Do I need a mindset coach? Here’s what you need to know

Have you been feeling stuck for a while?

Do you feel like something’s blocking you from reaching every goal and enjoying your life at the moment?

If you’re not sure why it’s happening and what to do with it, you probably need a mindset coach.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about mindset coaches and why they can change people’s lives.

We’ll dive into the techniques they use to bring out your best self forward, the differences between their job and a therapist’s, and why you might need a mindset coach in your life…

Ready, set, go!

What exactly is a mindset coach?

Let’s go over the basics together.

A mindset coach dedicates their life to rewiring mindsets and helping people unlock their full potential and be their best selves.

They don’t solve your problems for you and don’t give much direct advice either.

Instead, they ask the right questions—the mind-blowing ones.

This way, you can do the work and identify where you’re blocked and how to get over that.

Are you in need of a mindset coach?

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We won’t lie; mindset coaching isn’t for everyone and is not for every stage of your life.

It’s best to get it at a certain point in your personal development.

These kinds of people will notice the results quickly:

  • Folks with an open mind.
  • People that love hearing different perspectives.
  • People who want to take the reigns of their own lives are responsible for their actions.
  • People who believe in their potential and ability to reach their goals and become their best selves forever.

The process of rewiring your subconscious beliefs isn’t easy or quick.

It takes work to learn something new, and it’s true for both university and life.

You need to take action to stay focused on the process.

So, if you have been feeling stuck, can’t reach your goals, are frustrated by your lack of consistency, and want to improve yourself and your productivity, then mindset coaching can be waiting for you to take advantage of it.

Signs you need a mindset coach right now

Some people need a mindset coach quicker than others.

Here are the 5 major signs you’re in that situation:

1) You know where you want to be but you don’t have a plan

So, you know exactly what your goals are. You might even have a vision board on your phone.

However, you’ve got zero clue where to start and how to achieve that goal.

A mindset coach can take you through the process and help you create an action-focused plan.

That’s how you get where you want to be.

Humans have lots of ideas, but sometimes lack of clarity prevents us from making them a reality.

Don’t miss any more opportunities!

2) You feel like you’re lost

Let’s talk briefly about life coaches.

Their job is to help folks find their one true goal in life, their soul’s mission, so to speak.

They guide people that are lost and confused.

Mindset coaches work similarly, providing a great starting point and virtually kicking you off to an awesome life.

Our mindset determines our life, so…

If you’ve been feeling lost, a mindset coach will be of great help.

3) You are riddled with self-doubt

It’s the worst feeling in the world.

If you can’t trust yourself, a mindset coach will help you get clear on what you need right now.

Most of the time we’re confused by the noise of the world around us, even if we know what we want at the bottom of our hearts.

The “shoulda-coulda” mindset helps nobody.

A mindset coach will get you out of that vicious circle and help you become the best person you can be.

As a consequence, your dreams will be achievable.

4) You’ve been procrastinating

By procrastinating, we prevent ourselves from fulfilling our dreams.

Discipline and consistency are the two things that help us reach our goals and get things done with positivity.

A mindset coach will help you break those self-harming thought patterns and release you from bad habits like procrastination.

You will be able to move forward in life.

5) You need a boost of confidence

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Working with a mindset coach is great because their goal is to help you trust yourself.

They support your decisions but ultimately, they help you be independent of people’s opinions about your life and your choices.

This way, your path is free to fulfill your dreams however you see fit.

You are as worthy of success as the richest person on earth and deserve people who hype you up around you.

Top 3 reasons to hire a mindset coach

1) Building healthy habits

MIndsets are dynamic, and as such, you need practice. Only that way, they will stick.

What’s a practice? It’s a habit.

A mindset coach will help you build better habits according to your personality and add to them at your own pace.

2) Breaking away from your comfort zone

Stepping outside our comfort zone can be super stressful, but that’s where a mindset coach helps.

They encourage their clients to grow by challenging themselves.

Our comfort zone feels great, but we don’t grow inside it.

Changing that way of thinking is the job of a mindset coach.

3) To enjoy challenges

There are two perspectives: you can fear challenges or see them as opportunities–as a way to level up in life.

When you change that perception, your world opens up to a lot of opportunities.

Working with a mindset coach makes that process faster.

You’ll be more successful and, most importantly, happier when you can trust yourself to make good choices.

What are the differences between a mindset coach and a life coach?

Life coaches

As a general rule, we can say that mindset coaching encompasses life coaching. After all, life coaches help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

They focus on structures and traditional strategies to guide you through life and help you achieve your goals.

A mindset coach focuses more on your inner world, mind, and how your brain tells stories about yourself and your surroundings.

Mindset coaches

With this kind of coaching, you will nosedive into your subconscious. You need to understand how your mind works to get it to do what you want.

Psychological blockages and self-limiting beliefs are your worst enemies. To overcome these fears and get over anxieties, you need the help of a mindset coach.

You’ll make better decisions and trust yourself more with a positive mindset. You will have your eyes peeled for new opportunities, no matter how they present themselves.

What are the differences between a mindset coach and a therapist?

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This is very important.

