7 character traits of people who do not let success get to their heads

Have you ever wondered how some people grow haughty when they score a big job promotion, a fatter paycheck, or move to a swanky neighborhood?

Suddenly, they’ve got “no time” for you. They hoard the conversations, cancel meet-ups, and some might even straight-up ghost you. 

When fortune smiles upon some people, they somehow turn obnoxious and drive those around them away.

Here are 7 things successful people do instead of letting their ego take the helm:

1) They remain modest

The road to success can be hard, requiring determination and discipline. So, taking pride in your achievement is a natural celebration of reaching your milestones. 

However, that should be no excuse for you to become arrogant and treat people as if they are beneath you.

There is always room for growth and self-improvement, even for the most successful people.

This reminds me of my lunch buddy at work. After she got promoted to head sales last year, I realized she grew “busier” day by day, to the point where she stopped greeting me in the hallway.

Whenever we had a chat, she seemed to brag about her shiny new office and extra duties, trying to make everyone else around her feel less important.

But let me tell you something: the arrogance road can get lonely.

After a few months holed up in her ivory tower, she became the odd one out at the office. 

She had to face the consequences of making her colleagues feel awful every time she crossed paths with them.

The truth is, nobody enjoys being dismissed and unappreciated, especially by their own family and friends. 

Achieving success can be tough, but keeping your pride in check is even tougher.

2) They show gratitude

One way to avoid giving off arrogant vibes is to show gratitude.

Successful folks stay humble by never forgetting to genuinely thank those who’ve had their backs through thick and thin. 

They understand that their journey to success wasn’t a solo gig but a team effort, with support coming from mentors, pals, family, and colleagues.

It’s not just about throwing out a casual “thanks” but really treasuring and recognizing the roles of your support group. 

This can be done by keeping them close to you even when you have reached the heights of your success. 

By sharing the credit with those who contributed, successful individuals maintain and strengthen their relationships with those who matter and set a powerful example for others. 

They demonstrate that humility and thankfulness are qualities worth embracing, regardless of one’s level of achievement.

3) They inspire

Your perseverance, resilience, and determination stories can motivate others to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.

Not only that.

When you reach your goals and are eager to give back, mentor, or share your success with others, you become a role model and a source of inspiration for those around you.

So, instead of bragging about your success, talk about the process that got you there, including:

  • the challenges you faced
  • the skills you learned
  • the mistakes you did
  • the character development you went through

Being vulnerable and sharing the whole picture with others is a powerful force of inspiration.

4) They remain true to themselves

Inspiring people also means setting an example of authenticity.

How many times have you heard about people who make it to the top and then abandon all those traits that got them there in the first place?

Successful folks don’t let success mess with their core values and who they really are. 

They remain authentic and don’t ditch the qualities that helped them succeed in the first place. 

Think of Lance Armstrong, who abandoned his integrity by doping despite his outstanding achievements in cycling. 

He is a good reminder that success shouldn’t make you toss aside your core principles if you want to stay at the top of the ladder. 

5) They keep an expectation check

Imagine you’ve just achieved your dream job, a position that demands your best performance, dedication, and long hours.

At the same time, you’ve started a family and continue to be the dependable rock for your loved ones. 

It’s an exciting and challenging phase of life, but how do you make sure that you keep the momentum going without experiencing burnout or disappointment?

The answer lies in maintaining a balance across all areas of your life. It’s about setting realistic expectations for yourself in each role you play – as a professional, a partner, a parent, and a family member.

Successful people do not seek perfection because they know it can backfire.

They try to find that balance that keeps you happy, healthy, and engaged in your personal and professional adventures.

6) They take on even bigger goals

Once you realize that success isn’t a final stop but an ongoing journey, you’ll always be up for tackling bigger goals in life. 

You see, some folks reach the summit and decide to pitch a tent there. Some are hesitant to venture further because they’re scared of stumbling on the way up.

Then there are those who, after savoring the sweet taste of success, get cozy at the peak and lose their drive to chase new goals.

So, to avoid becoming complacent:

  • challenge yourself by pursuing new opportunities
  • learn a new skill
  • excel at what you do

7) They stay mindful

Staying mindful is key for successful folks to avoid the arrogance trap. 

It’s a practice that involves self-awareness and a deep understanding of one’s own actions and impact on others. 

When successful individuals stay mindful, they keep themselves in check by continually assessing their behavior, attitude, and how they treat others.

This mindfulness acts as an internal compass, guiding you to maintain humility, gratitude, and empathy. It reminds you to acknowledge their support system, set realistic expectations, and stay true to your values.

Final thoughts

Remember, the journey to success is not just about achieving goals but about navigating the path and gracefully handling the fruits of your labor.

And, by embodying these seven qualities, you create a positive impact on those around you by being a source of inspiration and authenticity. 

Lily Gareth

Lily Gareth

Beirut-based writer with a flair for all that is artistic. Follow her on Instagram: @raysofdisarrays

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