10 possible reasons you’re dreaming about having an affair with a married man

The dream world is a mysterious place that can sometimes feel chaotic and full of frightening influences.

No matter the intention of the dream, it’s important to explore why you’re dreaming about something you feel is taboo or uncomfortable with yourself.

This post will go into 10 possible reasons you’re dreaming about having an affair with a married man, and give resources on how to illicit new perspectives on what this dream could mean within your own life.

1) You’re feeling pressure to fit in

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In your dream, you’ve met someone who is very charming, attractive, and accomplished. But this man is married and you’re having an affair with him.

Dreams are often meant to teach us lessons and give us clues as to why complicated things may appear in this dream.

You’re feeling pressure to fit in with a certain social or cultural identity, and your subconscious is trying to let you know that you’re living within boxes that are making it difficult for you to breathe.

When you meet someone who’s exactly like “the man” that society has told us we need to be, it makes the process of dropping all of those boxes way too easy.

This guy is a social butterfly and everyone loves him. It would only make sense that you begin to feel some anxiety because you may feel like you aren’t being just as fun or interesting as he is.

Despite your best efforts to get in, you are often left out and become upset or worried about this. The social pressure is so strong that you feel like throwing a fit in front of everyone and causing an embarrassing scene.

Maybe this represents you being left out of a social activity that is important to you. If so, then it might mean that you need to be more social and try and get out in the world more often.

This could be your mind’s way of telling you to relax and have more confidence in yourself. Sometimes, the pressure to be just like everyone else can feel overwhelming, and this is the perfect time to take a step back and take a look at what you’re trying to fit in with.

2) You’re feeling guilty

Every one of us has felt guilty before, and it’s important to explore your feelings of guilt as they come up in your dreams. Guilt is a very heavy emotion that can make you want to run away and hide.

You may be having this dream because you’re in a relationship with someone right now and yet you might be having a crush on someone who’s already married: he may be a neighbor, a friend, a colleague or even a relative.

You may also be having this dream since you’re in a relationship and aren’t as happy in it as you thought you’d be. Part of you wants to explore other options, but the guilt is stopping this from happening.

In any case, dreaming about infidelity suggests that you’re feeling guilty about something in your life. Take the time to look at what you’re feeling guilty about in your life right now, and take steps to alleviate this guilt so it doesn’t continue to haunt you and your sleep.

Sometimes, dreams about infidelity can also suggest that you’re feeling guilty about indulging in certain pleasures.

You might be having a dream where you’re having an affair with a married man and this dream is letting you know that it is okay to indulge in the pleasures in your life that bring you joy.

3) A real psychic can give you some clarity

If you find yourself dreaming about having an affair with a married man – it’s important to understand what this dream could mean.

Now, maybe the dream is a reflection of your desires and feelings, but maybe it has a deeper and even spiritual meaning to it. After all, sometimes dreams have a psychological aspect and at other times, a psychic one. 

Turns out, your dream could contain a spiritual message or it could be a sign that the man in your dream has an important role to play in your life… but how can find out?


Get in touch with one of the gifted advisors at Psychic Source that specialize in dream interpretation. Personally, I’ve spoken to them several times and they’ve always been spot-on when it came to understanding my dreams.

Get your dream interpreted today so that you can stop feeling guilty and weird about it.

4) You’re feeling unsatisfied with your love life

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Here’s a brutal truth: You might be starting to get bored with your partner to the point that you’re dreaming of having an affair with a married man.

Dreams about cheating can be a sign that you’re feeling unsatisfied in your relationship and in need of something exciting to bring back the spark – that you’re feeling distant from your partner and desperate to feel something new.

You might be having this dream because you want to rediscover something new and exciting with someone else. Or, you want to feel something that’s going to bring back a lot of passion into your relationship.

You’ve been feeling this way for a while now and you’re tired of feeling alone. If you feel as if your partner is drifting from you, this dream could be telling you that it’s time to have some tough conversations with them.

You might also have this dream because your conscience is trying to tell you something. It could be letting you know that the relationship isn’t working and it’s time to find someone else who can help bring some excitement into your life.

5) You’re feeling rejected by your partner

While this one involves the relationship between two people, it has some crossover into the dark aspects of society that I mentioned above.

What it comes down to is that deep down inside of you, there may be some insecurity about yourself and your body or appearance.

This could also be related to feeling like your partner doesn’t appreciate the time or effort that you put into the relationship. Perhaps, you’re feeling stuck in a relationship that has become stale and is bringing you down.

Feeling rejected by our partner is one of the most painful feelings we can experience, and when this feeling enters your dreams, it can be a sign that you’re so deep into it that you are seeing yourself as a victim.

It’s never too late to fix things in your relationships and break free from the feeling of rejection.

You might also be having a dream about cheating and this dream is letting you know that you resent your partner for not seeing how beautiful you are or for not seeing how hard it is for you to get up every day and face the world.

If you’re ready to create a more meaningful relationship with your special someone, getting advice from a relationship coach of Relationship Hero is ideal. When a friend of mine was having a hard time with her current love life, she turned to Relationship Hero for some help.

