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    How to get your life together: 8 seriously effective life hacks

    When we were children, we couldn’t wait to grow up. We so desperately wanted to make our own decisions, go to bed whenever we want and eat as much junk food as our bellies can hold. Being a grown-up meant we’ll be able to do everything we wanted. Fast forward a couple of years later […] More

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    For the love of language

    Valentine’s Day, the quest for reflections of a shared #lovestory. Perhaps of distorted intentions we have arrived at the notion of love and how to communicate it. In honor of all of those valiant attempts by humanity to intertwine ourselves in this marvel I offer this reflection… Language is the lovestory of the technium…   […] More

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    “Dark personality theory” reveals the 9 traits of evil people in your life

    For years I thought that everyone is ultimately “good”, deep down. Even if someone treated me badly, I would always try to understand it from their perspective. Here’s what I would say to myself: They had a different upbringing to me. Their values are different. They just don’t understand the full situation. Yet no matter […] More

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    How to tell if a girl likes you: 12 clear signs!

    Hey guys, let’s get this out first. Yes, it’s hard to tell if a woman likes you. For one, women are such complicated beings! They can be sweet now and then can get quiet after 5 minutes. They say blame it on the moods and hormones (wink). So, …did you experience being dropped like a […] More

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    Why you should own more books than you can read

    Tsundoku A Japanese word that literally means “reading pile.” However, it translates to more than that. It’s a habit. It’s a tendency to buy books that you never end up reading. And you might think that’s not a good thing, but you’d be surprised. There is beauty in a pile of books, stacked around your […] More

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    Study finds women use their brains far more than men do

    Clearly, this isn’t a surprise for most women. But science now confirms that women’s brains are more active than men’s. A study conducted by Amen Clinics discovered that women’s brains seem to be more active, particularly in terms of blood flow through specific regions. Published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, in what was dubbed as biggest […] More

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    Forget about your feelings. True love is a deliberate choice

    We all get caught up in our ideas of love. Between the rush of meeting someone new and the excitement of what’s to come – we end up distracted from what love really means. In reality, most of what we know about love is wrong. We believe that love is something that happens to us, […] More

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    The secret to your success is who you marry, new study shows

    Whether or not you realize it, your success and outlook in life can also depend on the people you surround yourself with. But science takes that one step further. According to researchers, your success may also depend on who you marry. A study recently published at Carnegie Mellon University shows that spouses can greatly affect […] More

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    11 ways to stop being needy and clingy in your relationship

    Relationships can be tricky to navigate. There’s a fine line between what’s healthy and what’s toxic. And oftentimes we find ourselves struggling to find the right balance. When it comes to being around our significant others, we can cross the line from time to time. On the one hand, it’s really important to spend time […] More

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