Do guys ever come back after rejecting you? Yes, but only if they show these 10 signs!

When a guy first rejects you, he might feel terrible about it. Probably because he knows how good things were when you were together.

The thing is, this doesn’t mean that you have lost him for good. There are signs that will tell you if he will come back after rejecting you.

If the following signs ring true, then he might be missing you already and it’s only a matter of time until he comes back into your life.

Let’s start digging!

1) He still reaches out to you

If after a few days without contact, he still attempts to make contact with you by text or phone call, there is a high probability that he still wants to be with you.

He might not have the guts to hang out with you in person, but he does still text you and call you a lot. As bad as it feels, there is a reason for this.

Here’s the thing:

It may be that he hasn’t forgotten about you at all. He might be looking through his phone and he sees that there are still so many messages from you or those texts from him that go unanswered.

When you have to look at those texts, it’s your choice to call him to talk.

Don’t be surprised if he suddenly changes his mind and starts begging you to take him back.

Your ex might not have many people in mind when he thinks of who he wants to date or with whom he wants to go out, but he does still check for updates about you on Facebook or Instagram.

He might react to your posts hoping he will get a response from you, hence.. a conversation starter. This will give him a chance to reach out to you, ask how have you been and if you are doing good.

This is a clear sign that he still checks up on you and a big “will come back to you” clue.

2) He’s very active on his social media accounts

A lot of people are pretty lazy when it comes to social media.

They just take these platforms to keep up with their contact lists, but do very little interactivity. But your ex is different as he is active on his social media accounts.

He might post a few photos on Instagram, or post status updates or comments on Instagram story or Twitter that he doesn’t normally do.

He might post his selfies or random shots about his day, put a funny sticker or brief description.

Or he might post quotes and sayings about “staying strong”, “time’s ticking” and all these other stuff with deep meanings. All for what? To hopefully get your attention. He is silently hoping you are going to see what he posted, and react to it.

You have to give him credit for this. He’s not doing it to make you mad or upset, he is simply showing that he’s been thinking about you, and he is still interested in you.

3) He wants you to believe him

pexels cottonbro 4694312 Do guys ever come back after rejecting you? Yes, but only if they show these 10 signs!

He will say a lot of things to get you to believe that he is busy, that he has no time for another relationship, but chances are, deep down he does want to be with you.

What does this mean? It means that he doesn’t want you to find out about the other girls in his life. Since you’ve broken up for some time, there’s a big chance he was seeing other people.

Now here’s the interesting part… he might’ve thought that being with you was keeping him from being lonely – that, and the fact that all he could think about was you.

Thinking that you might be disappointed to know that he was on some dates, he might try to reason things out or cover it up. You know he’s not all nice… right?

If he doesn’t want you to find out about the other girls, the way he deals with you might make him seem more interested in getting back together than any of them.

He’ll always text you first, answer your calls quickly and be courteous at every given opportunity. The important thing to remember is, he is sorry for rejecting you and wants to make up with you.

4) He keeps a picture of you on his phone

Even though he might not want to see you, he still has something on his phone that reminds him of you or the moments you have shared together.

Maybe he kept the pictures or videos that you both shot together. Maybe it was a video of you two dancing and singing in the car, or taking funny pictures in front of the mirror.

Or it could be that he has downloaded your favorite song on his phone as a reminder.

It could be a video of your dog or cat, but all of this remains on his phone in one way or another. He might even have pictures from the two of you on his computer desktop.

He doesn’t have the courage to delete anything related to you, which means that he still has the intention of getting back together with you.

These pictures and videos are a constant reminder of how badly he messed up, that he rejected a woman who was ready to give him all the love in the world.

He is missing you so much as he is looking at those pictures and videos, and he probably thought about how promising you could be and your future together be if he didn’t mess things up.

It’s only a matter of time for him to show these intentions clearer.

5) He wants to get back together but doesn’t know how

When people are heartbroken and want out of the relationship, they tend to take some extreme measures. But he is different, he wants you back but doesn’t know where to start.

He might start to do things his way, not worrying about the consequences. Because he is totally torn up and has to deal with a lot, he might have lost his focus.

It could be that you two were working together at the same place and one day he comes up to you, close up and whispers in your ear “we need to talk”.

It could also be that he calls you and says “I want to get back together with you”. At first, it’s not easy for you to tell him exactly what to do… so here are a couple of tips that might help him:

  • Give him the time to sort his feelings out
  • Give him the space for him to see where he is heading
  • Give him your support, even if it’s a silent one

You don’t even have to text or talk to him, just let him know how you feel or if you want another chance with him. He might not come back if he isn’t sure of what he wants and how you feel about it.

But don’t worry, this is normal especially when a guy is broken up and needs time to himself.

So rather than get him back because that’s what you want, find out whether or not he still wants to be with you in the first place.

If he recovers from his feelings and wants to have a strong, committed relationship with you again, he will figure out what to do.

