A chemical in red wine and chocolate makes “old cells look like young cells”, according to new study

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In a world that is obsessed with ridding our lives of harmful chemicals, we often overlook the benefits of good chemicals.

And that’s because we have associated the word “chemicals” with negative things. We think chemicals harm us and make us sick, give us cancer, and make our hair fall out.

But chemicals also make us better when we are sick, help repair cells when they are damaged, ensure that our bodies break down the foods we eat, and even help us feel less anxious about life.

So it’s good news then that some of the chemicals found in beverages and food, like wine and chocolate, can improve our lives and our health by rejuvenating cells.

Chemical Compounds in Chocolate and Red Wine

We’ve all heard the rumors that eating chocolate and drinking red wine can make you live longer, and it turns out that there is some truth to that rumor.

According to a new study from the Universities of Exeter and Brightchemical, compounds known as reversatrol analogues, which are found in dark chocolate and red wine, have been shown to help certain cells look and act like younger cells.

Some cells rejuvenate naturally, while others don’t fare so well over the years.

It turns out that drinking small amounts of red wine can help reactivate these cells to improve health and stamina in some people.

According to the study researchers, “These old cells were looking like young cells. It was like magic.”

Of course, drinking gallons of red wine is not the equivalent of the fountain of youth.

Everything in moderation, after all.

And to be clear, the study that was conducted didn’t see people taste tasting red wine for hours at a time; the studies included compounds that contained the same ingredients as found in the chemical compound in red wine and chocolate.

How The Chemical Compounds Work to Improve Health

Certain cells in the body begin to shut down as we age; this is the normal aging process, and everyone should not be surprised to find that their skin doesn’t look as good as it once did.

The research that has been done has shown some interesting results related to age-related cells. These cells become “active” again by splitting from one molecule to two, and the new cells help to replace the existing cells that aren’t as active as the newer ones.

It’s a little more complicated than that, but that gives you the basic idea of how ingesting these chemical compounds can help improve your health overall.

What are the Implications of Such Research?

Besides the obvious cosmetic applications of increasing the amount of reversatrol analogues in the body, there are many long-term effects to be considered as well.

For example, scientists and doctors are exploring how to reduce the risk of degenerative disorders that are common-place as people age.

Conditions related to physical ability, sight, and coordination can be improved by regeneration of cells and splitting of cells for reproductive purposes.

Having the ability to improve the life of a cell means people are less like to look older and feel older than they really are; again, this isn’t the fountain of youth, but it could mean improved quality of life for people, especially older people, who are starting to see the effects of aging first hand.

So How Do Chocolate and Wine Make You Younger?

The scientific evidence related to how the foods we eat impacts our health and overall well-being, so it might seem counterproductive to eat chocolate and drink wine to improve your health.

However, when enjoyed in small amounts, our bodies reap the benefits of the chemical compounds found in these foods, as well as many other beverages and foods we eat on a regular basis.

It’s all a big give-and-take process.

Sure, wine in large amounts is not good for your liver, but in small amounts can help reproduce cells.

Sure, chocolate can make you fat, but it can also give you a boost of energy and help your body release cell-repairing hormones.

So don’t be afraid to steal a square of dark chocolate, and wash it down with an ounce or two of red wine.

And be sure to keep an eye out for all the ways science is working to keep us looking and feeling better than ever by working with chemical compounds like reversatrol analogues.

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