Day 11 of quarantine: Dealing with a failed relationship

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Ideapod reader, Justin Brown from Ideapod here.

It seems a lifetime ago I was in Vietnam. Yet it was only 2 weeks ago.

A lot has changed since then.

At that time I left Vietnam to visit my brother in Thailand. Things were getting pretty intense in Vietnam. There was a lot of fear of foreigners as they were the ones bringing in the disease. So we left for Thailand.

Yet we were only there for one day when the Australian government called for its citizens to return home. Everything was changing so fast. It seemed prudent to heed our government’s warning. We heeded the call.

The travel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and then onward to Melbourne was stressful. We wore face masks for the whole journey. Some didn’t—Australians mainly, it seemed; likely due to the Australian government sensationally suggesting that face masks don’t work in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Some people on the plane wore two face masks at the same time. A few people were covered head-to-toe in plastic.

It was like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

I’m now in a small house in St Kilda with my brother, awaiting the end of our 14-day quarantine. It’s getting a little frustrating being confined within the one property. Yet when we leave here not much will change as most of Australia is in lockdown.

I’m not complaining about my situation. On Ideapod’s Facebook page we shared some pictures showing that quarantine isn’t the same for everyone. Self-isolation in a comfortable home is a privilege and I don’t take it for granted.

Quarantine is not the same for everyone.

Posted by Ideapod on Saturday, March 28, 2020

In the last week, I’ve read reports of strained relationships during lockdown. It’s relatively easy to escape the reality of a struggling relationship when you can leave home, go to the pub with your friends for a drink or work out your frustrations at the gym. But when you’re stuck at home and frustrated with your partner, you can’t escape it. You’re faced with the choice of avoiding the issue—which becomes increasingly difficult in lockdown—or facing it head on. Neither option is very fun.

The media continues to scream at me through my Facebook feed. I want to be a responsible adult and keep up to date with what’s happening with COVID-19. Truth be told I’m probably addicted to Facebook. But keeping up to date helps me understand the measures being put in place by the Australian government. Learning what’s happening on the front lines in China, Italy, France and Spain scares me into complying with social distancing. This seems an appropriate reaction to the fear I feel.

Personally, I’m not worried about getting COVID-19. I was very ill for 4 days when in London in mid-February. At the time I didn’t even consider it could be related to COVID-19. Yet recent reports coming out of London suggest the coronavirus may have been very widespread in London in February. I’d like to get tested to see if I can volunteer to help in Melbourne if I’m needed. But I’m cautious about believing I’ve already had COVID-19. Many people erroneously think they’ve had it and go on to spread the disease. I don’t want to spread the disease and make more people sick. This is a time for social distancing for everyone.

When you can’t go outside, there’s still a universe to explore within. I’ve been meditating every day and taking lessons from Out of the Box. My lifetime access to Out of the Box is invaluable to me right now, especially while in lockdown. I’ve already completed the program and now go back to some of my favorite lessons. It’s the perfect framework for me to use this time to develop my self-knowledge. If you’re new to Rudá Iandê’s work, the best way to get to know him is by joining his free masterclass on personal power. He shares his personal story and shares valuable tips on aligning spirituality, family, work and love with your deeper nature.

Ultimately, on day 11 of my quarantine, I’m feeling incredibly connected to everyone. I’m scared about what the future brings but I also know from history that incredible progress can come from the greatest calamities—if we can come together and embrace our challenges together.

I’d love to get to know you better on Ideapod’s discussions area. It’s where our community come together to share ideas, reading material, ask each other questions and explore ideas.

All the best,
Justin Brown, Ideapod

P.S. If you’re in a relationship and finding it frustrating being in lockdown, check out our free masterclass on love and intimacy. There are some very practical suggestions on how to change the dynamics of your relationship.

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