Come back to Life

Messages from a Himalayan Mystic Series

These messages originate from Himalayan Yogi and Mystic Sri Maharshi who belongs to the eternal Siddha Tradition — a lineage of perfected beings. In Yogic lore, the Siddhas are considered the most mystical, wise, and beneficent. This message is interpreted and disseminated by me, an imperfect being, on behalf of this living lineage. While I am entrusted to do so, if there is any wisdom in this matter, it is entirely theirs, and if there are any faults herein, they are entirely mine.

You are Fast. Time is Short.

If not Wise. All be Lost.

Come back to Life.

This simple but profound message from Sri Maharshi comes at a pivotal time for humanity at the dawn of 2019. While we are engulfed and fascinated by our own material creations, we are also distressed by the limitations of these short-lived comforts and pleasures. This internal dichotomy is reaching a crescendo which is throwing us into a state of turmoil. Our mind is screaming, our life is beckoning. If we scream any more, we will go insane. So there is no other option, but to come back to life.

You are Fast.

In this new digital economy, there are millions who seek our attention. We get trapped in this spiral, and we also desire the attention of millions. Attention nurtures the ego, but it starves the soul. Our aspirations become limitless, our capabilities and resources remain limited. We go fast. Faster. We strive even more. Yet our acceptance of ourselves falters. The futility of the endeavor sets in. We get torn. We become extremely fast but another part of us wants to just slow down. One part of us continues with the flight of desire. Another part of us wants to simply surrender. It wants to come back to life.

Time is short.

Science tells us that we can be immortal. We want to stay forever young. We want to become materially perfect. Because that is what gets attention. And attention is power. Attention is fame. Reality, however, tells us that life is unpredictable. We can be here one moment and gone another. As we go faster, time is actually slipping away beneath us. We are flying but nature is crying. It cannot hold any longer, it weeps for our attention, but we don’t seem to deem it worthy enough. We have Instagram. Nature has its own clock. A decade or less is what humanity has left — unless we come back to life.

blonde Come back to Life

If not Wise.

In the circle of life, we have always chosen to live on the surface. We love the circumference. Our attention is tuned to superficiality. Tradition has lost its essence. We now embrace the new age religion, but that too, we treat as entertainment. We are not concerned with truth, only with ideology. But truth is beyond left and right, liberal and conservative, in a place where few dare to venture, because it is not comfortable. On the circumference, we prefer duality, we prefer divisiveness, but life is at the center. Life is all inclusive. Life is Love. Life is Truth. Truth is Wisdom. And so the wise say come back to life.

All be Lost.

While we fly, the ground under us is unraveling. The fire is raging louder. The water is surging. The air is turbulent. The earth is trembling. It is terribly off balance. It reflects us perfectly. But while we fly, nature is rooted in the existence. The existence has its own laws. The ultimate laws that govern life itself. They must reset nature so it is at peace again. Nature seeks harmony, that is its nature. So when nature will rage, it is not for vengeance, it is merely to establish balance. For our own sake, we need to move from attention towards attunement. Attunement with nature. After all, our memories should still be fresh of the deluge of the ancients. This fate will again be ours unless we come back to life.

At the dawn of 2019, this is a prayer to humanity. Rise beyond your limitations, move beyond your divisions, and surrender to your inner nature. There are people on this planet, often hidden and not seeking any attention, whose compassion is limitless. These wise ones have declared that consciousness is also rising rapidly – in fact they are silently and tirelessly enabling it. Consciousness is the only antidote to our dilemma. We just have to catch it. For this, we also have to fly. But in this flight, we have to fall first. Fall into the lap of existence. Fall into the eternity of nothingness. Fall into the Truth. Yes, Fall in Love. Fall so that we may come back to life.

with love,
Nitin Dixit
from Rishikesh – in the foothills of my beloved Himalayas
January 1, 2019

Nitin Dixit

Nitin Dixit

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