9 clever phrases to use when your man is acting like a diva

They may deny it. But we all know that men can be absolute divas sometimes.

Whether it’s flipping out over a videogame or demanding they get their own way, men are perfectly capable of demonstrating diva-like behavior that would put a true primadonna to shame. 

And when they are called out on that behavior, they often double down and get in their feelings just at the accusation.

Now, usually, the best way to deal with someone’s over-the-top attitude is to talk to them calmly and rationally.

But we’re only human. And sometimes, the perfect quip is just too hard to resist.

The phrases listed below may not help you reach a better understanding of why your man feels and behaves the way he does.

But if used correctly, they may bring a little bit of levity to the situation and help you both see the funny side.

1) “Is it Oscar season already? Because you’re putting on quite a performance!”

 This lighthearted quip can help show your man that you’re wise to his tricks.

Sometimes, diva behavior is unconscious, and is simply an overly emotional reaction to circumstances. But other times, people can use exaggerated displays of emotion to try and get the outcome they want.

If you suspect that’s what your guy is doing, this phrase can be a playful way to show him that you know his over the top reaction isn’t entirely serious.

By comparing it to an acting performance, you demonstrate that you know he’s not being completely genuine.

2) “Should I call your agent, or can we solve this without the paparazzi?”

This comeback can serve to point out to someone that they are behaving like an entitled celebrity and remind them not to get carried away in their own ego.

We all like to laugh at those famous people who go way over the top with their demands and exaggerated sense of self-importance. Saying something like this can help show him how his behavior looks from the outside, and who knows? It may just make him feel ridiculous enough to stop the behavior.

And if not, at least it may help the two of you have a good laugh over his antics.

3) “Did I accidentally walk onto the set of a drama? You’re the star, clearly.”

This phrase is a good way to remind your partner that his attention-seeking behavior has not gone unnoticed. Calling him the star demonstrates that you know he’s trying to get attention, and that you’re willing to give it to him, for now.

But you’re also well aware of what he’s doing, and that you’re not taking his performance 100% seriously.

4) “Honey, your diva cup runneth over.”

Sometimes, a little bit of surprise can be all you need to jolt someone out of that diva behavior.

Based on the old-fashioned phrase of someone’s cup running over, usually used to describe an abundance of good things, this phrase puts a contemporary twist on an old classic to show your partner his over-the-top behavior has not gone unnoticed.

It’s a larger-than-life phrase that is perfect for describing the larger-than-life behavior of a true male diva.

5) “Are we auditioning for ‘Drama Kings’? You’ve got the lead role!”

This phrase is another good way to point out the man’s actions may be just a little bit extra.

Implying that he is the most dramatic of all drama kings is a good way to draw attention to his outrageous behavior.

This phrase works because while there is no show called Drama Kings, it’s easy to imagine what it would look like if there were. It’s easy for your man to understand the kind of behavior you would see on a show like that, and it shows him exactly how he looks from the outside.

Often, being confronted with his behavior like this will be enough to help him calm down. And if nothing else, it will give you both something to laugh about.

6) “Is there a spotlight on you, or is it just your dazzling diva aura?”

This is another great way to point out that you are aware of a man’s diva performance.

Saying something like this shows that you know your guy is trying to be the center of attention, and you’re willing to allow it – for now. But being called out like this can help a guy realize when he’s being too much, and needs to moderate his behavior a little bit and come back to reality.

7) “Even Mariah would be proud of that high note you just hit in your rant.”

Mariah Carey is practically the patron saint of divas, so comparing her to your man’s behavior is a great way to demonstrate how over-the-top he’s being.

This funny phrase is a good way to defuse the situation, so long as you remember to say it with a smile and let him know you mean it as a joke. With luck, he’ll realize how over-the-top he’s being and calm down a bit.

8) “Who knew I was living with a diva? Should I start asking for autographs?”

Obviously, no one is asking for his autograph. That’s why this phrase works.

It’s a humorous reminder that he’s not famous enough to get away with his diva behavior. And being reminded of that can often help bring a guy back to earth when his behavior gets out of hand.

9) “Let’s take a bow and end this diva moment on a high note, shall we?”

This funny phrase is a good way to bring his diva performance to an end. Instead of just demanding that he stop, it lets him know that you see through his little act, and that it isn’t having the effect he probably hoped it would. But it also allows him to climb down from his diva pedestal without too much embarrassment.

Basically, you’re telling him that you’ve had enough of his performance and that he needs to start being rational again. But you’re doing it in a funny way that can help him to feel less attacked, even as you point out how silly he’s being.

Calming down a diva

Let’s face it – we can all become divas from time to time. The guy you’re with is as entitled to the occasional burst of OTT behavior as you are.

But when his performance becomes a little too much, consider using one of these funny phrases to bring the performance to a close. Poking a little bit of fun at his diva performance is a good way to help you both see the funny side and get back to normality.

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