happily sharing their life with you, too.

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