60 daily affirmations for dealing with people who consistently underestimate you

Have you ever felt underestimated before? 

Unfortunately, some people might preemptively judge you and think you’re not as competent, skilled, intelligent, or experienced as you are.

While we’ve been told to simply ignore the haters, we have to admit it’s hard, if not impossible, to not care about what other people think all the time. 

We’re social beings, after all!

However, it’s a reality of life we have to deal with. Other people may not believe in you, but you have to keep believing in yourself.

Here are 60 daily affirmations for dealing with people who consistently underestimate you.

Affirmations to deal with being underestimated

People can say whatever they want, but at the end of the day, it’s the things we say to ourselves that matter the most. 

While the opinions of others can affect our mindsets, our own views of ourselves will always have a greater effect.

That’s why practicing the right kind of self-talk is absolutely essential to taking charge of your life.

These affirmations have helped me and many others to feel more confident when we are under a barrage of doubt and criticism from others.

  1. Getting out of my comfort zone helps me grow.
  2. I am enough—I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. 
  3. People may not believe in me, but I believe in myself.
  4. I attract people who affect my life positively.
  5. Life does not give me challenges I can’t overcome.
  6. My resilience will persist.
  7. I do my absolute best.
  8. My achievements are worthy and admirable.
  9. I deserve to work for my goals. 
  10. I am stronger than life’s trials.
  11. I can handle anything thrown at me. 
  12. I get what I want.
  13. My intuition guides me well.
  14. My opinion is worth respecting.
  15. I’ll shatter these roadblocks.
  16. I am strong, brave, and persistent.
  17. I am improving for the better.
  18. I trust my decision-making skills.
  19. I exude positive energy.
  20. My confidence is greater than my fear.
  21. I deserve to be kind to myself.
  22. I am unique,
  23. My potential knows no limits.
  24. My creativity helps me get through these plateaus. 
  25. I learn from my past and improve in the future.
  26. As long as I give it my all, I can succeed.
  27. I stay authentic despite the doubts of others.
  28. My will is unshakeable.
  29. My voice is powerful, and I use it to talk to myself positively.
  30. I often prove that I’m better than I think I am.
  31. I have confidence in my abilities.
  32. I am in awe of my potential.
  33. I achieve success and happiness.
  34. It is up to me what success and happiness look like in my life.
  35. My unique qualities are strengths.
  36. I deserve respect.
  37. My dreams become realities.
  38. I am stronger than what other people think.
  39. I face challenges boldly.
  40. I become more confident by day.
  41. I don’t hesitate.
  42. I celebrate my wins and learn from my losses.
  43. I make decisions with confidence.
  44. I fight for what I believe in.
  45. I love myself for who I am.
  46. My body is a temple that I love and cherish.
  47. I am a dependable person.
  48. I love myself regardless of what I accomplish.
  49. I am proud of my past and look forward to my future.
  50. I am filled with wonderful friends who encourage and inspire me.
  51. I am resilient, and nothing can hinder me.
  52. I don’t let other people define me.
  53. I find inspiration in myself.
  54. I embody kindness.
  55. I am living in the moment.
  56. I control my own fate.
  57. There isn’t a problem I can’t solve.
  58. I am satisfied with myself.
  59. I am not fearless, but I am courageous. 
  60. I live an abundant life.

Do affirmations work?

pic1408 60 daily affirmations for dealing with people who consistently underestimate you

Some people might dismiss affirmation as some spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

However, it’s been scientifically proven that how we talk to ourselves quite literally changes our brain chemistry!

Understanding our brain’s neuroplasticity, or its ability to adapt to the different information it’s being fed or the circumstances around it, helps us realize just how powerful affirmations can be. 

After all, here’s the thing: your brain, technically speaking, can’t always tell between reality and imagination. It’s all perception for it.

So, let’s say the reality is that you’re feeling nervous about an interview. 

But if you perceive the interview as something that you have no reason to be afraid of…

If you convince yourself to take these affirmations as fact…

…your brain will adjust to this new information, changing your very emotions.

In essence, changing how you talk to yourself and what you believe in will change how you see things and act about them.

How to use affirmations every day

As with anything, affirmations are not a magic pill you can just use to change your life overnight.

You don’t expect to build your dream body after one gym session, do you?

You need to practice it regularly. Only by making it a habit—a lifestyle—can you reap its benefits. 

  • Say affirmations twice a day. It shouldn’t take long. In fact, just 3 to 5 minutes is enough. For example, you can tell yourself affirmations before getting out of bed in the morning (to hype yourself up) and before sleeping (to reflect on the day).
  • Repetition. Saying each line just once is not enough for you to really absorb them. Try saying each at least five to ten times. Focus on the words as you say them to embody their message. 
  • Ask for help. Hearing someone tell you the same things you’re telling yourself can be beneficial. Ask a loved one to join you in your affirmation sessions.
  • Be consistent. Consistency is key! Once this becomes a habit, you won’t need to put any effort into saying affirmations on a regular basis, and it’ll greatly positively impact your life.
  • Have patience. Again, affirmations are not a magic pill. You need to practice them for a long time for the effects to really kick in.

Practice these every day, and you’ll find that it also boosts your confidence, reduces stress, and improves mental clarity.

Practical tips to maximize affirmations

As you put your new knowledge to use, try these extra tips to help these affirmations hit harder. 

  • Say them in front of a mirror: You’re talking to yourself, right? And what do you to people you’re talking to? You’re looking them in the face. I know affirmations can feel silly at times, but telling it straight to your face can help make them feel more sincere.
  • Walk while saying affirmations: Another alternative is to keep moving around as you talk to yourself. Many people find that doing so helps circulate the positive energy throughout your body.
  • Set an alarm: Our lives can get incredibly busy. Try setting dedicated alarms on your phone to make sure you don’t forget to practice them every day. It also reminds you to take a breather!
  • Write them down: Some people are more inclined to the written than the spoken word. If this is you, try getting a journal to list down all your affirmations. Or you can always do both!
  • Let go of negative self-talk: Whenever you catch yourself talking negatively about yourself, immediately stop and replace them with positive affirmations. You need a lot of self-awareness for this, and it will take some time to develop, but it’s a game changer.

Remember that affirmations can feel silly or ineffective at first.

But keep doing them, trust me! Slowly but surely, you’ll see how much it changes your perspectives for the better.

And with a more positive, healthier way of looking at things, you’ll achieve happiness and success faster and with more ease.

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