Duality or non-duality is that the question

We rise with the day while the night is guaranteed to envelope us once again. Life seems to be obviously divided into two, light and dark.

We are asleep or awake. So begins the great battle of duality. What seems clear to us might just merely be illusions painted with notions.

We look down at our hands and see two. For grasping and tugging, right and left. We take a step with one foot then the other. A journey begins with two, seeing the differences. From there things start to add up.

We touch water and feel its coolness. Fire burns us.

We feel separate from the world and fear what is out there. Is it good or is it bad. Fight or flight. This is who we though we have been for eons entangled in this old story.

We have developed a #senseof the world that has separated us from it. I and the other.

In that journey we have named things. Given them meaning of this or that.

In this naming we have called out life and death. The greatest duality of all… am I here or not.

What if there were neither?

What would we then call it. Would we fear it.

In this search to rediscover what we once knew to our core a great weaving is taking place, the synergy of many threads making up the fabric of our collective realities. The #noosphere.

When we push ourselves or are pulled by circumstances to see differently, the prism of perspective sheds light beyond the simple senses.

There is a movement afoot slowly but surely blossoming. Shedding light where once was a faint memory of who we really are, and feel we can be.

Relieving ourselves from this duality to think outside the box stretches us to reach for more, or let go and hold onto less.

Recently working with the shaman @Ruda he asked us to explore our own duality and consider our opposite gender buried inside each of us, to name them, get familiar with them.

It didn’t take but a moment to have her tell me out loud my name was Gaia. She who births all.

I felt at home with this idea, its truth resonated deeply within me. But little did I realize what lie in wait, for a few weeks later Gaia spoke through me when I least expected it.

It was Venus who called her out and woke us. She pulled me upstairs at 4am, drew me outside into the chill to look up at the wondrous night sky and gifted us these #storyseeds… READ MORE

 Mark’s Myth is an exploration into the synergies of ideas… riffs blending wordplay, story telling, technology and the arts weaving together a tapestry of synapses and milestones.

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Notable replies

  1. Lovely story, @Eleprocon. Living with this duality is pretty intense at times.

    Yesterday I was listening to Alan Watts and he was speaking about using psychedelics to reach enlightenment. These blur the boundaries between self and other, between I and thou.

    There were two common reactions to this experience:

    1. Megalomania, where the individual feels they can use this newly found connection with consciousness to get the universe to bend to their will.

    2. Transcendence, where boundaries between self and other dissolve, and the individual feels at one with the universe.

    You mention @Ruda and your experience with Out of the Box. I think Out of the Box is very much about exploring the boundaries between between ourselves and the world outside us. As we connect with something very powerful within, the question is how to use it. Will nature come alive through you, or will you give life to nature around you.

    It’s a beautiful experience you describe, being called outside and witnessing Venus. I hope you find the time to continue working through Out of the Box. There’s many more exercises and experiences to come.

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