20 reasons you’re constantly thinking of someone

When someone starts popping into your mind constantly, there is usually a strong reason behind it. Either this person makes you very uncomfortable, or you are attracted to them.

However, those are not the only reasons. Here are 20 reasons why you’re constantly thinking of someone!

1) Something about them triggered you

If you saw a person that you cannot stop thinking about, and you simply cannot understand why, it could be because they triggered you for some reason and touched the place in your mind that you were trying to forget about.

The triggers are usually things that remind us of the past, and they can sometimes cause flashbacks.

This means that you will remember the segments of your past life in the moments when you simply don’t expect it. Seeing a person who reminds you of anything concerning the period of your life that you suppressed can be good in the sense that you will be able to finally face the things you were running from.

2) You’ve had a dream about them

When we meet someone, we can often dream about them in the most unexpected ways. Dreams are a way for our brain to process all the things that happen during the day and if you meet someone often it is completely normal to even dream about them.

Don’t be surprised if you dream about this person in a romantic way or being close to them even though you haven’t been officially introduced. Think about the dream and all the details that you could see in it, so you can work on decoding its meaning and perhaps learn something new about yourself.

How is this possible?

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3) This person treated you badly

Some people are simply rude and can be very harsh when communicating with other people. If you have a person in your surroundings that has treated you very badly lately, thinking about this person may be a way just to wrap your mind about the things that happened.

Perhaps you are still not over the things this person said or done to you, so this may be the reason to simply cope and find a way to express your opinion next time you have the opportunity to talk to this person.

Depending on your relationship with the person who hurt you, you can find a way to avoid meeting with them or choose to stand behind your opinion firmly.

4) The person offered genuine support

On the other hand, there are those people who are very kind and helpful. So if you were in a difficult situation and the person you barely knew helped you enormously, that could be the reason you’re thinking about them now.

Sometimes a small act of kindness can cause a series of changes in the world and help you become more supportive to your friends as well. Kindness will never be overrated, and it is the reason why this world can become a better place.

If this person keeps popping into your mind, it can mean that you were completely surprised and amazed by the pureness of their heart.

5) You’ve seen something about them that you like

We are only human, and we have all kinds of wishes on how we want to look and what we want to have. There is usually one person that we think has a perfect life that we strive to have.

This is the reason why you may not be able to stop thinking about them and why you keep comparing your life to what you believe they have. There is a very fine line between envy and admiration, and it is important to keep it in mind, so you won’t cross it.

Admiration can help us improve our lives and push us further, while envy can be a poison in our lives. Strive to nurture admiration, rather than envy.

6) They did something that surprised you

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We meet all kinds of people throughout our lives. Usually, the people we surround ourselves with are the ones that are very similar to us.

However, sometimes we simply cannot avoid meeting people who are completely opposite from us, and they can do things completely different from the way we would do it. If something happened recently that completely surprised you and was done by the person you cannot stop thinking about, it is completely understandable.

That can be something very nice or something very bad that you cannot comprehend entirely. Process the thing that puzzled you so much and dig a little bit deeper to see why it matters so much to you, so you can finally stop obsessing over a person you don’t even want to think about.

7) You feel attraction

When we are single and we see someone we like, it is completely normal to think about them, especially if they showed that there is something more than pure friendship. If you have felt the attraction between you and the energy that cannot be denied, then thinking about them may be the first step towards doing something concrete to heat things up a little bit.

Find out more about this person and see if you actually have a chance of going on a date and developing your bond further. That could save you lots of time instead of just daydreaming and imagining the possible situations.

8) There is a connection between you

We simply feel drawn to some people without any apparent reason. The energy can be pretty tangible, and it’s not something that we can easily forget about.

If you have felt the connection, it’s no wonder why you keep thinking about this person. Symptoms of feeling a strong connection with a stranger are that your eyes keep meeting in a crowd and that you simply feel relaxed and happy when you meet them.

If you’ve had a chance to talk to each other, you probably noticed that all the other things fade away in the background because you’re too focused on what the person you feel connected to will say.

9) Nice memories keep coming back

If you keep thinking about the person you’ve shared some special moments with in the past, you may be recalling those things and simply reminiscing about the past. When we go through a difficult period in our lives, we tend to think about the things that comfort us and help us go through this time much easier.

It feels good to think about some people we felt connected to and appreciated, especially if we are having trouble with those things now. Thinking about someone who was so good to you in the past is completely normal, and can brighten up your days.

10) You feel lonely

We can sometimes feel lonely even if we are surrounded by people, but if they do not understand what we are all about and what we want from life, this feeling can start hunting us for days.

This is the time when we usually start thinking about the things we should do better, what we did wrong, and all the people that meant a lot to us.

