9 body language signs someone is genuinely interested in you

Wouldn’t it be just exquisite to have a superpower where you always knew when someone was romantically into you? Seriously, imagine how great it would be.

Well, guess what? You don’t need special superhuman powers when you have science. It turns out there are quite a few studies about flirting and how people show attraction using their bodies. 

While people are unique, certain age-old habits are hardwired into all of us. Your body doesn’t lie. When you’re embarrassed, your blush gives you away, and fear makes the hairs on your arm stand up. 

Before language even existed, people communicated with body language. Between prehistoric times and now, many body signals haven’t really changed.

So, what body language signs show a person is romantically interested in you? Let’s take a closer look (or perhaps, a long gaze). 

1) The long gaze

Eye contact tells us a lot about what a person is thinking. But how? Don’t most people make eye contact with people they’re speaking to? 

Yes. However, eye contact is often broken up as the eyes flicker away before coming back. You can probably feel instinctively that some eye contact is more intense than others. 

You probably also know what it’s like to feel like someone’s not listening to you because their eyes rarely meet yours. When I want someone to stop talking, I lessen eye contact as a nonverbal hint. 

I’m going to guess you do something similar. 

But it works both ways. If a person’s romantically interested in you, they’re likely to hold eye contact with you for a little longer than usual. 

Prolonged eye contact also releases the neurotransmitter (brain chemical) phenylethylamine. It plays a role in developing feelings of attraction

If you want to know if someone’s into you, keep a close eye on their gaze.

Now, just to be super clear — prolonged eye contact alone isn’t enough to tell. You can use it as a starting point. But there should be other clear signs, too. Let’s talk about mirroring!

2) The dance of mirroring

Mirroring is when a person mimics your body language. If you lean back on your chair, they do the same. If you twiddle your thumbs, they twiddle theirs. 

It’s a well-known fact that mirroring someone’s behavior is a good way to get them to like you. That’s what the research says, anyway. 

But if someone mirrors your movements it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re trying consciously to win you over. It can also happen unconsciously. 

Mimicking shows a spirit of reciprocity which is something everyone wants in a partner. When you find your body movements mirrored by someone, it could be a sign they like like you. 

3) Smiles speak volumes

There’s nothing more uplifting than being met with a big beautiful smile when you’re talking to someone. Smiling is how we express joy, excitement, and satisfaction. 

If someone’s smiling their head off while you speak, it’s a way of showing you they’re really enjoying their time with you. And if you like them, what could be better?

Taken alone this can’t tell you if someone’s interested in you romantically, though. So, be careful of that. You should just take it as a small piece of a larger puzzle. 

I tend to smile a lot when I talk to people. As an extrovert who loves interesting conversations, I’m not one to restrain my unbridled joy when talking to people. 

Unfortunately, this has often led to people getting the wrong impression. But what am I going to do…. Stop smiling? Don’t think so. 

On the other hand, if I’m smiling, gazing into your eyes, and taking every opportunity to spark physical contact with you, it might be a different story!

4) The language of touch

Humans are tactile creatures — most of us are, anyway. Of course, there are a few oddballs who simply can’t stand being touched, but they’re pretty rare.

If someone’s always brushing against you, reaching out to pat your back, or ruffling your hair, chances are they want you to notice them. 

They’re presenting you with their affectionate side, opening the playing field for more physical contact. Are you going to take the bait?

5) Drawing closer

pic1553 9 body language signs someone is genuinely interested in you

Are they always leaning in closer to you? Or taking every opportunity to sit closely next to you? If so, I’d say there’s a solid chance they’re interested in you. 

People don’t just foster a sense of closeness for nothing — reasonably sane people don’t anyway. 

How can you be sure they’re not just touchy-feely people in general? Well, if they’re always leaning in AND they always seem to want to look their best around you, we may have a contender.

6) Grooming: Prepared for romance

There’s a difference between the regular well-groomed, clean, and fresh and being groomed to the nines. 

Whether it’s extravagant makeup, dapper clothes, or everything in between, if they always seem exceedingly well dressed ONLY when you’re there, it could be their way of secretly winking at you.

Of course, you don’t know how well-dressed they are when you’re not around. So, unless someone points it out, you’ll have to ask around. A simple “Are they always this well-dressed?” would do the trick.

7) Laughs and giggles

We all love a good laugh, don’t we? Laughter can erupt for so many reasons. If you’re like me, it’s often for obscure silly things nobody else gets…

But laughing and giggling when you’re attracted to someone is also textbook flirting. If someone laughs unreservedly at all your jokes, they may be interested in you romantically. 

It can be tough to tell, though. Maybe you’re just genuinely hilarious and should consider doing stand-up. A good indicator is if they laugh, but nobody else does. 

If others are consistently telling you your jokes are dull and tasteless, but one particular person laughs relentlessly every time you open your mouth, something fishy might be going on. 

Are they always facing directly toward you and adjusting themselves to look better, too?

8) Belly direction

Believe it or not, the direction of someone’s belly can give away their thoughts. 

When a person turns their belly towards you during a conversation, it’s a sign of openness — they want to connect with you

By contrast, if they angle their body away from you, it may indicate disinterest. Don’t be disheartened, the right person will turn your way sometime!

9) Preening

Preening — the act of subconsciously fixing or adjusting your appearance during a conversation. If your date is constantly fixing their hair, clothing, or accessories while talking to you, it’s a sign that they’re trying to make a good impression. 

Unless making that impression is going to help them professionally, socially, or financially, it could indicate romantic interest. 

You’ve probably caught yourself doing this. You’re sitting across from someone you like, and wanting to look your best, you make tiny adjustments to your hair or clothes. Fixing things here and there.

Mixed with all the other signs given here, if you notice this behavior in a person while they talk to you, you’ve obviously made quite the impression on them. 

What else indicates romantic interest?

Before we wrap things up, I want to leave you with one last gem. While it’s not exactly a body language sign, it is a strong indicator of romantic attraction. 

What is it? Self-disclosure. 

If someone seems extremely comfortable sharing deeply personal things with you, it’s because they want you to see them being vulnerable. And, they probably want you to reciprocate, which would inevitably deepen the bond between you both. 

Self-disclosing can be risky — it essentially leaves you vulnerable. But if they’re doing it, they’re clearly more than willing to take that risk. You must be worth it.

While these signs are intriguing, they don’t offer foolproof insights. Human interactions are a complex dance of emotions and intentions.

Misinterpretations are par for the course. So, go forth, keep your eyes open, and remember that your most potent superpower is the ability to love, not just to spot attraction.

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Marie Lamb

Marie is a writer with an academic background in psychology and neuroscience. She’s also a qualified yoga teacher with more than 10 experience in Eastern practices. When she’s not writing about psychology and life, she’s reading and crafting stories, poetry, or prose.

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