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13 ways to manifest multiple things at once (that actually work)

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Manifesting is a powerful practice used by many to change their lives, and it’s very effective. But is it possible to manifest more than one thing at a time?

The answer is yes; in fact, there are many ways to manifest multiple things simultaneously.

Here are 15 methods you can use to manifest more than one of your intentions at once.

1) Start with raising your vibrations

Raising your vibrations is an important foundation to a great manifestation practice.

Why? Because when your vibration is high, you will feel more joy and excitement in your life. Your mind will feel clearer and you’ll get unexpected “coincidences” happening.

And these things are precursors – indicators that good things are coming your way.

But the best part is that raising your vibration is like planting a seed; the higher your vibrations, the more manifestations you can invite into your life. It opens you up to many simultaneous manifestations.

The keys to raising your vibrations are:

– Keeping your thoughts positive

– Avoiding negative people, situations and things

– Being in nature

– Taking full responsibility for everything that is happening in your life

– Letting go of any resentment, judgment and fear towards others (as these will sap your energy)

– Addressing any limiting beliefs you have about yourself and reality

Your vibrations will naturally rise as a result of being more positive and accepting of, rather than resisting, your life situation. You’ll also start to notice synchronicities occurring and you’ll get “coincidental” bumps in the road that are actually guiding you towards your manifestations.

2) Be specific about the things that you want to manifest

That is, make sure that you specify exactly what you want to manifest. Ask for specific things that are meaningful to you.

Don’t be vague about the kind of things you want to manifest. For example, if you want to find a new job, say that. If you want to have health and wealth, be specific about it.

Make it as clear and detailed as possible.

You doing this will help your subconscious mind come up with ideas on how to make your desires manifest.

One of the ways that the subconscious works is by using the law of attraction principles – which is why making your desires clear will help your manifestation practice become more effective.

It is recommended to create a list of what you want to manifest – and to review the list at least once a day – in order to keep your intentions focused.

3) Ask guidance from a gifted advisor

It’s good to use a ‘gifted’ advisor whose energy is compatible with yours, in order to attract the necessary signs and energy.

A lot of people are really drawn toward guides and teachers whose energy resonates with theirs. This is important because such people will naturally attract looks, meetings and opportunities in their lives that help their manifestations come together.

So here’s a question, do you want more guidance in your manifestation journey by speaking to a gifted advisor?

Clearly, you have to find someone you can trust. With so many fake experts out there, it’s important to have a pretty good BS detector.

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A gifted advisor can not only tell you how to manifest multiple things at the same time, but can also guide you through it.

4) Manifesting your intentions from a higher perspective

Sometimes the best way to manifest is from a higher standpoint. We all have limitations due to our human nature – by rising above them, we can work towards something more meaningful and powerful, rather than working within our limits.

For example, there’s a difference between wanting to make $1,000,000 and wanting to make enough money to live in abundance – with no worries about anything.

The first intention is too specific that it could easily sabotage you (you might get attached to the outcome and not have any slack in your intention) while the second intention is more general and lets you be much more flexible with the manifestation process.

You see, having a higher perspective about reaching our goals will help us to not get frustrated when getting blocked.

And remember that the Universe is friendly.

If you have something you want to manifest, but your goal is too difficult for you, the Universe will show you how to take it down a notch so that it can be more achievable.

5) Take actions toward your goals

Your manifestations will follow your actions.

Actions do not have to mean hard work, but they can mean anything that you do that is consistent with your intention. For example, if you want to travel the world, simply looking at a travel guide or planning a trip is an action that could help bring your intentions into reality.

Having a specific set of actions helps to keep your intentions clear and focused.

Yes, it’s important to take consistent daily actions towards your goals – but these need not always be heavy work.

In fact, daily actions can be small, subtle things that most people will not notice – yet they are already important to support your manifestation practice.

6) Use affirmations

Affirmations are an excellent way to manifest multiple things at once.

Think about this: we all have ideas in our heads. We are often vague about our goals, and we do not manifest them easily. Affirmations give you a clear idea of what you want to manifest, and how you can bring it about with ease.