If you keep thinking about a particular person, the reason may be because you didn’t resolve all the things between you, or you regret because of the thing you did. There is no way to change the past, so making peace with it may be the best thing you can do.

However, that can be easier said than done. Try to be very gentle to yourself while you go through these struggles alone.

11) You feel confused

The people we meet every day can sometimes be very generous to us; some days they can be very supportive, while other days they can give us completely strange vibe like they don’t want to interact with us.

If you keep thinking about the person who is behaving like this, it may be simply because you’re too confused and you don’t know what to expect when you meet next time.

The best thing would be to simply try to talk to that person and clear the air concerning their behavior because that can save you a lot of time and energy in the future. It can also help you free your time for dealing with some other things, instead of thinking about this person who doesn’t give clear signals.

12) There are some emotions that are hard to define

There are cases when we simply have someone in our lives that we cannot put in any box. They’re not a friend, nor a crush, but they keep coming back to you. If you have a person like this somewhere near you, there is a huge chance that you will be thinking about them very often.

The reason why this person may behave this way is that they’re not completely clear about their emotions or they are going through some challenging period in their life. The best thing you can do is to simply try to define the things that you feel which will help you determine the way you will behave to this person in the future.

13) They inspire you

Some people simply inspire us with their positive energy and attitude towards life. If you keep thinking about the person who inspires you, you can start making changes in your life and do the things that you like instead of only wishing that you could do them.

Think about the things you particularly like about this person and work more on achieving them. One thing is to be thrilled that someone brings so much positive energy, but obsessing about anything can get you to another extreme.

The best thing you can do is simply take the positive energy this person brings to your life and take it to another level by doing the things you like.

14) There are some unresolved issues between you

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If there are some things that you didn’t manage to talk about with a person who means a lot to you, you may be thinking about this person all the time because you’re looking for ways to finally discuss it.

If you need help to resolve these issues, you can always ask a professional to guide you and help you understand the situation better.

Find a good moment when you can be alone and try to discuss the things that bother you because facing the problems head-on is always the best recipe for having peace and forgetting about negative emotions that keep burdening you.

15) You have a crush

One of the reasons you keep thinking about the person you meet from time to time is that you have a crush. If you have noticed that you put an extra effort to dress nice when you know you will meet them, this is a sure sign that your emotions are starting to boil.

Acting all jittery when this person is around is a very strong signal that you start having some feelings you want to act upon. Take a closer look at the reactions of this person so you can know for sure that there are chances to be together.

16) You feel you matter when talking to them

Even though we are constantly communicating with other people, it is very rare that we feel appreciated to the fullest and that the things we say matter truly to the person we are talking to. When you keep thinking about the person who makes you feel special, that could cause a series of changes in your life.

The reason why this could happen is that you will finally start giving attention to the people who are truly valuable and who will appreciate your qualities and support you on your way to success.

17) You feel drawn to them

When you start feeling drawn to someone you have recently met, it can mean that this person has certain qualities you appreciate. This could be a sense of humor, generosity, manners, or anything else that you truly value in a person.

It is a sign of emotional connection that can be followed by the physical connection, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In some cases, we simply feel drawn to someone we like without any intention of being physically close to that person.

18) Your mind is distracting you from something else

In some cases, we keep thinking about a person for various reasons while we are trying to avoid thinking about the things we should deal with, such as work or a family issue.

It is simply the way our minds work when something is too upsetting for us, and it is important to recognize that this could be a way to deal with the things that bother us.

It is not the most productive way for sure, but it is a way to cope with difficult emotions that we are not ready to face. If you recognize this is the case now, you can try to talk to someone who can listen to you and perhaps give you a piece of advice about the best way to deal with a problem in your life.

19) The person reminds you of someone

It can sometimes happen that we lose contact with someone who was very dear to us in the past for various reasons. When we meet the person who reminds us of the people we love, we feel that connection that attracts us instantly.

It is simply the way our minds work, and it is expected, especially if this person is no longer alive. We will try to do everything we can to preserve the memory of this person in our minds, at least in this way.

20) They give you hope

In this time of uncertainty and constant stress, meeting a person who gives us hope can be pretty comforting. Some people are simply optimistic and meeting them feels like seeing a rainbow after a long rainy day.

This could be the reason why you keep thinking about them and why it makes you feel so good when you spend time together. What you can do is to try to return the favor and offer some support to this person, and show just how much you appreciate your friendship.

Final thoughts

Some people simply start wandering our minds for no apparent reason, but once we start contemplating it, we will understand what that reason may be. Our minds are powerful, and nothing happens without a reason.

When you determine why that reason may be, the best thing you can do is to try to act upon your feelings and spend a little bit more time with the person of your interest. Once you resolve the issue, you will probably start thinking about something else.

The best thing that could distract you and help you to forget about this person is to start doing the things you love and enjoying your days the best way you can!

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