Don’t wait until he says “I want to get back together” to start the ball rolling.

This is not something that will happen right away, don’t panic – give him some time! If you want things to work out with him this time around, give him some space and let him take the initiative.

6) He wants to see you again after breaking up

Here’s the story: he was the one who initially wanted to keep things going and see how things go. You guys hit it off from when you first met… but later on, things got complicated.

Probably because of your busy schedules or maybe because he felt like you wanted something more serious than what he did. You remember that talk you had right? You were afraid to get hurt and he didn’t want to get closer.

But then, something changed and he wanted out. Now, if he’s trying to change things and make a point of seeing you again after breaking up, this is a good sign that can help open the door to a second chance in your relationship.

If he continues to tell you that he wants to see you again, you can work on your relationship.

But before that, ask yourself if you want things to go back to the way they were before or is this something that you want to work on.

  • Did he cheat on you?
  • Did he have an affair behind your back?
  • Did he disrespect you by seeing other people?

If he did, here’s what you should do now:

Don’t contact him and allow him to continue feeling guilty.

This is how you will get back at him and make him realize what he has done wrong. You shouldn’t try to outdo his actions, though; just let things be as they are and let him come to you later on.

7) He keeps telling you that he misses you

jumpstory download20220304 111023 Do guys ever come back after rejecting you? Yes, but only if they show these 10 signs!

He might be feeling miserable because of what he did and needs to let you know that he misses you. He might even send you a message or send you a text, saying “I miss your smile”.

This is something a guy says when he misses someone. It could also mean that he is tired of being alone and feels like some company is needed.

If he wants to see you again but doesn’t know how he might be afraid of doing things the wrong way and ruining things by acting in an abrupt manner.

But actions speak louder than words.

If your ex keeps on telling you that he misses you, chances are that he does.

He might be feeling like a failure because of some things that happened in the past, which is why there’s a chance he’d want to see if things could go back to where they were before.

You might’ve seen it coming but he will soon ask you out for a date.

But it’s not just a “date”, think of it as getting back together. This is the only way that you can be sure if he has changed and if he is ready to change once again. The best thing to do is to accept his invitation and give him a chance.

Still, what if you feel unsure that he actually misses you instead of just saying it?

If that’s the case, I would suggest receiving personalized guidance from professional a relationship coach in order to clarify his intentions.

Relationship Hero is where I found this special coach who helped turn things around for me. They are perfectly placed to help you determine how you should proceed after being rejected.

If you’re ready to receive unique insights about your love life, here’s what you should do:

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8) He is starting to make plans for the future

He might be planning a date or he might want to go out and do something with you again. He wants to get back but doesn’t know how to do it. If this sounds like your ex, here’s what you should do:

Don’t ignore him (unless he’s been bothering you lately).

If you’re not ignoring him, then let him know that he’s on the right path. Encourage him (but indirectly) to continue making plans and you should see him a lot more.

Try to make the best of things and have fun together. There’s no telling when the spark will come back, but you might be able to turn this around if you can be patient with things.

He doesn’t know how he feels about you right now, so why rush anything? We can only hope that there’s more to your relationship than just a rebound effect.

9) He is trying to be alone with you

Even if he tries to make excuses not to spend time with you, chances are he doesn’t want to be in a group of people (could be your mutual friends) when you’re around, you know why? He wants some alone time with you.

He might even cancel his plans with his friends or other girls just to hang out for some more time with you. This is because deep down inside, he does miss your company and he wants more time with you.

So it’s best that you initiate the get-back-together talk when both of you are alone.

10) He is trying to make amends

He wants to know how you really feel and if there’s anything that he can do to get back together with you. If this is the case, you should listen to his feelings and try to understand what he’s going through right now.

He might also try hanging out with you as friends, just like how it was before. This can help give him an idea of what you’re feeling and if there’s any chance of getting back together again.

When he starts being nice to you, it might be because he wants back in your life and that’s something he needs to figure out.

Not only that, he’s trying to show and tell you that he’s sorry, that a huge part of him still wants to get back together.

If this is the case, he will want to know what he can do so you two can be together again. He might even try asking some of your friends if they can talk to you.

But if he is still not sure of what to do, let him know that you’re open to getting back together. If you don’t, things might move really fast and you’ll end up getting hurt again.

You could try talking to him and see what he wants, but at least let him feel comfortable. You had a history together, after all and you deserve to know his true feelings.

Are you ready for his comeback?

Well, there you have it—11 signs that your ex is thinking about getting back together with you. No two people are the same, so it’s hard to say for sure if this will work.

But these are some of the things that he might be feeling or doing when he wants a second chance in your relationship. He might want to get back as soon as possible, or he might need a little more time.

Every break up is different and everyone handles it differently. Just focus on yourself and how you feel right now.

You might want to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him another chance; things weren’t all that bad when you two were together, right?

Or you can just walk away and expect him to continue doing this until you get tired of hearing it.

The final say is yours.

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