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    What’s the meta for?

    Mythmakers, mythmakers sing us a song dance us a dance paint us a picture weave us a story such is the journey of living so long   mythmakers, mythmakers call on our muses to take us along for these are the moments we know we belong   mythmakers, mythmakers with love in our hearts and […] More

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    I went to a women’s self-defense class. Here’s everything they got wrong.

    I’m a mother who loves to travel with her young daughters and backpack in the wildnerness with them. I’m aware that these are “risky” activities and want to be able to protect my daughters. So, when I saw a Krav Maga women’s self-defense class being offered, I signed up immediately. As expected, I left the […] More

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    Finding meaning in the noise by asking “The Big Why”

    The Big Why The Curious Universe Conjecture – Finding meaning in the noise. I have been working on an idea about Purpose for a long time now yet the prospect of actually communicating it is terrifying. Partly, I guess, it’s the investment in energy and hours that stand to be wasted if I don’t communicate […] More

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    Beyond the simple senses

    Tapping into the #senseof is a broad thought. So many ways to bear witness. So many refractors to consider. So many overlapping moments. We’ve found ourselves stranded together.   OF Intertwined sense of being… of gratitude for the wonders of nature and the willingness of the universe of wandering generational genes finding us here and […] More

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    5 pieces of advice for anyone in a long-distance relationship

    Communication in relationships is already hard as it is. But add distance to the mix, and it becomes even more challenging. They say “distance means so little, when someone means so much.” But that’s not entirely true, is it? Nothing can put a relationship at risk like distance does. Somehow, distance has the uncanny ability […] More

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    Why Ideapod

    It’s been an interesting time in my life since I bumped into Ideapod when it launched in beta in 2014. It was Jason Silva who introduced me to Ideapod in his video, The Power of Ideas.  The original allure to me was timing. The timing of me wanting to engage in my mind, and life, […] More

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    For the love of language

    Valentine’s Day, the quest for reflections of a shared #lovestory. Perhaps of distorted intentions we have arrived at the notion of love and how to communicate it. In honor of all of those valiant attempts by humanity to intertwine ourselves in this marvel I offer this reflection… Language is the lovestory of the technium…   […] More

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    How to handle the pain of being an empty nester

    Life is about change. Nothing stays the same. We go through different stages in our lives. We move on and grow through our experiences. Recently, my husband and I have become empty nesters, after having our “boomerang” kids come backwards and forwards over the years. What is it about this empty nester stage in our […] More

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    How to live in an ever-changing world

    There is one sure thing that is inevitable in this world that we live in, and that is change. We can spend our whole lives trying to insulate ourselves from things changing, like our relationships, our health, our careers and our environment. However, no matter how hard we try, and no matter how much effort […] More

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    Is everything you know about charities and giving to worthy causes… wrong?

    We’re in a period of time where corporate philanthropy is not only proven outdated, but dead in the water. We’re setting charities and nonprofits alike up for failure, and in this article I’ll explain why… But before we get to that, keep in mind what we task these organizations to do: Cure the world’s deadliest […] More

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    The most important factor to living longer, according to Jay Shetty

    Ever since inception humans have been obsessed with immortality. We have always been fixated on how to live longer. These days, it’s all about eating healthy and doing exercise. Thousands of books and other media are created about how to live a longer life – that it has actually become an industry. And they are […] More

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