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11 reasons to never enter into an open relationship

If you are in a monogamous relationship, the idea of sharing your partner with someone else might seem ludacris. After all, aren’t two people supposed to spend their lives together when they say “I do”? It turns out that while many people are playing the traditional role of partner and…
Lachlan Brown
May 24, 2018
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How to think differently to improve your life

The biggest problem facing students is not hard tests or mean professors or late study nights. The biggest problem is the question they ask themselves over and over again, year after year: “Am I good at this?” There’s always that self-doubt, and it’s not hard to explain why—when you see…
Lachlan Brown
May 17, 2018
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5 ways to deal with a narcissist once and for all

A narcissist is a unique and challenging type of personality that can make you want to scream if you encounter one. Not only are narcissists profoundly obsessed with themselves, but they also can’t understand when others are not equally obsessed. Narcissists can be especially difficult to deal with if they…
Tina Fey
May 10, 2018
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Why I have forgiven the man who hurt me the most

Anger. We’ve all felt this emotion before. Some of you are probably angry now as you’re reading this. Physically, you feel your heart starts to race. You scream, shout, cry, hit things, retreat or become destructive and this is the cause of your adrenal glands releasing the stress hormones adrenaline and…
Boonn Hem
May 9, 2018