After a few sessions with the coach she was working with, she was able to make some healthy changes both in herself and in her relationship that helped bring back the passion and excitement that had started to feel lost.

Relationship Hero had so many insights into why things hadn’t worked out and how she could have handled things differently.

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Dreams about being married to someone else are disheartening for a lot of reasons. It’s just one more pattern that tells you what your life is going to be like and it’s honestly a little depressing when you’re dreaming of having an affair with a married man.

6) You’re trying to prove something to yourself

Sometimes, we feel like we need to prove something to ourselves.

It’s as if there’s some kind of challenge or obstacle that we need to get over or overcome. It’s probably that same thing that’s been bothering you for a while, whether it’s related to your body, your work, your relationship with other people, or your emotions.

This is a sign that your dreams are going deep into your psyche and examining some of your deepest fears and insecurities.

You might also be having a dream about cheating because you’re trying to prove something to yourself. It could be that you’re trying to prove that you can approach someone who is married and have an affair with them.

It could also be to prove that you’re capable of seducing someone who’s married and have an affair with them, which is a totally different thing.

Feeling as if your self-worth depends on this one person can be dangerous. In order to grow, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves and love our personal best selves without depending on anyone else.

7) You’re feeling jealous of someone else’s success and happiness

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In this weird dream, your lover is married, yet he’s constantly telling you how happy he is in his marriage. You may be thinking, “I wish I could be happy like that!”.

You might also be feeling jealous that someone else has found true love, and you’re not there yet.

It’s important to recognize this dream as a reflection of your own insecurities and to ask yourself if other people in your life are making you feel this way. If you have this dream often, it could indicate that someone else is receiving more attention and love than you are.

This is especially true if you’re having trouble finding a great partner to share your life with.

If you are feeling jealous of the success and happiness of others, it might be time to examine what you need in order to feel truly successful and happy.

If this dream is always playing out in front of you, it could mean that something’s lacking in your life that you haven’t been taking the time to explore. Go out and see your friends, have some fun, try out a new hobby – anything you can do to help you feel more connected and fulfilled.

8) You feel a strong emotional attraction to this man

Another reason that you could be having this recurrent dream is because you feel a strong emotional connection to this married man in your waking life. 

This could be a friend or a colleague that you have shared interests with, or that you have bonded with over similar life experiences. Or maybe you just have a strong emotional and physical connection to him.

It’s possible that you’ve been suppressing your feelings for this man in your waking life – for the obvious reason (him being married of course). But you can’t hide from your feelings forever, eventually, they’ll catch up with you, even if it has to be in your dreams.

Now, I have to mention that there’s a slight chance that he could be your soulmate and that he’s with the wrong woman. BUT BEFORE you get ahead of yourself and act on your feelings, you need to make damn sure that that’s the case – after all, you don’t want to ruin a happy marriage!

That’s where a psychic comes in. Remember how I mentioned Psychic Source earlier? Well, they have professional dream interpreters that will be able to tell you whether you have hidden feelings for this man or if it’s something more – like you’re actually meant to be with him!

Get in touch with someone now and get your dream interpreted!

9) You’re working on a project and having a hard time

No matter what the task, whether it’s building a home, getting a new job or starting your own business, if you’re dreaming of struggling with it, that means you feel as if you have something important to do but aren’t doing it.

If you’re unable to finish what you started, it’s as if you’ve realized that your vision for the future needs to be adjusted or rethought.

This can be frustrating if you’re struggling with something important, but it could also just mean that this is a new area of life that you need to explore more. You may have a good idea of what you want to accomplish, but you’re not quite sure how to do that.

Ask yourself if there’s something else that you can do that doesn’t involve the work you’re struggling with right now.

If nothing else works, then maybe it’s just time to acknowledge that you need more help or guidance in this area and make some changes so that you can move forward in an informed way.

10) You’re working on something and being teased about it

This dream is about how your friends treat you about the thing that you’re working on. If your friends are making fun of you and teasing you about your goals, it could be that they feel as if you’re not taking yourself seriously.

They feel as if you’re not being committed or putting in the effort, even though it’s important to you.

If your friends teasing you about something important, it could be that this is the type of thing you need to let people know that you’re serious and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

It could be that they are insecure or feel as if they don’t understand what’s happening in your life.

Be truthful about what you want to accomplish, and give your friends enough time to adjust.

If they continue making fun of you, it may be a sign that you need to make some changes in the people that you choose to surround yourself with. Your life will be better with people who will support you.

Final words

If you’re having dreams about having an affair with someone who’s married, you may be feeling insecure about your relationship.

You may be trying to prove something to yourself, or you may feel as if you’re not receiving the love that you deserve.

If you keep having the same dreams more frequently than usual, it’s a sign that there are feelings going on in your life that need to be worked out and resolved.

Don’t ignore these feelings – they could indicate a problem that needs attention.

In life, you can’t always be certain of how things are going to turn out. In the dream world, however, you can create a vision for what you want and bring it to life.

You can choose your path and make your dreams come true.

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