Mindset coaches are not therapists by any means.

Therapists focus on mental illness and trauma and how to help when someone is struggling with them.

Mindset coaches don’t have the qualifications to treat people with, let’s say, clinical depression.

They don’t treat people with diagnosed disorders.

However, mindset coaches empower folks who want to be more optimistic and boost their productivity.

They need a mindset adjustment, and that’s where coaches come in.

Of course, there are some similarities between mindset coaches and therapists.

Reframing negative ways of thinking can be part of both a therapist’s job and a mindset coach’s.

It’s worth noting that life coaches and therapists may share some commonalities.

While therapists can focus more on blockage subconscious elements, mindset coaches encourage people to act.

What can you achieve with the right mindset coach?

You can focus on your overall well-being if you hire a mindset coach. They can help you in any and every area of your life.

You can improve your career, boost your business, finish university or get into that sports team you want. This is all done through action, trusting yourself, and improving your mental state and social skills.

Here are some ways a mindset coach can help you:

  • Identify what success looks like for you and your goals;
  • Create a growth plan for yourself and your career;
  • Identify the ways you limit yourself or limiting beliefs;
  • Work towards being independent financially;
  • Balance your personal life and your work;
  • Learn practical communication skills;
  • Build powerful connections while staying true to yourself;
  • Get that promotion you’ve always wanted;
  • Lose the extra weight and accomplish your fitness goals;
  • Start that new business and grow the one you have;
  • Manage important or difficult decisions;
  • Articulate what your core values are.

Mindset coaches can combine different therapies, like EMD, EFT, CBT, and even hypnotherapy. This way, they understand their client better, how they think, and how they make choices.

These techniques are the best when you need to change your perception of the world and act accordingly.

What other techniques can a mindset coach use?

If they need to, there are more specific techniques they can use to shift a client’s mindset into something more positive.

These are some of them.

NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This technique focuses on the subconscious and reveals the true feelings of someone.

Language affects how we perceive the world and can change it for the better.


Hypnosis is a great tool to communicate with the subconscious.

After all, the subconscious stores the origin of a lot of mental blocking.

NAC: Neuro-associative Conditioning

There are two reasons why people behave and feel in certain ways:

  • They want to avoid pain;
  • They want to feel pleasure.

NAC is the work of creating new neuro associations, thus changing the emotions and the behavior of a client.

Like NLP, it’s another way of reprogramming our brains and getting them to do what we want.

CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This is the most popular form of therapy since it helps people identify their thinking pattern and change it for the better.

A mindset coach wants to help their clients and let them explore their world in a safe environment. This way, they can change it.

Many times, people are stuck in fixed mindsets instead of growth mindsets. It’s the job of the coach to guide them through the change.

That’s how people open their eyes to new opportunities in their life.

Can mindset coaches help with personal or professional goals?

In short: yeah. With both of those goals or either of them.

Whatever you need to achieve, they can help you. It doesn’t matter if you want to improve your productivity, sell more in your business or communicate better with your friends and family.

A mindset coach can actually help in a lot of different areas at the same time because they help us change our perception of the world.

Can I benefit from a mindset coach if I’m successful already?

Of course!

Mindset coaches are great with a wide array of folks. You don’t need to feel like you’re at the bottom of the barrel before hiring one.

The coaches understand that your mind is your biggest limitation when it comes to achieving all your goals.

Are mindset coaches for life?

Not at all.

Mindset coaches help you learn new and better ways of working and building relationships, and they break those limiting beliefs that don’t help you at all.

You won’t be dependent on them; their goal is the opposite: that you’re independent!

They empower you to make your own choices.

How long will it take to work with a mindset coach?

It is recommended that people stay for a year in this sort of thing. This way, the new habits build on each other and stick forever.

Remember that it takes a while to change, and you can count on a mindset coach’s support every step of the way.

Many people reach their most urgent goals and then only stay in touch a couple of times a year, like an annual checkup with a doctor.

When you have someone with you that you know will act in your best interest, you understand how beneficial it is to have a mindset coach.

What are other ways to change my mindset for the better?

While mind coaches are extremely helpful when it comes to creating a better mindset, there are other techniques you can use to rewrite your thinking and finally achieve your goals.

What does it take to build a life filled with exciting opportunities and passion-fueled adventures?

Most of us hope for a life like that, but we feel stuck, unable to achieve the goals we wishfully set at the start of each year.

I felt the same way until I took part in Life Journal. Created by a teacher and life coach Jeanette Brown, this was the ultimate wake-up call I needed to stop dreaming and start taking action.

Click here to find out more about Life Journal.

So what makes Jeanette’s guidance more effective than other self-development programs?

It’s simple:

Jeanette’s created a unique way of putting YOU in control of your life.

She’s not interested in telling you how to live your life. Instead, she’ll give you lifelong tools that’ll help you achieve all your goals, keeping the focus on what you’re passionate about.

And that’s what makes Life Journal so powerful.

If you’re ready to start living the life you’ve always dreamt of, you need to check out Jeanette’s advice. Who knows, today could be the first day of your new life.

Here’s the link once again.

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