Look at it this way: affirmations are like mantras for your subconscious mind – except that they are specific, so that your subconscious mind can focus on bringing them into manifestation.

You can state your affirmations in the present or future tense, so that it doesn’t matter if you have currently achieved what you say.

Here are some affirmations that you can practice in your daily life:

– I am surrounded by people who love me

– I am making enough money to live in abundance

– I attract the best opportunities into my life

– My life is taking me in the direction of my dreams and desires

The most important thing is to be sincere when saying affirmations. If you’re not being completely honest with yourself, your affirmations will not work.

7) Be flexible with the way you manifest your intentions

Sometimes, the best way to manifest our intentions is by being open-minded when responding to opportunities and ‘coincidences’ that come up.

Flexibility in our manifestation practices allows for better results since we become more flexible in our ways of dealing with opportunities coming into our lives.

Imagine this, if you have an intention to engage in a difficult conversation with someone, but you don’t have time to deal with this right now, or you are not in the place where you can handle it – then rather than resisting it by not doing anything, just let things unfold according to their own timing.

That way, you can be open to things that do not come in a way you expect them to. You will not resist the opportunities, but will instead respond to them with the particularity that this moment requires.

So what can you do to be more flexible and adaptable to whatever life throws you?

Begin with yourself. Stop searching for external fixes to sort out your life, deep down, you know this isn’t working.

And that’s because until you look within and unleash your personal power, you’ll never find the satisfaction and fulfillment you’re searching for.

I learned this from the shaman Rudá Iandê. His life mission is to help people restore balance to their lives and unlock their creativity and potential. He has an incredible approach that combines ancient shamanic techniques with a modern-day twist.

In his excellent free video, Rudá explains effective methods to achieve your manifestations by being better at dealing with opportunities.

So if you want to build a better relationship with yourself, unlock your endless potential, and put passion at the heart of everything you do, start now by checking out his genuine advice.

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8) Give up on your limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs, but some of them are blocking us from manifesting our goals.

Beliefs are a funny thing. The ones you have programmed into your subconscious mind will keep holding you back from manifesting what you want.

Here’s an example, maybe you were told as a child that ‘you will never amount to anything’ or ‘you are not good enough’. As a result of these limiting beliefs, your self-esteem took a hit – and you went on believing that you wouldn’t ever be able to achieve your goals.

To manifest multiple things at once, it is important to let go of limiting beliefs so that they do not continue sabotaging your manifestations.

By “unhooking” yourself from these beliefs and becoming aware of them, you will be able to manifest your ideas into reality.

Here are the most common limiting beliefs that you must let go of:

– I will never be able to do it.

– My dreams will always be out of reach.

– I am not enough.

– It is too hard to do it alone.

– I can’t afford it, or I don’t have enough money, or it is too expensive.

Try to stop feeding the limiting thoughts by saying “this is not true” to the negative thoughts that come into your mind.

These limiting beliefs might sound silly to you, but most of us have similar thoughts deep down inside of ourselves.

9) Remember to stay grounded in the now

One of our limiting beliefs is that we think we have to “do something” in order to make things happen.

This is a belief that keeps us from being fully present and conscious at the moment a manifested outcome comes into our lives.

When you are focused on the past or future – you are not in the present moment – and you cannot make things happen. By staying grounded in the present moment, and allowing things to manifest from this state, you will be able to manifest multiple things at once.

Try this: when something good happens in your life, instead of getting excited about it and thinking about all the things that you “still have to do” – be present with what is happening right now.

The past is a story and the future is a possibility. If you’re not in the moment, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen.

10) Be realistic with what you want to manifest

It’s not uncommon, but we have unrealistic goals that do not even match our current capabilities.

What happens when we try to manifest our dreams as unrealistic as possible?

We often become discouraged and give up on our dreams. The key is to be realistic about your goals and what you are capable of – so that you don’t create any unnecessary obstacles for yourself.

When it comes to manifesting multiple things at once, it is important to not put too many things into your manifestation practice, since this will take up most of your time and attention.

But let me remind you that unrealistic goals are different from limiting beliefs – in that way, unrealistic goals are all about wanting to be something other than your current state.

