How to change your life in 28 days (step-by-step guide)

Here a completely crazy notion for you:

You can change your life in one month.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think this is just an insane notion.

Most of us can’t even change one habit or stick to one New Year’s resolution, let alone making a major change like turning your whole life around.

I don’t buy it, but for the sake of giving everyone a hearing, let’s take a look at blogger Svetlana Pokrevskaya’s steps to bring about a new you.

Her promise is: 4 weeks, 12 steps and in 1 month you won’t recognize yourself.

She divides her plan in four sections, one for each week, and each week has three tasks. You can read her whole plan here.

Week 1: Purifying your mind and body

Rise early. Get an early start – that means getting up at around 6 am. This is the time that makes up for the time you can’t find during the day. It’s a time of peace and quiet when you can sort out your thoughts while everyone else is still sleeping.

The mere fact that you are reluctant to get out of bed is an indicator that you don’t really want to live your own life, says Pokrevskaya’s. So time for a change, right?

Improve your nutrition. The upcoming month is going to demand much from you, so best to opt for a healthy diet. Ditch the junk food, alcohol, sodas, potato chips, pizza… you get the drift. At the same time, eat less and don’t eat after 7 pm. (It won’t kill you to have plenty of water too)

If you commit to eating light, healthy, tasty food, you’ll feel great and have more energy to stick to your new resolutions.

Take up a sport. For Pokrevskaya doing some sort of sport is mandatory.

In her own words: ”To shake some life out of a tired body, you need to shake your body itself! And by any method which seems right for you. “

You can choose a sport or activity that suits you, as long as you make it a regular part of your new regime.

(So far, so good, but hard to stick to, I think).

Week 2: Putting your private life in order

Clean up your personal space. There is nothing like unnecessary clutter to befuddle the mind. Clean up your physical space.  Get rid of everything you don’t use. Look around you, what stuff is just taking up space. Ask yourself: is it really worth hold on to?  

What do you keep: Only the stuff you use and things that make you happy. It’s very liberating to at long last throw all those Valentines cards away from people that are not in your life anymore.

Sort out your personal business. Fulfill your obligations. Are there any promises you haven’t kept, any unfinished business you’ve neglected?

Attend to it in this week. Have that talk, visit your grandparents or your favorite aunt, pay all your bills. Unfinished business has a way to drag you down and eat away at your energy.

Sort out your social life. This is a big one: get rid of relationships that don’t serve you. Break off contact with people who bring you down or sap your energy.

Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds.  Pokrevskaya suggest that in order to do it, you give yourself permission to be unpleasant if that’s what it takes to be free from a toxic relationship.

She insists on one exception: a good relationship with your parents even if it’s hard work.

Week 3: Plans, goals and dreams

Write down, and then carry out your plans. Remember getting up at 6 in the morning? Well, this is the perfect time to do some planning.

So you have changed your eating, you are more active and have decluttered your living space. Now you need to start planning your day to day activities so you can get things accomplished that need doing. You must schedule everything that you need to do every day by writing it down.

List your most implausible dreams. Don’t forget to write down all your dreams, even the most outrageous ones. What today seems impossible may very well become reality in years to come.

Plan things on a daily basis. The night before, write a plan for the next day. Planning what you’re going to do and writing it down, makes you more productive, wastes less time and brings you closer to your goals in a shorter time.  

Week 4: Expand your horizons

Try to live differently. Start actually living differently. Even small changes can be significant. Try different form of transport to work or a different route home; eat lunch with someone different in a place you’ve never been to before; wear something that you would never have worn before.

Every day, ask yourself:  how can I do this differently right now?

Get out of your comfort zone. Of course, at this point of the exercise, if you have followed the steps, you are well out of our comfort zone already. You need to take advantage of this unusual position you find yourself in to take you a step further out of your comfort zone.

You can’t swim? Learn to swim. You’re afraid of heights? Try skydiving with a friend. You can’t cook? Take cooking lessons. You hate networking, but have to for your work? Attend an event unrelated to work and make up your mind that you will introduce yourself to the first person you see wearing red.

Take a break. After all the effort you have put in you need to take a break. In this instance it means that you have to get out of the house, turn off the Wi-Fi connection, and spend some time alone.

It also means giving yourself some honest feedback, says Pokrevskaya. What was this past month like for you? How did it all go, what changes occurred in your life? And how will you carry on and go further now that the first month is over?

I suggest you ask yourself:

Do I now have a completely new life?

If not, ask yourself:

Do the changes I made this month have the potential to become permanent

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