So what you do is compare what you want to manifest with what you are currently capable of.

Being realistic about your current capabilities and letting go of unrealistic expectations will allow you to focus more on what you are presently able to do. In this way, you will be able to manifest more things into the future without worrying about not having the time or energy for them.

Being realistic with what you want to manifest gives you a better chance of succeeding.

11) If something negative comes into your life – look at it as an opportunity

The negativity will keep you in the now and will not fuel your manifestation practice. You can only manifest positive things into your life.

Think of these:

– When you realize how powerful you are, you can manifest anything.

– When you realize that you have the power to attract anything into your life through the manifestation process – this is a tremendous breakthrough moment.

– When confronted with negative thoughts – instead of worrying about them, try to see it as an opportunity to learn something that will help you in the future.

Many people react to their worries by avoiding them and only focusing on their positive thoughts.

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12) Believe in yourself

To manifest, one must have faith that the things they want will happen.

It may seem like it would be impossible to manifest what you want if you’re not sure about yourself, but that’s only when you look at things from a small perspective.

Manifestation is a process, and what you attract into your life will happen over time.

Trust the process and be confident that things will manifest – even if you don’t know how it might happen.

Just because you are not able to manifest something right now doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to in the future.

It takes time and effort on your part, but by maintaining a positive attitude and believing in yourself, all things are possible.

With that said, it is important to keep yourself grounded and not fall into the trap of self-sabotage.

If you are feeling doubtful about something, or you are feeling anxious – remember to understand that worrying will not help you manifest your desires.

So learn how to let go of these negative states and apply these powerful manifesting techniques today. They will enable you to get a grip on your emotions so that they are not a barrier between you and your dreams.

13) Believe in the Universe

When it comes to manifesting multiple things at once – it is important for us to trust that the Universe will provide us with all the answers we need as we are ready for them.

It is believed that we are a part of a universal source of manifestation.

This source helps us – when we ask for guidance, love and support to manifest our desires.

When you believe in the Universe, you have the power to draw things into your life. You can do it – with faith and trust.

This is true power.

Because the Universe will answer you with a favor that is exactly what you wanted to manifest in the first place.

The Universe is a sacred energetic place of love and power – your manifestations will have a much higher probability of manifesting successfully, if you have faith in the Universe – as well as yourself.

When you have faith in the Universe and believe in yourself – you will start to notice things aligning with your wishes.

You will become aware of opportunities that are brought to you through synchronicity, and at the same time, doors will close on those things that do not match your visions.

What to avoid when manifesting multiple things at once

There are a few things that you should avoid when manifesting multiple things at once. These include:

– Do not expect a fast result

– Do not let an unsuccessful attempt discourage you (stay grounded in the now, and try again).

– Do not let other people’s opinions & expectations influence your manifestation practice.

– Do not set expectations too high regarding how many things you want to manifest at once

– Don’t replace one bad habit with another.

– Don’t take on more than you can handle – or things will not manifest quickly enough to suit you.

– Don’t become obsessed with what you want to manifest and when you will do it.

– Don’t waste time worrying about the future when things have not yet manifested in the present moment.

You see, the Universe works in a perfect way. It is meant to bring you exactly what you ask for – through inspiration and synchronicity.

So, instead of trying to force things, or become obsessed with your wish list,  allow the Universe to bring it into your life.

When all things align perfectly, they will manifest even faster.

Final words

The trick to manifesting is not saying you want something over and over. The science is to focus on the desired outcome, imagine it in your mind and heart, release any other thoughts or worries that are weighing you down and then be in the now.

Imagine what your life will look like after you successfully manifest a new reality into existence, making yourself happy with every single step of the way as you go – this is a picture of someone who manifests multiple things at once.

Whether it’s positive or negative, you can always find a way to turn it into something that will make you happy.

Find ways to feel good about yourself and your life – even when other things around you may not be going your way.

That’s why I recommend speaking to the folks over at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier on. When I got a reading from them, I was blown away by how kind and genuinely helpful they were.

Not only can they give you more direction on the ways to manifest multiple things at the same time, but they can advise you on what’s really in store for your future.

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